redwatch has a friend in Ben Weerheym

[img removed : it was freakin’ me out, man.]

As mentioned below, redwatch is a project of the Polish division of the bonehead Blood & Honour organisation. Despite lying protestations to the contrary, Welf Herfurth (currently a prominent member of James Saleam’s Australia First party) is one of its main organisers in Australia, and has a long history, both here and in his previous home, Germany, of neo-Nazi militancy. When not discussing his exciting travels in Asia, Herfurth can be found working in close collaboration with Saleam, acting as MC at the most recent fascist ‘Sydney Forum’ (August 27-28, 2005). Unfortunately for Herfurth, he was unable to extend a personal welcome to Gerd Finkenwirth of the German neo-Nazi National Democratic Party as the Australian Government denied Finkenwirth a visa.

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