Kevin William Harpham/Joe Snuffy ~versus~ MLK


A 36-year-old nutzi named Kevin William Harpham has been charged with planting a bomb earlier this year along the route of the MLK Day parade in Spokane, WA. And yeah, Justin Elliot is on to it, asking ‘Why did a lethal bomb placed on the route of a Spokane MLK Day parade draw so little sustained attention?’ @ (February 19, 2011).

Harpham may not be a Muslim, but he was once a member of dead nutzi William Pierce’s (1933–2002) mob ‘National Alliance’. NA still ekes out an existence, but has seen far better days. (A splinter group–National Vanguard–was led by a guy called Kevin Alfred Strom, but since a 2008 conviction for possession of child pornography he’s been shunned by most if not all of his fellow nutzis.)

Pierce himself is most famous for having written The Turner Diaries (1978), which subtle text supposedly served as one of the chief inspirations for Timothy McVeigh’s mass murder in Oklahoma; nowadays, it chiefly serves as masturbatory reading material for young, impressionable White supremacists. You can read it online, listen to it on YouTube, or order it from various nutzi distros. (You can probably still buy it from local nutzi distros such as 9percent.)

Harpham, a former soldier, also posted on the neo-Nazi forum VNN (Vanguard News Network) using the fearsome title ‘Joe Snuffy’. Harpham last posted to VNN on January 16, the day before the attempted MLK Day parade bombing. Harpham also apparently offered temporary sanctuary to the naughty Internet-bizarro/video-Nazi Craig Cobb, currently on the run from Canadian authorities. Apart from having a rancid soul and a fabulous hairstyle, Cobb is also a Creatard. (There’s a handful of Creatards in Australia too.)

In later life, in a rare moment of frankness and clarity, Pierce denounced Creatards like Cobb and other nutzis as “defectives” and “losers”:

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