Blogging 2021 : A Summary

See also : Blogging 2020 : A Summary.

January (5)

A flying start: three posts dedicated to Yeah Nah Pasaran! (interviews with Becca Lewis, Marc-André Argentino and Megan Kelly) plus one taking note of a failed coup and another about some nazis going camping in The Grampians.

February (8)

More Yeah Nahs! (Sabine Volk, Ashton Kingdon, Michael Colborne and Vincent Bevins), all while Proud Boy Jarrad Searby was keeping busy threatening pensioners (and preparing for RaHoWa in Albury-Wodonga), my Facebook page and Twitter account copped some flak, and I asked myself: Where have all the second-hand bookshops in regional Victoria gone?.

March (10)

YNP! featured H.E. Upchurch, Maik Fielitz, Stanislav Vysotsky and Jason Wilson, National Socialist Network lvl boss Tom Sewell made a commotion outside A Current Affair, while I made a list of anti-fascist podcasts, promoted a fundraiser for Jock Palfreeman, RAFWWU trying to unionise Readings and CUPUW holding a summit, and posted a rare antifa notes on Based/Proud/Nazi/Lads.

April (6)

For this month’s episodes of YNP! we spoke to Joe Mulhall, Mette Wiggen, M R. X. Dentith and Ashley Mattheis. I also published a token post for May Day and about Tom Sewell & National Socialist Network ~vs~ Counter-Terrorism & Blair Cottrell.

May (10)

Happy May Day!, I said / To no one there / And no one heard at all / Not even the chair. Meanwhile, the spectre of anarchist communism has raised its ghostly head in the Antipodes, there was some ANTIFA 4 DHADJOWA, Balwyn prat Tom Sewell went to jail, Moda Kitchen was proud to commit commercial suicide and I asked The United Patriots Front : Where Are They Now?.

*For radio, we spoke to Blyth Crawford, Shannon E. Reid, Christopher Mathias and Natasha Lennard.

June (6)

Apart from yarning with Bethan Johnson, Alex Hinton and Julie Gottlieb, I wrote a bit about the legal difficulties confronting an aspiring dictator from Melbourne’s leafy east, some bad satire, and what happened when ye olde fash0 peddler went to Supanova in Sydney.

July (5)

Cam took over hosting duties for most of July’s YNP! episodes, talking to Jason Wilson, Kaz Ross, Tal Lavin and Tom Tanuki, while I joined him to speak with Mike Rothschild about Kew. We also raised over $2,000 for 3CR’s annual radiothon, which was nice, different and unusual. Otherwise, RAFFWU tried to organise BRTD and neo-Nazi serial pest Neil Erikson was briefly imprisoned in July.

August (5)

After Cam conversed with first Byron Clark and Benjamin Fogel, I rejoined him in order to talk to the crew from The Empire Never Ended and then 12 Rules For What podcasts. (Oh, and Ariel Bogle.)

In August, I also took a moment to mourn the loss of long-running batshit proprietarian blog ‘Catallaxy Files’ and to consider an important exposé of local nazis in 9Fairfax ~versus~ National Socialist Network.

September (7)

Yeah Nah Cam spoke to Steph Halmhofer in September while I joined him to speak to Pam Nilan, Sophie Bjork-James and Cristina Moreno-Almeida.

Otherwise, I tried to Help anarchists from Afghanistan escape the Taliban!, examined the trials and tribulations of Australia’s leading neo-Nazi groupuscule the National Socialist Network and wrote a bit about plague rats attacking the CFMEU office in the city.

And ah, there’s also A Brief Guide To The Australian Far Right (September 2021 Edition).

October (6)

In October we spoke to Alex Mendela, Cas Mudde and Jason Wilson and I wrote some (more) bullshit inre Jeremy Salt, protest and the CFMEU, a bit more about the CFMEU (and COVIDIOTs), and published another, token edition of antifa notes.

November (5)

In November, Yeah Nah Pasaran! featured the sparkling talents of Daphne Halikiopoulou, Vashti Fox, Tom Tanuki and Van Badham (oh and Steven Monacelli). I also wrote a lonesome, solitary post about Melbourne, Plague Rats, Nazis, Grifters, Cliev & Pied Pipers (Rally on November 20).

December (3)

And at the end of a shitful year? Interviews with Sahana Udupa and Ryan Broderick.

A funny thing happened on the way to the cemetery and billionaire philantropists may be interested in my Patreon — but probably aren’t.

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