antifa notes (may 15, 2021) : Tom Sewell: Go directly to jail; do not pass go, do not collect $200

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A Burg(h)er With The Lot

Yesterday Thomas Sewell, budding Führer und Reichskanzler of Australia and current leader of neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘National Socialist Network’ (NSN), got arrest. See : Australian neo-Nazi leader Thomas Sewell charged over alleged armed robbery, ABC, May 14, 2021 | Neo-Nazi leader to spend night in jail after facing court on armed robbery charges, David Estcourt and Nick McKenzie, The Age, May 14, 2021.

The alleged criminal incident occurred in Taggerty, when Sewell was taking his nazi boy scouts camping at Cathedral Range last weekend (Saturday, May 8). As a result, ‘Police said Mr Sewell faced charges of armed robbery, robbery, theft, criminal damage, affray with face covering, affray, assault with a weapon, violent disorder, common law assault and committing an indictable offence whilst on bail.’ Remanded in custody, Dear Leader faces court again on August 2. Note that in March, Tom was charged with the alleged assault of a security guard outside Channel 9 studios in Melbourne, and in January generated much commentary when he and his groupsucule went camping in The Grampians (Gariwerd).

Fantastic. Great move. Well done Thomas.

For those of you coming in late, the beleaguered Gauleiter from Rowville (by way of Balwyn) cut his politikal teef with Mark Hootsen’s ‘Nationalist Alternative’, then the defunct Facebook-sponsored ‘United Patriots Front’ and, after it collapsed, the similarly defunct grouplet known as ‘The Lads Society’. The Lads gained some smol notoriety after Sky News Australia regular Lauren ‘The Great Replacement’ Southern hired them to do security on her 2018 tour Down Under but, after having successfully re-assembled the remnants of the fascist core of the UPF, The Lads dissolved in favour of a front group known as the ‘European Australian Movement’ (EAM), behind which (and comprised of members of the same milieu) stands the much-better known NSN.

Of course, The Boy From Balwyn is not the only neo-Nazi formerly belonging to NAlt or the UPF to have run into legal difficulties of late. Hence, last week Neil Erikson appealed against a four-week prison sentence imposed for disrupting a Muslim prayer gathering at Federation Square (a few weeks after the Christchurch massacre), while Blair Cottrell goes to court in December to face charges of assault.

Cottrell was formerly lvl boss of the UPF, and played a leading role in The Lads until his former sidekick Sewell forced him out. A nazi with smarts, Cottrell was able to capitalise upon his notoriety in order to enjoy a brief platform on ABC’s Hack Live in July 2017 and Sky News Australia’s The Adam Giles Show in August 2018, but a conviction for racisms in September 2017 — and John Bolton’s failure to overturn the conviction on appeal in December 2019 — has for the time being rendered his political aspirations moribund.

That’s not the case with his former #BFF who, unlike Cottrell, has bravely emerged from his political closet to proclaim his full-throated support for Nazi Germany. And while some neo-Nazis have denounced Cottrell for his intellectual and moral cowardice — Sewell recently declared him to be just another poser on social media — I think Cottrell’s obvious success in cultivating popular hatred for Muslims — and using this notoriety to achieve Internet fame — was the more sensible approach to Australian politics and media: Islamophobia and xenophobia remain marketable in a way that gross anti-Semitism is not. Still, Sewell’s unapologetic endorsement of Nazism and commitment to an Apocalyptic notion of RaHoWa has not only attracted the support of a small number of teenyboppers but a handful of older Proud Boys, including Jarrad Searby, who’s recently begun training Sewell’s soldiers in mixed martial arts. Searby also enjoys friendly relations with fellow COVIDIOT and retired MMA star Nick “Banjo” Patterson.


While a rally in solidarity with Palestine in Melbourne today attracted the support of thousands, Over 9,000 COVIDIOTs assembled at Batman Park to proclaim their commitment to freedumbs. A glittering array of talent addressed the crowd, including a ’90s pop star, a former TV personality, and Nick Patterson.

Patterson, who Searby recently treated to a chummy interview on his vodcast, was there to promote a NEW! volunteer Defence Force called ‘Australian PeaceMakers’. Like Searby, Patterson gained some media attention in mid-2020, but whereas the Proud Boy turned neo-Nazi got done for crossing a state border, “Banjo” detected communisms when a ‘protective service officer’ asked him to put on a face mask while riding the train.

Finally, shout-out to Jacob Hersant, the former face of defunct neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘Antipodean Resistance’ who’s now assumed the role of Unterscharführer after Sewell’s incarceration, and especially to his remarkable good fortune in being released without charge after several arrests. 😉

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