Tom Sewell & National Socialist Network ~vs~ Counter-Terrorism & Blair Cottrell

[Update (April 10, 2021) : Uncovering the plans of Australian white supremacists, Tom Tanuki, Independent Australia, April 10, 2021.]

Following hot on the heels of public revelations regarding the operations of ‘The Base’ in Australia, the ‘National Socialist Network’ has been experiencing some legal difficulties of late. Hence:

Two Australian men have been charged after police allegedly found a bomb and extremist material in a raid on the homes of neo-Nazi group members, Cam Wilson, Business Insider, April 7, 2021
SA police raid extremist homes, Max Opray, The Saturday Paper, April 8, 2021
Improvised explosives, extremist material found as two men arrested in Adelaide, ABC, April 8, 2021
Adelaide man arrested for allegedly possessing improvised explosive device in far-right raids, Michael McGowan, The Guardian, April 8, 2021
Police charged two men after allegedly finding bomb, extremist material in raids, Emily Cosenza, news dot com dot au/NCA NewsWire, April 8, 2021

The raids in Adelaide were preceded by searches of the Melbourne residence of NSN fuehrer Tom Sewell, which followed an alleged assault upon a Channel 9 security guard in March. Word on the virtual street is that further raids on the Queensland branch of the NSN, and presumably elsewhere, may also be taking place …

Precisely why authorities have chosen this particular moment to conduct the raids is of course unknown, though I suspect that, apart from anything else, recent NSN propaganda making ~jks~ about raping Jewish women may have something to do with it. In any case, police action has placed additional pressure upon Sewell to remain staunch, and thus revealed one of the faultlines that’s run through this iteration of the neo-Nazi milieu since it (re-)emerged in 2015 as the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF).

In 2015, the UPF was able to position itself as the energetic vanguard of ‘Reclaim Australia’, a smol Islamophobic, xenophobic and proto-fascist movement which attracted the enthusiastic participation of several thousand Ordinary Mum & Dad™ bigots, but which otherwise reflected fairly mainstream reactionary politics (of the sort Sky News Australia routinely celebrates). At that time it was widely understood by its neo-Nazi leadership that it was unwise for the UPF to reveal its power lvl, though Andy Fleming argued Don’t get sucked in by the hijinks of far-right activists: active neo-Nazis are welcome and hold leadership positions in a movement gaining in appeal. Six years later, following the collapse of the UPF (2015–2017), the rise and fall of its successor organisation ‘The Lads Society’ and, more recently, the emergence of the NSN, such pretences have largely been cast aside, the masks removed, and the worship of Adolf Hitler openly resumed.

This fact is, perhaps, one of the keys to the success of the NSN, and certainly explains its appeal to the international neo-Nazi movement, who thrill to the prospect of something similar to, say, the ‘Nordic Resistance Movement’ developing Down Under. At the same time, the NSN is subject to criticism by persons otherwise derided as ‘optics cucks’, ie, those who are too weak or timid to openly proclaim their neo-Nazism. In the context of the UPF, it’s therefore ironic that former UPF leader Blair Cottrell — who went to jail after angrily claiming to have been an IRL cuck — is now being vigorously denounced by his former sidekick, Tom Sewell, for yet again allowing himself to be cucked by (((media))) and (((politics))), and thus failing to express solidarity with his fellow neo-Nazis.


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