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Blogging 2021 : A Summary

See also : Blogging 2020 : A Summary. January (5) A flying start: three posts dedicated to Yeah Nah Pasaran! (interviews with Becca Lewis, Marc-André Argentino and Megan Kelly) plus one taking note of a failed coup and another about … Continue reading

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slackbastard 1 /// catallaxyfiles 0

Just a quick post to note the death of crankypants proprietarian blog ‘Catallaxy Files’. Fittingly, the deceased’s body is now hosted by the NLA. Liam Hogan writes: At its worst, and there is no kind way to say this, it … Continue reading

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2013: The Year of Blogging Fitfully

2013 was another shitful year, and a relatively unproductive one as far as blogging is concerned, with just 119 posts generating around 500 or so comments. For the benefit of the Department of Statistics at ZOG, here’s a breakdown: December: … Continue reading

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Australia’s Best Political Blogs

Blah blah blah. Stumbling along the footpath on the information superhighway searching for commentary in response to Australia’s leading climate change scientist’s remarkable criticisms of Some Kinda Monster Called Multiculturalism (what apparently escaped from a zoo in deepest, darkest, Soviet … Continue reading

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