Andrew Yeoman is Andrew White is Local Idiot to Burn the Koran is BANANA split with nuts

I’m not quite sure where to start.

Perhaps at the beginning.

“Andrew Yeoman” is the pseudonym used by San Francisco-based White supremacist Andrew White.

White is the subject of an article in the SF Weekly. To be precise, ‘Local Idiot to Burn the Koran’ by Lauren Smiley (April 22, 2011).

The article details White’s latest publicity stunt for his group, which he calls the ‘Bay Area National Anarchists’, but which is more commonly known as BANANAs.

As the title of Smiley’s article suggests, the stunt consists of Andrew’s burning a copy of the Koran in public — although precisely when and where this act will occur is uncertain at this stage.

As publicity stunts go, it’s not a bad one, and trades on the controversy surrounding mentalist Pastor Terry Jones’ attempt to organise a similar burning outside a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. (At this stage, it appears that the Pastor’s protest may be aborted: Pastor Is Jailed in Michigan Over Planned March at Mosque, AP, April 22, 2011.) Politically speaking, the stunt’s utility is questionable. Otherwise:

Yeoman’s protests have been falling flat as of late. While last May, he got beat up by some anarchists, his Machete protest ended up just being him and a couple of supporters handing out pamphlets in Livermore with cardboard machetes.

Cue trombone: Waa waa waaaaaah.

See also : [Local Idiots] to Burn at Least One Koran, Lauren Smiley, SF Weekly, April 18, 2011.

On an even more bizarre note, White (aka Yeoman) has split with his former leader, Troy Southgate. Or rather, Southgate has denounced White for, inter alia, being censorious, dictatorial and of having had “a relationship with an anorexic Jewish girl he picked up from a website called Craigslist and … telling everyone that they were having sex without a condom. Yeoman is also said to be psychologically unstable and is in possession of a large number of firearms.”

Southgate also claims that White has recently been investigated by the US Secret Service for “making a juvenile online threat” against President O’Bama. Further, Southgate writes that White “turned up at the American Renaissance conference around the same time and then declined to testify against anti-fascists at his recent assault trial”.

Canadian Holocaust denialist Paul Fromm and White, pictured at the AmRen shadow conference, 2011. The Australia First Party arranged for Fromm to tour Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand late last year.

Southgate suggests that White’s recent behaviour may be explained by way of his having been “bought off” by authorities. (Note that the accusation of being a state asset has been levelled at Southgate in the past.) The accusation is a serious one, and indicates the poisonous nature of the once respectful relationship between student and teacher.

What does all of this mean for the ‘national anarchists’?

In Australia, the national anarchists are represented by two men: Welf Herfurth in Sydney and Nicholas Cole in Perth.

Herfurth is friends to both White and Southgate, but is also a member of the neo-Nazi skinhead group known as Volksfront, and a close comrade of Dr James Saleam and the Australia First Party. In his capacity as MC, he welcomed White to the Sydney Forum in 2009. It will be interesting to see which way the German neo-Nazi jumps and whether or not he remains loyal to Southgate, the person whom he credits for converting him to ‘national anarchism’.

As for Cole, he was once associated with the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’, and for this reason was outed by the blog ‘Whitelaw Towers’ (Jim Perren and Peter Campbell). Cole is also attempting to establish a network of fascist University students (but without much luck). An extremely marginal figure, it’s likely that Cole will stick with White.

And as for me, polling suggests that 30% of the population believe I work for The Great Old Ones. I say “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”.

[Hat tip to Those Who Know and You Know Who.]

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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13 Responses to Andrew Yeoman is Andrew White is Local Idiot to Burn the Koran is BANANA split with nuts

  1. Sacha says:

    Surely this can’t be the same Troy Southgate who’s claimed to have dismissed fascism as being passe? In fact, on the old Red Action forum, he claimed to have been “fighting fascism” for years. Yet here’s Troy having a problem with a “comrade” doing the do with a Jewish lady (that old “race mixing” canard?), and moaning about a fellow traveller not testifying against anti-fascists. And who was spotted at a recent pub meeting of the New Right here in London town (guest speaker: Martin Webster), selling his books on Strasserism etc. Troy’s “anarchism” is a joke here in the UK, and no-one with any sense trusts his “I wasn’t racist when I joined the NF” blarney. Troy should stick to his day job (whatever that is) and writing pompous lyrics for his group HERR.

  2. @ndy says:

    Could be, could be.

    Could be that Troy has a job educating Young AmeriKKKans on condom use.

    Could be that Troy doesn’t just flog books on Strasser but actually organises the New Reich meetings.

  3. Sacha says:

    @ndy – had a look at your New Reich link, and egad, have to admit I didn’t realise just how many racists, anti-semites, fascists, racial supremacists etc have appeared at the NR gatherings. And, surprisingly enough, not an anarchist in sight. Hmm. Also, having had a gander at Troy’s National Anarchist Movement site, and looked at the “Racial Separatism” section, it’s interesting to note that much of the subject matter and terms used could’ve come straight from the pages of your average NF/BNP publication… wonder what Troy makes these days of the multi-racial Crystal Palace football team (he’s claimed to be a fan in the past)? Can’t imagine Troy getting a good welcome down at Selhurst Park trying to win new converts!

  4. @ndy says:

    Yeah I dunno many people outside of Southgate and a small clutch of his followers who don’t think he’s a bit of a dingbat — and certainly no anarchist. For my money, the best account of his political evolution remains Graham D. Macklin.

  5. Sacha says:

    @ndy – thanks for the link, a very interesting and involved article – probably the best one I’ve come across on Third Positionist/New Right/”post-fascism” etc thinking so far. I’ve ordered a couple of the books listed in the notes, and am trying to hunt down one or two more.

  6. Damien says:

    I would like to ask a few questions – is burning of the Koran any significance in relation to the working class? I notice that you do not act in opposition when a Bible is burnt? Is this because you value the life of a Muslim above an Anglo-Australian? Why is there no mention of anti-white racism on this blog when you consider yourself an Anti-Fascist?

  7. @ndy says:

    G’day Damien.

    …is burning of the Koran any significance in relation to the working class?


    Yes. And no.

    Yes, given that the Koran is regarded as being holy, I imagine it’s of particular concern to, oh I dunno, Muslim members of the working class? Beyond this, religion — and in particular religious conflict — plays a crucial role in working class politics and culture, whether in the US, Australia, or elsewhere. So, I think such acts have political significance. That is, why burn the Koran? According to the BANANAs, their plan to do so is an expression of their outrage at the alleged subversion of the US Constitution and US laws by Muslim immigrants.

    A phantasy, but one which they presumably believe has some popular appeal.

    I notice that you do not act in opposition when a Bible is burnt?

    Depends what you mean. If by “act” you mean “blog about”, then no, I don’t recall having written about Bible destruction before. By the same token, I think the closest that I’ve come to writing about anyone burning the Koran is having once taken note of the fact that Terry Jones was gonna go join the E E EDL — and then only by way of re-publishing UK blogger Malatesta on the subject. Otherwise, my main point of interest in the BANANAs’ stunt is not the religious dimension of their activity but rather derives from the fact that they’re racist wankers who reckon they’re ‘anarchists’. Consequently I’ve been pillorying them on my blog for several years now: this latest storm in a teacup is just the continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs.

    Is this because you value the life of a Muslim above an Anglo-Australian?

    This question makes no sense. It also ignores the fact that some Muslims are Anglo-Australian. Do you value ignorance and bigotry over logic and reason?


  8. Victor Whitelaw says:

    Despite the apparent casual ease with which you normally brush off criticism, usually accompanied by smartarse one liners and, often obscure, links, you’ve never quite been convincing when dealing with the occasional commenter who calls you on your hypocrisy. You come off appearing awkward at best and evasive and dishonest at worst.

    ‘Damien’ has apparently bumped that old bruise with his quite simple and straightforward enquiries yet you still slither and slide and (almost) manage to avoid addressing the obvious point of his questions. That point is, of course, your utter lack of will and courage when it comes to critique on traditionally Anti-Western and Anti-White religions.

    Deliberately contrived outrages against Christian values, ideology and symbols, designed to not only offend but to (allegedly) make socio-political statements is a daily occurrence in all First World Western nations so why the apparent sensitivity ONLY on the very rare times when another major religion such as Islam or Judaism is involved?

    Christians have had to put up with many decades of terrible disrespect and ridicule. Everything from Andres Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’, Cradle Of Filth’s ‘Jesus Is A Cunt’ tee shirt (replete with masturbating nun) to Gilbert and George’s scatological paintings depicting crucifixes made from turds!

    The fact is that, despite some notable excesses in the distantly past centuries, the Church does not go after blasphemers with a Rushdie-like fatwa or despatch squads of assassins to abduct, torture and execute critics. Some might say more the pity and this is all evidence of what happens when any organisation goes soft and permissive. They only have themselves to blame perhaps.

    Be honest @ndy, if you can, and tell us which is the more offensive and perhaps even what ‘action’ you might take in the hypothetical situation that you were to encounter two individuals out and about wearing offensive tee shirts. One depicting Mohammed as a child molester and proclaiming ‘The Prophet Is A Rock Spider’ and the other the afore mentioned Cradle Of Filth tee shirt.

    As a bonus question, we know you love the ‘bonus!’, which wearer, in your considered opinion, would have the lengthiest life expectancy and, more importantly, WHY?

    With relevance to the ‘Working Class’ and also the Underclass, even you @ndy would have to acknowledge the selfless work and sacrifice of the Salvation Army. Whatever shit goes down they are always there to pitch in and help. Where are the equivalent organisations from the other organised religions in Australia? And don’t even bother to try and cite their small numbers as an excuse. The Muslims number well over 300,000 in Australia and their community is very wealthy per capita in comparison to even native born Australians. They also DO have many charities and other ‘non profit’ (read: Tax Free) groups but their generosity and help extends no further than the boundaries of their ethno religious community. They have the lowest participation rate of any community when it comes to volunteering such as Bush Fire Brigades, State Emergency Service etc. This is the inconvenient truth and these facts have been commented on before, even by the mainstream press, so it is not just a ‘White Supremacist’ nutty conspiracy theory…

  9. @ndy says:

    In the meantime…

  10. Victor Whitelaw says:

    I believe it might have been that closet Lefty John Singleton who first coined the term “WHERE d’ya get it?”

    This slogan seems strangely appropriate for YOU @ndy.

    True to form though, you have posted yet another bizarre video in lieu of an actual written response to some, in our opinion of course, legitimate questions.

    At least you are consistent if nothing else.

    But seriously, where DO you get them?

    Of course you are free to do as you wish. This is, after all, YOUR site and, I must admit, I’m a little surprised I haven’t been banned or blocked yet for being a serial pest…OR…do you LIKE talking to evil, wicked, baby killing hateful Nazis?

  11. @ndy says:

    G’day Peter,

    Leaving aside the adequacy of my response to Damien, there would appear to be three questions contained in your (first) complaint. First, why the apparent sensitivity ONLY on the very rare times when another major religion such as Islam or Judaism is involved?

    For the record: there are 2,821 posts on this blog, of which only a handful deal with Islam or Judaism; as I already pointed out in my response to Damien, my main point of interest here is not Islam, but the schism the BANANAs’ decision to burn a copy of the Koran has produced. On Islam in general, I think the Misery text is neat, and have linked to it on numerous occasions. On religion in general, I think Knabb’s views (and before him those of Marx and even Freud) are interesting and worthwhile:

    Religion undoubtedly surpasses every other human activity in sheer quantity and variety of bullshit. If one considers in addition its role as accomplice of class domination throughout history, it is little wonder that it has brought upon itself the contempt and hatred of ever increasing numbers of people, in particular of revolutionaries.

    The situationists recommenced the radical critique of religion, which had been abandoned by the Left, and extended it to its modern, secularized forms — the spectacle, sacrificial loyalty to leaders or ideology, etc. But their holding to a one-sided, undialectical position on religion has reflected and reinforced certain defects in the situationist movement. Developing out of the perspective that to be superseded, art must be both realized and suppressed, situationist theory failed to see that an analogous position was called for regarding religion.

    Religion is the alienated expression of the qualitative, the “fantastic realization of man.” The revolutionary movement must oppose religion, but not in preferring to it a vulgar amoralism or philistine common sense. It must take its stand on the other side of religion. Not less than it but more…

    Secondly, which wearer, in your considered opinion, would have the lengthiest life expectancy and, more importantly, WHY?

    Obviously, the answer to this question — the likely fate of somebody wearing a tee “depicting Mohammed as a child molester and proclaiming ‘The Prophet Is A Rock Spider’” and that of another somebody wearing a certain Cradle Of Filth tee — depends upon where and when. In Australia, I dunno of anyone wearing the first tee; in the case of the second, there have been a handful of well-publicised arrests. Otherwise, their fate would depend upon custom and law (obviously).

    Finally, Where are the equivalent organisations from the other organised religions in Australia? Leaving aside the fact that the Salvation Army is a religion, not a charity (one which receives tens of millions of dollars annually from the Federal Government in order to conduct its programs), if you want to find such organisations I suggest you use Google.

    Of course, none of the above has much to do with Andrew White’s publicity stunt eh.

    Still, while we’re completely off-topic, I have a question for you Peter (one which is of greater relevance) and that is: Why did Whitelaw Towers choose to ‘out’ WA ‘national anarchist’ Nicholas Cole?

  12. Victor Whitelaw says:

    Translating this final paragraph into plain English, it would seem that rather than publish their ‘file’ on their blog, the ‘staff’ at WLT have simply circulated it to interested parties.

    Where is the evidence for this claim beyond your own ‘translation’?

    Sadly for its adherents, this would now seem to be standard practice in the White Nationalist movement in Australia, and if our sources are correct, Cole’s ‘file’ is only the first of many.

    Since I am striving to be open, honest and helpful to you @ndy, perhaps you might reciprocate and reveal the nature of your ‘sources’. But somehow I can’t see you doing that. Also, there are no plans, that I am aware of, to release any more information that we might have. Of course, in keeping with our Israel-type Samson Doctrine protocol, we will neither confirm or deny the existence of such material or its intended utilization.

    Of course, we may be wrong: as a general rule, the source of this kind of information is not disclosed, but as the information on Nicholas came to us second-hand, we feel no particular obligation to protect WLT, and must also take into account, first, their previous ‘outing’ of Nicholas and, second, their decision to remove that post from their blog. It may also be the case that Nicholas’ file was provided by WLT to others on condition it not be made more widely available. If so, then WLT has gambled – and lost.”

    That’s a curious concept @ndy. I was wondering to myself when and where there could possibly be a situation where you WOULD feel a ‘particular obligation’ to ‘protect’ us. Funny stuff.

    Finally, as we have indicated above, we understand that other ‘files’ on other persons active in the White nationalist movement will soon be made available to sources hostile to it. The precise origins of this information, and the motivations of those providing access to it, remain obscure.

    Well, @ndy, so far as the ‘motivations’ for ‘outing’ this Cole character goes I really do not understand how you can pretend they are ‘obscure’. The WLT text you quote in this post outlines the facts that he was/is a divisive, disruptive element with a volatile personality disorder, vengeful character and changed his political ideology almost weekly. By ‘outing’ this sniveling little snot WLT was simply adhering to its basic principle of exposing the TRUTH about the enemies of the White Race whether they be from outside the White Nationalist Movement or, in the case of the maggot Cole, within it. In summation, as we do not view dangerous idiots like Cole as genuine White Nationalists, I truly see no problem with alerting everyone to such potentially toxic elements.

    Typically, disgruntled current or former supporters leak information for a variety of reasons, based on either personal resentment, political conflict, or both: we can only affirm that we have rarely encountered more snakes in the grass than among those who subscribe to White nationalism.

    Oh, I don’t know @ndy. How about the Australian Labor party and, in particular, the NSW Branch? Minister Milton Orkopoulos (pederast/drug dealer), Minister David Campbell (Gay club cruising Homosexual pervert), Minister Paul McCleay (surfing Internet Porn on his Parliamentary P.C.), M.P. Karyn Paluzzano (Corruption), Minister Ian McDonald (expenses fraud). On the somewhat milder end of the old sexual perversion/adultery/misbehavior end of the scale you have the Minister Della Bosca/ Belinda Neal fiascos. Now there is yet another Labor Party Minister Paedophile scandal in South Australia! Do you seriously believe these scandals would have seen the light of day without the ‘cooperation’ of insiders and their ‘assisting the Police with their enquiries’? And do you also seriously believe this is the limit of these problems? It is only a matter of time before more are ‘dobbed in’, ‘lagged on’ or otherwise ‘outed’. It is a time honoured tradition.

    Also, still on the subject of Religion, would you concede there are at least several major features common to both the ‘ol’ timey’ style religions and the fanaticism exercised by the zealots of the Global Warming Industry?

  13. @ndy says:

    G’day Peter,

    What’s odd about WLT versus Nicholas Cole is not only the fact that he is, apparently, a “vengeful character [who] changed his political ideology almost weekly”, and the only person who constitutes a “divisive, disruptive element” armed with “a volatile personality disorder” to have come into contact with and involved himself in white nationalist circles, but that this fact should have prompted WLT not only to a) reveal his identity, but then to b) remove that information from WLT — only to c) then make it available again (seemingly after anarchonation re-published it). So, even if Nicholas were as sufficiently divisive, disruptive, volatile, disordered, vengeful, politically unstable and so on as you maintain, why the change(s) of heart on the matter of putting it on the public record? From my perspective, apart from claiming to be a ‘national anarchist’, Nicholas seems to me to be one of a much larger number of young white men with an interest in far right politics, is in this sense otherwise unremarkable, and thus would hardly seem to merit either your vitriol or your public identification and condemnation.

    Just curious, is all.

    With regards sources.

    The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

    Otherwise, two things.

    First, a lot of people really don’t like neo-Nazis. I mean, really don’t like neo-Nazis.

    Secondly, as noted by the ‘National Anarchist!’ blog, I (and others) receive infos from all over the place. Some of this infos is useful, some of it is not. Some of it is offered anonymously; some of it comes from persons formerly involved in racist or fascist or ‘nationalist’ politics but who now, for various reasons, have ‘moved on’; some of it comes from persons still involved in one project or another but who, for sectarian reasons, wish to hurt or to damage the efforts of their rivals. (This seems to be prevalent not only along the ‘Hammerskins versus Volksfront’ axis but also ‘AF versus APP’ and among the various tendencies within the anti-immigration, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic camps.) Obviously, I can hardly be more specific than this.

    The NSW ALP administration is a den of jackals, we certainly have common ground there, but what does not follow is that, as noted by the ‘National Anarchist!’ blog, white nationalist circles in Australia are not crowded with snitches. They are.

    On “religions and the fanaticism exercised by the zealots of the Global Warming Industry”, another time.

    But oh yeah…

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