Jock Palfreeman : May 2011 Update

[Update : See also : Amnesty International Annual Report on Bulgaria, 2011. “Roma faced widespread discrimination. Demolitions of Romani homes and evictions of families continued. An NGO investigation found that children had died in care homes due to preventable causes, including starvation, neglect or cold, between 2000 and 2010.”]

Australian Jock Palfreeman currently sits in a jail in Sofia, Bulgaria, serving a 20-year sentence for murder. In the same city in December 2007, Jock came to the aid of Roma subject to assault by a large gang of fascist hooligans. As a result of attempting to defend these men from attack, one member of the gang, Andrey Monov, died of a stab wound (while another gang member was wounded). Further infos on Jock’s case, and the basis of his defence, is available at the Free Jock website.

After a previous, unsuccessful appeal, Jock is now making a final appeal against his sentence. You can read an extensive interview with Jock (‘Darkness at noon – the Jock Palfreeman interview’, Gabriel Hershman, The Sofia Echo, April 22, 2011) here.

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