Statement from Jock Palfreeman on his appeal

Earlier this week in a Bulgarian court Jock Palfreeman lost his appeal against a 20-year prison sentence for murder. (See Dr Simon Palfreeman’s Closing Summary for more details on his defence.) The following statement from Jock is published as is:

To say I’m disapointed would be an understatement. But I am not disapointed in the Manaf family’s demands for unjustified punishment. I am disapointed in the judges and legal structure that seem to have the moral backbones of jellyfish. When I saw the 15 men attack the two homeless men, I was presented with a choice. Stand back and let the injustice continue or intervien in an attempt to save human life. The Sofia city court and the Sofia court of appeal were all presented with a much easier choice. Their choice was not one that could result in their own deaths as mine was. Yet still they chose to take the easy way. They chose to bow to the political pressure from the Bulgarian socialist party and it’s beaurocrats which float around the ministry of interior and ministry of justice like bad smells. Although this latest decision keeps me with a 20 year prison sentence. It is useful as evidence to show the depth and width of corruption in the Bulgarian courts and justice system. As disheartening as this blatently corrupt decision is. We all must take encouragement from the 10 neautral witnesses who did have the moral backbone to come forward and tell the truth. Also from the 5 police who too eventually told the truth despite overwhelming pressures from their superiours. To all those who fight against racism, nationalism, corruption and injustice. I tell you not to loose focus or direction. Do not loose hope. Those who wish to hide the the shame that the 15 skinheads brought on bulgaria have only been successful in increasing it and legalizing it. Ironically Andrei Manaf was not ashamed of his nationalism and I doubt he would have lied about actions he and his family are clearly proud of. “Bulgaria for Bulgarians” was what Dr Manaf said he and his son believed in. “defending the underdog” is what I believe in, be it Bulgaria or Bangladesh. The supreme court of appeal will not remedy the injustice. The head judge of the supreme court of appeal was even present at Andrei Manaf’s funeral. My prison sentence although outrageous, will be served easier now that the evidence is overwhelmingly in concurance with my statements and that I know I was correct in opposing racism in it’s most disgusting form, violance. My gratitude to my family, friends and comrades. Who have not supported me as an individual. But supported me based on the evidence in my case and the reason for my involvement with the 15 skinheads.

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  2. Jacquie Wilson says:

    I saw this story on Australia’s ABC TV’s “Australian Story”. To say I am disgusted in the blatant miscarriage of justice by the Bulgarian courts in this case is an understatement. I cannot believe that in this day and age such malpractice and injustices can occur! As such, I have written to the people suggested on the website Free Jock hoping to have this young Australian man released. Having a son of a similar age, I can only imagine what Jock and his family are going through. My heart goes out to Jock, his family, and friends. To them I say, be strong, hang in there! As an individual I will do all I can to help, and Jock or his family are free to contact me via my email address to let me know if there is anything further I can do.

    The whole world needs to look at this case and realise that this could be their son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father. Such injustices must be stopped, no matter where they are in the world. Public outcry the world over needs to be put into action in the case of Jock Palfreeman. To others who may read this, go to the abovementioned website and do as I did. It is so easy to be apathetic. But remember, one day this could be you, or a member of your family!!!

    I hope that Jock Palfreeman is released from jail very soon!

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