Steve Ignorant @ Melbourne Anarchist Club, June 16, 2011

Steve Ignorant speaks about all things Crass, Conflict, his new-found love of the Collingwood Football Club and his new autobiography, The Rest is Propaganda, before taking to the stage at the Tote the following evening. Supported by A Commoner’s Revolt and Ducks in the Mud.

7pm–10pm, Thursday, June 16
Melbourne Anarchist Club
62 St Georges Rd
$5 entry

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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One Response to Steve Ignorant @ Melbourne Anarchist Club, June 16, 2011

  1. Kratoklastes says:

    The Pies will go on to the flag ONLY when they get rid of the “Chocolate Turnover” brigade: people who think that footy is about their personal ‘highlight reel’, who do things that work about 5% of the time (to great accolades)… but 95% of the time they are left chasing their man as he rebounds. And to add insult to injury, they don’t chase – they hang their heads and put in a ‘token’ (ahem) effort.

    Thankfully Leon Davis is gone (he was the worst offender), but Sidebottom, Wellingham, and several others still waste the Pies’ money. (And Goldsack is simply incompetent: the bottom 5 at any club are also-rans, but Collingwood’s bottom five are some sort of footy sheltered workshop).

    Give me Didak, Dawes, Cloke, Beames, Reid, Swan, Thomas, Ball, Pendles, Maxwell, Shaw (and others) – the blokes who work hard, gut-run, break lines, get in-and-under… and don’t simply try the “sell the sniff, then pull off a left-foot banana on the run from the wrong pocket” (the ‘works 5% of the time’ schtick).

    Still… GO PIES.

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