Year of the Sun Shame Job

A reader writes:

Dear Mr Bastard,

I am disappoint that you’ve neglected to inform your readers about the preparations for the Centenary celebration of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung, otherwise known as the Year of the Sun.

The workers’ utopia has even cut daily rations from 400 to 150 grams of rice to stock-up for this cornucopia of communism…

I am disappoint.

I apologise.

This is unthinkable without the Juche idea.

The tasks before the committees to glorify 2012 as a year to go down in history along with the august name of Kim Il-sung are many.

It is with great pleasure that Slackbastard-DPRK Association for Friendship and Culture announces that a proposal to commemorate in splendor the centenary of birth of the President as the great auspicious event of humankind has been officially adopted at its meeting yesterday.

A letter to Kim Jong-il and a small kitten were also adopted at the meeting.

The Slackbastard blog and its followers are now pushing ahead with the building of Centenary celebration of the Great Leader Kim Il-sung, otherwise known as Year of the Sun, true to the leadership of Kim Jong-il.

We will single-mindedly unite around the headquarters of the revolution, cherishing the immutable truth that we will always emerge victorious thanks to Kim Jong-il, peerless Songun brilliant commander, and firmly defend the best Korean-style Australian socialism centered on the popular masses, they declared.

Here is a video:

Here is a photo:

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3 Responses to Year of the Sun Shame Job

  1. P Justo says:

    Meanwhile closer to home

    Noam smokes the pole of THE MAN

  2. KFA Comrade says:

    It is nice to see Kim Il Sung honored even by anarchists. Internationally he is respected as a great man. Please post more news about the DPRK.

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