Jock Palfreeman on Australian Story

See also : Free Jock.

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5 Responses to Jock Palfreeman on Australian Story

  1. Troll says:

    How about no, we don’t free Jock. As reported in the SMH, this isn’t the first time he’s been accused by multiple witnesses of getting drunk and stabbing multiple people. Seriously, who should we want in jail if not people like him?

  2. @ndy says:


    I believe you’re referring to this:

    A story emerged in Sydney that in December 2004 Palfreeman had been involved in a fight in a party in Chatswood, two men had been stabbed and had named Palfreeman as the culprit.

    There was confusion over what injuries had been inflicted and Palfreeman was not charged because of lack of evidence.

    Read more:

    I don’t know about ‘multiple witnesses’, but no charges were ever laid. Generally speaking, most agree that a person should not be jailed simply because somebody else thinks they should be. Further, the story in question was immediately launched into circulation by James Atack and his mate Matt following Jock’s arrest (as I noted at the time). Non-Trolls may like to read this account of ‘The Chatswood Incident’.

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  4. Samual says:

    Fine so in 2004 he wasn’t charged by the Police due to lack of evidence. If you have an iota of legal knowledge, you’d know that cops dont charge everyone they suspect due to things like court costs, time management etc esp when they (cops) know what a slack legal system we have here in Australia.

    However, if you think a guy running around overseas with a commando knife and getting into fights that kill locals should be walking free, you also need a shrink besides an education. Anyway, at the end of the day that clown is safely locked away.

  5. Teodor says:

    The facts are being blown way out of proportion by his father and the media.
    Fact of the matter is that the dad of Andrei Monov did not make such a big deal about what’s happened, and he lost his son. His family grieved silently.
    And facts are being distorted.
    Real facts are:
    – Murder and attack with deadly weapon are capital crimes in all countries;
    – Bulgaria has it’s own Court and Code of Law;
    – Jock is a repeat offender in a similar charges;
    – He said that he took a knife, but later there were no fingerprints on his knife, which means that he must have wiped it before it was taken from the cops. That suggests that he perfectly realized what he has done;
    – In Bulgaria, on the contrary of the popular thinking, weapons laws are really hard.
    You cannot obtain a firearm without being checked by 3 mental doctors, then you have to be physically checked. If/when you obtain gun licence, you are being blacklisted, and you have to show the shell casings everytime you buy bullets.
    I am saying all that because, as per the aforementioned and because of it, the parliament has accepted a law 10 years ago that states the following: self defence is considered in a situation in which both sides have the same weapon. If I am with a gun and you’re with a knife and I kill you – that’s not self defence. If you, however with a knife kill a person with a gun – that’s self defence. They invented that because a lot of smart killers wanted a “get out of jail” card, as it is in the EU and Australia probably;
    – If it was the same situation – Bulgarian killer in Australia, I would think the same thing. Murderers are murderers. No matter what nationality and where in the world are they.

    All these facts suggest and confirm that Palfreeman’s place is in Jail.

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