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Edge of the seat stuff in the 2011 New Zealand general election.

Manukau East COGGAN, Felicity CL 49
Mt Roskill BROWN, Patrick CL 31

I tipped that the CL would receive over 80 votes; I may therefore insist on a re-count…

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  1. @ndy says:

    From Auckland, New Zealand, George Fyson reported that members of the Communist League have sold four subscriptions going door to door in the suburb of Glen Innes, a large area of public housing. “A government agency,” reported Fyson, “has recently told some 150 of the tenants that they have to move elsewhere because it wants to sell the land for high value development.” One of them is Moana Okotai, who bought a Militant subscription. She said that the new houses “will sell for half a million dollars or more—beyond what we can afford. They want to move us like cattle.”

    ~ Michel Poitras, New reader: ‘So important for us to have our own voice’ (front page), The Militant, Vol. 75/No. 41, November 14, 2011.

  2. randolph drool says:

    A thrilling report indeed, any more like this and l’ll need to take a sedative.

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