Trouble At Mill : March 16, 2012, Sigma Pharmaceuticals Edition

Update (March 20) : “Sigma workers have successfully protected their current shift arrangements, negotiated a 4% pay rise, and voted to return to work…”

Welcome to Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited

Sigma was founded by two Melbourne pharmacists in 1912. Today, Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited is a leading CSO qualified full-line wholesaler servicing some 4,000 pharmacies throughout Australia.

Our success is supported by our ownership of some of the largest and most recognised pharmacy retail brands in Australia, Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian. As well as the special relationship we have with our brand members, we work closely with our independent pharmacist customers, providing a range of retail and pharmacy programs and services.

Workers at Sigma in Rowville are on strike/have been locked-out by the company. Apparently, the Australian Financial Review last Friday described the dispute as a “landmark struggle over whether penalty rates will be paid on night shifts” (Australian workers locked out by pharmaceutical company, Peter Byrne,, March 14, 2012; see also : Sigma workers resist lockout in Melbourne, Laura Riccardi,, March 13, 2012). The action has heap ’em big support [PDF] while Sigma owns some of the largest retail pharmacy brands in Australia including Amcal and Guardian.

Should the robotniks in Rowville be paid moar for working at night rather than the day? The company wants halp from Fair Work Australia to say ‘no’.

We’ll see, I guess.

Oh and next Friday, March 23, there’s some kinda union rally thing…

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