Good Skinhead Music!

[Update : July 25]

Over on Fightdemback, gnwp (‘goodnightwhitepride’?) has kindly provided us with a list of good skinhead bands.

And here they are!

Angelic Upstarts (England)
Atarassia Gröp (Italy)
Banda Bassotti (Italy)
Böiler (Hungary)
Brigada Flores Magon (France)
Derkovbois (Hungary)
Freiboiter (Germany)
Guts ‘n’ Glory (Germany)
Loikaemie (Germany)
Los Fastidios (Italy)
Maskapone (Germany)
Mister X (Belarus)
Mossin Nagant (‘Basque country’ / Spain)
Non Servium (Spain)
Operace Artaban (Czech Republic)
Perkele (Sweden)
Stage Bottles (Germany)
Stomper 98 (Germany)
The Prowlers (Canada)
The Templars (United States)
Toro Bravo (Lithuania)
Toxpack (Germany)
United Front (Scotland)
Volxsturm (Germany)

And of course…

Klasse Kriminale (Italy)


The Oppressed (Wales)!

See also : “I’d like to dedicate this next song to…” : An incomplete list of songs about the love musicians feel for fascism, especially (neo-)Nazism.


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10 Responses to Good Skinhead Music!

  1. gnwp says:

    Yep. GNWP = Good night white pride.

  2. @ndy says:

    do i win a cd?

  3. gnwp says:

    Haha. I’d send you their cd (that my friend from Germany sent to me) but I already gave it to my friend in Croatia. That CD did more travelling than most people.

    Anyway, here’s one more antifa song you might like:

    Erode – Europa
    clip –

  4. Ray Lennox says:

    “Don´t forget your roots” from Slovakia

  5. qld-88 says:

    what about the 4skins.

  6. Kadet says:

    and Oi Polloi!
    Bash the Fash

  7. mama says:

    Hub city stompers

  8. nicely says:

    what about the fucking skin flicks? come on now oi from cali

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