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‘Evil Invaders IV’ organiser Hushy today fwded me the following statement by Brisbane band Vomitor:

The impetuosity of youth can lend itself to an over-zealous desire to shock and offend for what end up being all the wrong reasons. To be categorical we are not in any way, shape or form racist/fascist/Nazi in thinking or action.

Vomitor were scheduled to play the ‘extreme metal’ festival in Sydney on June 9 but appear to have been withdrawn from the line-up since I made reference to them in a previous post (since amended). I may return to the topic in a future post, but in the absence of any other infos, I think the band should now be taken at their word. Finally, in case there was any confusion on this point, I do not claim that Evil Invaders is a ‘racist’ event or that its organisers in any way support racism; my apologies if any material on my blog was given any other interpretation.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2021 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. @ndy says:

    …yr only as good as yr fans…

  2. cheese cake blues says:

    The singer of Urgrund, Rob Fassbender, lives in Hobart and wears a t-shirt that says ‘Defend Europe’. He and his mates, including Jack Sansom who drums in Vrag, a Hobart band that performs at Recrucifying the Bastard, a festival that promotes racism with attendees sporting neo-Nazi shirts and so forth, have a clubhouse that’s also a gym called Iron Forge Heavy Metal Gym. The gym has a wooden swastika and a ‘Straya’ flag inside.
    The group belongs to Operation Werewolf which acts as a feeder group for Wolves of Vinland. The leader of OW/WV is Paul Waggener. There are photos of Waggener on the net giving support to one of his members who’s in a U.S. prison for burning down an historic black church.
    Concerning Rob The Knob, he likes to take members to Tassie national parks where they learn to use guns, knives and bows and arrows.
    Additionally, Rob The Knob, KK Warslut (Destroyer 666), and Camazotz (ex-Spear of Longinus) wear Operation Werewolf clothing.
    For more info, see Waldkampf, Iron Forge Heavy Metal Gym, Rob Fassbender (FB), Operation Werewolf, and Asgard Musik. For ‘racialist’ comments made by the owner of Asgard Musik, see Ben Bailey of Asgard Musik on the Nuclear War Now forum.

  3. cheese cake blues says:

    is crust punk/d-beat/whatever dead or is it on life support?
    kromosom is on stephen o’malley’s record label southern lord.
    o’malley has a zine called descent, a zine that promotes fascist bands.
    vomitor are liars. why else would they have marcus hellcunt (ex-gospel of the horns) in the band?
    shane rout of abyssic hate is in an online zine saying that blacks are subhumans.
    crusty punks debacle have shared the same stage as racist twits nocturnal graves a few times now.
    sean hinds of urgrund performs in white horse and has even performed at the such is life festival. sean looks constipated. i met his apolitical satanist girlfriend kama way at the deathside show. she tried to convince me that grand belial’s key wasn’t nsbm. she hangs out with camazotz (ex-spear of longinus) and she likes the nazi black metal show that happens in tasMANIA at easter time.
    I also met a fuckwit wearing a black magick ss hoodie, a psychedelic nazi occult band in tasMANIA. the band members have kept their identities secret but I know their names.
    em stoy (ex-thrall) plays and fucks mike possessed in a band called oligarch. mike also plays in urgrund and likes to exercise at fassbender’s racist gym in tasMANIA. gareth ‘jack’ samson also likes to exercise there.
    to go off topic, marduk are shit. in a zine, one band member says that he’s proud of his grandfather for serving in the german army in world war II and also says that he doesn’t like immigration. to this day, they still don’t like immigration and they don’t like muslims. they did play in israel but so did death in june.
    let me know if you want references.

  4. Anubis ERH says:

    So it’s settled they really are NAZI scum?

  5. @ndy says:

    @Anubis ERH:

    Sorry but yr other comment went to spam. Feel free to resubmit.

  6. Anubis says:

    ouch, that´s too bad it was quite long and and don´t recall what I wrote. Nevermind. thanks for the feedback anyway

  7. does my bum look big in this? I don't care - I'm listening to iron monkey. says:

    If you go to u-tube, type denouncement pyre 2005 – kingbean28 has put it up – and somewhere in the first 15 mins you’ll see Joel Badd of the racist band wurm fixing the guitar amp. He’s wearing a fortress t-shirt. In 2006, he gave himself a mullet like his short mate. They both trashed a Jewish shop in melbourne. It’s probably the same shop you had mentioned. If you have access to the CCTV footage, send it to our mutual friend and i’ll look at it. Joel went to an international school in Singapore. Joel banged a “quarter caste Asian” female in 2008, and the person that made the derisive comment about MAC looking like a cubbyhouse was Leigh Ikonomou. He, too, plays in wurm, and would not have sex with a female metal head because she was “half a kike”. Leigh’s mum died from a heroin overdose when he was little and his dad has bipolar disorder. His pwned email address is fuzzjuggernaught at hotmail dot com. Inquisition played at evil invaders iv but years later the band was kicked off the season of mist label because the singer’s a paedophile. Did SS death dealer play in spear of longinus?

  8. and then I'm going to listen to Moscow death brigade's boltcutter. says:

    denouncement pyre played at evil invaders iv.

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