Loophole closing?

Loophole Community Centre — “an umbrella organisation providing a home to a wide array of arts and humanities projects” — appears to be on the verge of closing. Well, perhaps only at its current location (670–672 High St, Northcote), having been served an eviction notice for June 11. As a result, Loophole is asking for halp:

LOOPHOLE NEEDS A PLACE TO MOVE INTO, so if you know of any empty spaces with a kind, reasonable and community spirited owner, especially if you are that owner, please contact us.
We are looking ASAP for an aspiring film-maker to shoot a documentary while these few weeks unfold.
In the interim, we are in dire need of STORAGE SPACES to temporarily house components of the centre (eg bike workshop, library, etc)
ALTERNATE SPACES where user groups can temporarily relocate, eg Food Not Bombs, Rad Play Group, Rad Choir, Sew Radical etc
Donations of HANDS and hearts to help with all aspects of MOVING
MONEY, stop in or donate online. Moving is expensive.
COME TO OUR EXHIBITION on June 8th, buy rad art, get inspired and keep our Loophole open.
DROP IN, stop by, show us some love…

Thanks and blessings to all our volunteers, patrons and everyone who has supported and continues to support Loophole over the years. You made our community centre a castle.

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3 Responses to Loophole closing?

  1. Dan Murphy says:

    Ever know what became of Loophole? Great initiative.

    They had a brilliant library out there. Shame if it’s just sitting in storage.

    Any news?

  2. @ndy says:

    Not sure: the website hasn’t been updated since the space closed back in July (it’s now a vet’s btw), and the tumblr which was set up to promote Loophole’s possible transition to a new space hasn’t been updated for a similar period. As far as I’m aware, the most recent meeting to discuss a new phase took place in October I think; I also understand that the library is in storage somewhere…

    The principal problem Loophole faces is the cost of rental/the difficulties of establishing a secure squatted facility. Almost anywhere central is cost-prohibitive and typically requires the presence of tenants to supplement the (usually meagre) income derived from other sources. A space like this thus requires either philanthropic support (see Kindness House) or the preparedness of those involved to commit a considerable proportion of their own financial resources…

  3. Dan Murphy says:


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