antifa notes (july 11, 2012)

Uncle Arthur Kemp continues his battle to send an embarrassing photo of him in a cowboy hat down the memory hole — without much luck it would seem.

Nazi Dreamtime: Australian enthusiasts for Hitler’s Germany is a new book by historian David Bird. David was interviewed by Waleed Aly (and John Safran) for ABC’s Radio National on July 2 and you can listen to the interview here.

• I didn’t realise this ’til now but Anna Funder‘s debut novel All That I Am is ‘anti-Nazi’. See : Anti-Nazi novel scoops Book of the Year, Antonette Collins (ABC, May 21, 2012). Ernst Toller gets a guernsey in the book; you can read more about his erstwhile comrade Erich Mühsam here.

• Local nazis are organising a gig in Melbourne on September 8.

• Sadly, German-speaking lovers of nazi muzak can no longer avail themselves of In mid-June, German police raided 24 houses and arrested several people alleged to be responsible for administering the site. Supposedly, one of those involved in maintaining the site is a member of the Chaos Computer Club — but that’s another story.

“Blut muss fließen” – Undercover unter Nazis/”Blood must flow” – Undercover among Nazis, a new German documentary film exposing the underground world of reich ‘n’ roll, premieried at the Berlin Film Festival in February. The Toronto Star has some more recent (July 7, 2012) blah on the film here.

• Last week, Swiss bonehead Sebastien Nussbaumer was extradited from Hamburg (where he was arrested in May) to Switzerland, where he faces charges of having shot someone in Zurich.

• Meanwhile, back in the Fatherland, an article in DW (July 4, 2012) shows social workers to the rescue; according to Der Spiegel (July 9, 2012) some nazis have apparently been stopped from setting up a neu group; in response to tricksy nazis booking hotels under false pretences, the state of Brandenburg has issued a pamphlet designed to help hapless hoteliers spot Hitler-loving swastika-lickers before they pack their bags (State Teaches Hoteliers How to Identify Neo-Nazis, Jochen-Martin Gutsch, July 3, 2012).

• Imprisoned US nazi Bill White continues to have extreme adventures. In a letter dated June 17 he writes:

What I have discovered is that these nightmare images were really projections into my mind of the dreamscape of a demonic being. As I outline in my Centuries of Revolution, America has been created by cults dedicated to a demonic beast with three aspects. In Centuries, I don’t really address the theme of this being’s binding or sleeping in the earth, but I have discussed this elsewhere. Both America and the New World Order it has attempted are the product of this beast imposing its will upon reality – its dreaming. Its methodology is degradation – abuse of the outer forms so as to create inner transformation. My dreams are, or were, its thwarted desires. I had what it had desired – but it was clear that if I remained within its dream that I was doomed.

You see, Vishnu sits on the right hand of Brahma and Shiva on his left. Vishnu danced dharma into being, but in the Kali Yuga, dharma and karma are inactive. The substance of the world is maja and its changes are the dance. Kali and Shiva dance death – Time – into the world – Shiva’s serene dream shaping Kali’s moving form. Within this whirling maja are the demons, each of which shape their particular realm. Beneath the United States, a serpent lies dreaming. Its children – the Jews and reptiles and their cult – do its work. But the whole is but a figment of the monster’s imagination.

Yes. I see.

• Elsewhere in the Jewnited States, former(?) nazi pin-up grrls Lynx and Lamb Gaede have revealed that smoking marijuana has loosened the grip both Uncle Adolf and their Hitler-worshipping mother once had upon their imaginations in “We were teenage Nazis… then we discovered marijuana”: Amazing change of heart for Sieg Heil twin sisters (Rachael Bletchly, Daily Mirror, June 27, 2012):

They appear to have turned from fascist, anti-immigration hate-mongers into laid-back liberals celebrating the joys of ethnic diversity and spreading a message of peace and love.

After escaping the all-controlling clutches of their mother, April, and battling serious health problems, Lynx and Lamb, now 20, say they have swapped their Hitler youth for a happy hippy lifestyle.

And, like so many other pop star transformations, the Gaede twins appear to have been helped along their journey of “enlightenment” by smoking a lot of marijuana.

“My sister and I are pretty liberal now,” Lamb revealed in a recent US TV interview.

“Yeah,” chipped in Lynx, languidly flicking her long blonde hair.

• “A Riverside judge set an October trial date Thursday for a 12-year-old boy who has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to murdering his Neo-Nazi father”, Jeff Hall of the National Socialist Movement. Jeff was shot dead on May Day, 2011.

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