Who is Arthur Kemp? …continued


Harry’s place has a follow-up post on the continuing saga of Arthur Kemp and a rather embarrassing cowboy hat.

Or something…

The post — Former BNP Man Uses Copyright and Libel Laws to Stifle “Nazi” Picture — is in turn a x-post from the Index on Censorship Blog.

Arthur Kemp, the British National Party’s former foreign affairs spokesman and webmaster has forced several internet service providers (ISPs) to remove images of him apparently posing next to Nazi memorabilia from left wing and anti-fascist blogs. Kemp, originally from South Africa, claims the image is faked, and is being circulated maliciously by his ex-wife.

In his efforts to suppress the image, Kemp has employed a range of the tools available to the online censor, using takedown notices containing claims of copyright infringement and defamation…

Funnily enough, Kemp has recently been pictured with another South African fascist named ‘Bep’:

One of the founding members of the Herefordshire British National Party branch is a convicted terrorist. South African, Lambertus Nieuwhof (or ‘Bep’ as he is more commonly known), is a previous member of a white supremacist group that planted a bomb in a mixed-race school in 1992. Bep, who was part of Eugene Terre’Blanche’s Afrikaner Resistance Movement, apparently received a 12 month suspended sentence for his part in the bomb plot.

Well, he was. That img too appears to have been removed from the 3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance blog. See : Local fascists terrorist links, 3cafa, February 17, 2012.

See also : Who is Arthur Kemp? (February 15, 2012) | nutzis are W E I R D : Arthur Kemp / BNP (August 30, 2009).

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