anarchist notes (july 25, 2012)

• a reminder : the second annual melbourne anarchist bookfair takes place on caturday, august 4 at the abbotsford convent. nice location, dozens of stalls, many workshops, free entry, and more deets here.
• also in melbourne, on the following caturday (august 11), the melbourne anarchist club is launching an infoshop.
• anarchists in brisbane are organising a summer skool for january 2013. (i’m not sure, but i think the last such gathering took place in 2003.)
exilio libertario have published a fascinating history of spanish anarchist exiles in australia which you can download here.

anarchy: a journal of desire armed can has a new issue. of related interest is ardent press.
• in the uk, freedom newspaper has its back against the wall, allegedly on account of a mischievous photographer. is an online anti-authoritarian journal by anarchists in indonesia.
bifurcación is a blog by anarchists in bogotá, colombia.
jt ready is dead: fascism and the anarchist response in arizona, 2005-2012 is an xclnt analysis of its activities by the phoenix class war council.
inside the fbi entrapment strategy is another useful essay published by crimethinc.
• the north american anarchist studies network has a neat website (which has a good collection of links).
• andrew coates has published a useful review of david porter’s new book eyes to the south: french anarchists and algeria.

• finally… Chaired anarchist meeting in [Eighteen-]Eighties [Obituary of Ambrose Barker], Ken Hawkes, Direct Action, Vol.8, No.1 (March 1953):

On his 90th birthday, I and another comrade spent the evening with him and his companion, Ella Twynam, at Walthamstow. During the two hours that we were with him he brought to life the story of his part in the working-class struggles of more than 70 years. We asked him what he thought of the Labour Government. “£1,000-a-year men – all of them,” he answered, “they’re doing the Tories’ work well.”

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