Tractors ~versus~ Cops



A Guy Just Drove A Tractor Over Seven Cop Cars In Vermont

“A Vermont resident just took to a farm tractor and ran over seven police cruisers. We spoke to police and they currently have “no idea why” this happened.

And yeah, seven cars…”


Nineteen Years Ago, A Guy Drove An Army Vehicle Into Eight Cop Cars In Perth

From Episodes in Western Australia’s Policing History, Western Australia Police Media and Public Affairs, 2006:

In May 1993 WA Police were confronted with a rampaging 11 tonne tracked vehicle driven by Gary Alan Hayes, 31 years, who had stolen the vehicle from an army depot. His first attack was on the Wembley Police Station, located 10km from the city, at 4.40am crashing through a fence, damaging a police vehicle, as well as the building itself. Detectives from this station had been dealing with him over other criminal offences. He had previously been charged over $78,000 worth of counter-terrorist equipment stolen from the SAS barracks in November 1992. Police attended and he then crashed into the rear of their van knocking them into a lamp post. He then travelled into the city, to Police Headquarters and the City Police Station where at 5.15am he smashed through security gates. He then commenced to run over six police vehicles and a motor cycle, as well as private vehicles, parked in the secure area. Crashing his way out and demolishing the exit gates, he then travelled to the Central Law Courts, slamming into the masonry supports to this building. He then travelled to the CIB building in Beaufort Street, Perth and caused further damage, but could not get past the bollards guarding the building. Travelling onto Parliament House, he circled the building and stopped. Police negotiators attempted to talk to him through a slit in the front of the vehicle, but he set off again into the central city.

Police had noticed that a hatch on the vehicle was not totally secure. Three officers climbed onto the vehicle from the rear. The driver became aware and he attempted to dislodge them by driving into a bus shelter, which he demolished in the process. The TRG officers managed to drop a tear-gas grenade into the vehicle through the loose hatch, which also gave them entry, finally arresting the offender who resisted arrest violently at about 6.15am. It was then discovered that the vehicle was not carrying ammunition for its guns. He was charged on 19 counts of Criminal Damage, burglary and Assault of Police Officers.

The preparedness of police to confront and neutralise such varied situations only comes with our commitment to planning and training for all contingencies, with each decade bringing further challenges.

Constable D. Shaw and Constable A.J. Power received a Commissioner’s Certificate of Merit for their actions resulting in the arrest of this person.

Note that local anarchist group ‘Angry People’ produced a pamphlet titled Gary Hayes: His Own Story in 1994. A copy of their zine (#9) is available for download here (PDF).

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