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Tractors ~versus~ Cops

zero one A Guy Just Drove A Tractor Over Seven Cop Cars In Vermont “A Vermont resident just took to a farm tractor and ran over seven police cruisers. We spoke to police and they currently have “no idea why” … Continue reading

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Kerry Bolton Killdozer Spork!

I say… it’s magick! Has Kerry the Nazi cast a spell, or are our media watchdogs just incompetent? Reading the Maps April 16, 2010 Late last year the Broadcasting Standards Authority bewildered observers by upholding a couple of thoroughly spurious … Continue reading

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Killdozer : ‘The Rub’

Killdozer was notable for its slow, grinding song structures and blackly, humorous lyrics, growled ominously by singer/guitarist Michael Gerald at the top of his lungs. Many of their songs were disturbing narratives of small-town life gone awry, and later had … Continue reading

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