Greek Independence Day Organisers Welcome Golden Dawn to Melbourne

Update (April 2, 2013) : I didn’t realise this ’til now but the chair of the organising committee, Kostas Nikolopoulos, is also an editor at Neos Kosmos. Anyway, the Guardian has a report today on the global ambitions of the neo-Nazis the committee apparently has no problems with joining them in celebrating Greek nationalism.

Huh. According to anti-fascists who attended the ceremony in Melbourne, organisers of the annual Greek Independence Day celebrations have actively welcomed the neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn to the event.

Yesterday was the annual march to commemorate Greek Independence Day on the 25th of March at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.

Around 6-7 Golden Dawn members turned up with shirts and a large flag to draw attention to themselves and their cause, clearly using the opportunity to recruit and speak to sympathisers.

A group of anti-fascists arrived to hand out pamphlets amongst the crowd, only to be told by Protective Services Officers to stop at the risk of removal from the Shrine. When asked why it was still ok for fascists to stand around and recruit, the PSO responded that they got permission from the organisers before the event to be there. So this means Golden Dawn were given a free opportunity to advance their cause, protected by the organisers and PSOs.

The organising committee for the event and its chair, Kostas Nikolopoulos, owe an explanation to the Greek community as to why they gave Golden Dawn permission to spread their ugly message at such a prominent event for Melbourne’s Greeks.

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13 Responses to Greek Independence Day Organisers Welcome Golden Dawn to Melbourne

  1. @ says:

    Greek Independence Day Organisers You Suck.
    ♥ from Cyprus.

  2. I love the antifa propaganda, we went to pay respect to all Greeks & ANZAC’s [sic] who died defending Greece. We are the 3rd largest political party in Greece, we have a legal right to be allowed to attend Greek Independence Day march as we are Greeks and we show respect to our ancestors. Unlike you commi[e]-anarchist scum, we don[‘]t graffiti on our national heroes[‘] statues and memorials. We respect them[.]

    The idiots who were handing our there [sic] flyers were not even Greek. It shows how sad and pathetic you all are. It was interesting seeing the abuse you all recieved [sic] from many Greek Australians. We are loved in Melbourne. We are Golden Dawn, we are in Australia forever. And we are here to stay.

    Long live Australia and Hellas. ANZACs and Hellenes are brothers forever.

  3. Calamity says:

    Golden Dawn Melbourne? Ya-ha. More like some little Australian pseudo-fasco teenage troll lying in bed on his little ‘puter. Nice one. Douche.

  4. David says:

    Is a member of a party that bashes immigrants.

    Is an immigrant.

  5. @ndy says:

    G’day Golden Shower,

    Your organisation is fascist. That the organisers of the Day’s events endorsed your participation is something they will have to explain, perhaps, to others, in future. Or they may ignore it — I dunno. Certainly, if it’s correct that GD plan on bringing some of its MPs to Melbourne to celebrate the opening of an office here, I don’t see how the issue is going to go away. On the contrary: in publicly endorsing your organisation, the independence day organisers have entered something of a political minefield…

    Or perhaps they believe the local Greek community ❤s racism and xenophobia as much as they apparently do?

    I also think you may like to be a little more honest about GD’s ideological descent. That is, if GD wanted to pay some kinda tribute to the few hundred ANZACs who died on Greek soil in 1941 attempting to counter the Nazi invasion, the party could do better than seek to cultivate ties with neo-Nazis in Germany; nor seek to implement an authoritarian, racist and right-wing program at home.

    As for how long you pissants last in Melbourne… we’ll see eh? Me, I reckon you’ve got a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

  6. inglourious_basterd says:

    Can I remind Golden Shower of what the Cretans did to the first Fallschirmjäger to land on their soil during the Battle of Crete?

    Most of Crete’s young men had fled to Egypt to join the Greek Army in exile. The old people who were left flocked to the places where the invaders were landing armed with pitchforks and shovels, and proceeded to beat the invaders to death.

    An image which is a warning to any Fascists who try and subjugate the Greek people again.

  7. Aντιφασιστική δράση Melbourne says:

    πρέπει να έχετε καγκελες στο παράθυρο του γραφείου σας!

    ερχόμαστε για σας, κουφαλες!

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  9. The Cretans who fought the German Nazis were not left wing, they were right wing fascists and Nationalists. The Greeks who fought against the Axis Nazis were Greek Fascists, under the leadership of fascist leader Ioannis Metaxas. The last great leader of Greece, he used the right hand salute. You left wing communist anarcho scum were welcoming Hitler and Mussolini into Greece and breaking bread together until Hitler invaded your precious Stalin. Facts are Facts

    You dont see us talking about you geeks, you are all incignificant to all of us. We dont live to expose you, cause we dont care about you and your beliefs. Its you lot who are obsessed with us. All we can say is thank you for all the good publicity 🙂

    As for the threat that your going to come and get us, good luck. Lets see what a bunch of tree hugging hippies will do. Your not dealing with a bunch of kids here so good luck.


  10. inglourious_basterd says:

    The Cretans who fought the German Nazis were not left wing, they were right wing fascists and Nationalists.

    Err…no. The movement was cross-politics and included native Cretans, British military intelligence and escaped Commonwealth troops, including Australians and Kiwis.

    The contribution of your friends on the right was to murder over 1000 left-wing members of the Resistance on Crete between 1945 and 1946.

    The later contribution of your friends on the right was the military dictatorship between 1967 and 1974 in which over 2000 people were tortured and murdered.

    Interesting how your Fascism is so unattractive to normal people that you have to murder and torture to enforce it.

    Πάνε μακριά μαλάκας

  11. Matt says:

    @ Inglourious_basterd: What about all the people the who died by communist governments? More people have died from communism than fascism. What is wrong to be proud of ones country and have national pride? Leftists hate that and will criticise anyone who has beliefs from the right. Your beloved Lenin was no angel.

  12. Greek says:

    Bla bla bla left right left right let’s see who beats their chest harder that’s all I hear. I haven’t heard a word of how to make things better only who did what back in the day way before you were born.

    Left or right we have one thing in common we blame others for our problems it’s never our fault. It’s the governments fault for everything that’s all I hear. If you want to help get off your ass and go back work the fields work with your own two hands feel the satisfaction of creating something from nothing. Do you know why the Greek migrants in Australia made something of themselves? Because they rolled their sleeves up and worked their ass off for a better future instead of on focusing on the obstacles.

    Do you really know what it is to be Greek? I don’t think so, so I’ll tell you who’s a real Greek my parents and millions of migrants all over the world. Who worked away from their home made a life for themselves and with a dream to return to Greece invested in Greece built a home bought property visited regularly paid taxes like everyone else but yet they were treated like second rate citizens, Οι Αυστραλοί, τα Αμερικανακια but yet they go back and still go back because they love Greece. They never sold out on their dream. Please remind me which left or right government did something to keep the youth in Greece? I won’t go too far back from 1952 onwards.

    Now a quick history lesson. Who fought the Persians? A. The Greeks, Who fought in 1821? A. The Greeks, Who fought the Germans? A. The Greeks. Who was the winner of ancient Olympics? Athenians, Spartans, Corinthians or other city state, A. Greek.

    So who in God’s name puts their political ideologies above Greece and carries their political flag to a Greek Independence Day is beyond me. I am Greek and there is only one flag I pledge my legions to.

  13. @ndy says:

    So … you think we should all just, like, work hard?

    That’s it?

    I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say.

    Here’s a video of what anarchists in Greece have been doing:

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