“Nazis are not fucking welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show.”

Sieg Fail!

As you may already know, the singer for the band Dropkick Murphys won a good deal of applause recently when he unceremoniously escorted a bonehead off the stage. Internet nazis were of course enormously butthurt by Ken Casey’s actions, and one in particular felt compelled to put on public display his idiocy:

Dropkick Murphys are touring Australia in late March and early April.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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3 Responses to “Nazis are not fucking welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show.”

  1. Lumpen says:

    I call shenanigans. Neo-nazis don’t refer to themselves as neo-nazis. Probably just some kid drinking too much Red Bull while cruising Stormfront for potential father-figures.

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  3. LeftInternationalist says:

    Speaking of Nazis, you hear about this @ndy? http://iso.org.nz/2013/03/24/rally-against-racism-in-christchurch-a-success/ This calls for one of your succinct and amusing blog posts methinks.

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