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Blogging 2018 : A Summary

Another year done gone, and another opportunity to review what the Hell I’ve been writing about. Please note that, at this stage, I’m unsure if I’ll continue blogging in 2019 as — combined with having a social media presence on … Continue reading

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Rape in Australia: highest reported number of rapes by men of women per capita in the world?

Update (November 8): A correction has been published. This line was amended from “this country has, after all, the highest reported number of rapes by men of women per capita in the world” to “one of the highest reported number … Continue reading

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“Nazis are not fucking welcome at a Dropkick Murphys show.”

Sieg Fail! As you may already know, the singer for the band Dropkick Murphys won a good deal of applause recently when he unceremoniously escorted a bonehead off the stage. Internet nazis were of course enormously butthurt by Ken Casey’s … Continue reading

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“We spend an enormous amount of time in this country navel-gazing about what kind of society we are. It seems that, on some occasions, we engage in a form of public fretting about what it really means to be an … Continue reading

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From #MTRsues to Joolya’s Shoe

I am sick. But not too sick to fail to appreciate the seamless transition from #MTRsues to #Joolya’s_shoe. Sue For better for worse, for richer or poorer (bleedin’ poorer that’s a fact), Jennifer Wilson has published extracts from the letter … Continue reading

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Happy Australia Invasion Shoe Survival Day 2012

Yeah so indigenous peoples lost a continent. On the other hand, the Prime Minister lost a shoe. A shoe! Straya.

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