antifa notes (june 22, 2009)

Czech Republic

Following the arrest by Czech police of a dozen or so nutzi activists, Czech media reports that ‘Neo-Nazis operate like a business, sending money to those in prison’ (June 20, 2009) — which fact is completely unremarkable, and merely reveals that fascism is or aspires to be a social movement (one feature of which is to organise another to generate finance). The most successful of these businesses are probably the Belgian music label ‘Pure Impact’ and the clothing label ‘Thor Steinar’ (er: Fashion blow for neo-Nazis, Chris Bryant, Financial Times, March 23, 2009; um).

Northern Ireland / The Six Counties

Following the extra-legal expulsion of 100 or so Roma from South Belfast, David McKittrick writes ‘Belfast: a city of alienated youth’ (June 20, 2009), apportioning blame for the campaign to rid the city of Those Thieving Gypsy Bastards to angry, poor, Protestant yoof — and the economic, political and social conditions which produced them.

Also on that subject, Henry McDonald (The Observer, June 21, 2009) quotes a nice poem written by someone associated with nutzi groupuscule ‘Combat 18’:

“Romanian gypsies beware beware
Loyalist C18 are coming to beat you like a baiting bear
Stay out of South Belfast and stay out of sight
And then youse will be alright
Get the boat and don’t come back
There is no black in the Union Jack
Loyalist C18 ‘whatever it takes’.”

…Although those behind this latest outbreak of racist violence are not being directed by any loyalist paramilitary group, their actions last week took the world’s focus away from what is a positive, developing story within Ulster loyalism… [that is, the de-commissioning of arms].

The fear within the loyalist paramilitary leaderships is that, as they leave the scene, a vacuum within their communities could be filled by the far right.

“We have a job on our hands now persuading an entire generation that grew up looking up to men who took up arms for the loyalist cause that violence is not the answer,” one senior UDA member told the Observer yesterday. “I don’t believe this gang behind these latest attacks are that well organised, but the danger from now on is that these teenagers and young people could be manipulated and used by these neo-Nazi groups who are trying to organise in Ulster.”

Taking time off from negotiations with the British government about moves by the UDA to disarm, the loyalist leader said he believed the gang were “copycat racists” who were adopting Combat 18’s name to instil fear into the immigrant community. “They [the BNP, UBPP and other neo-Nazi parties] have been stirring things up at time when the loyalist groups are trying to transform our communities,” he added…

On the other hand, the British far right has almost invariably supported Loyalism, including Loyalist paramilitaries. With regards C18 (and Charlie Sargent), the link is particularly strong between it and UDA/UFF and the ‘Loyalist Volunteer Force’ (and Johnny Adair).

In related developments: “A man who helped organise an anti-racism rally against recent attacks in south Belfast has been threatened” (Protest organiser in fire threat, BBC, June 19, 2009) and Teens arrested over race attacks (BBC, June 19, 2009) / Teens charged over racist attacks (BBC, June 21, 2009).

Combat 18 in Australia

C18 has a tiny presence here in Australia, and was until very recently promoting itself by way of This now appears to have been taken down. Before it was, it claimed to have the heartfelt support of local nutzi bands ‘Indigenous Hate’ and ‘Southern Storm’. Sadly, Southern Storm’s pop hit ‘We’re Southern Storm’ (“Niggers Jews and Communists / Look out scum you’re on our list!”) is no longer available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, and neither, even more sadly, is the musical powerhaus known as Indigenous Hate. On the bright side — and speaking of hatred for Australia’s indigenous peoples — ‘Oh No Here Comes An Abo’ continues to Master Race up the YouTube charts:

Note that vocalist Jesse and scores of his short-haired mates will be prancing on stage in Melbourne on September 12, and “Abos” are definitely not welcome to join them.

As for, the site was most recently registered to a Perth bloke named ‘Jake’. ‘Jake’, oddly enough, was also responsible for ensuring that ashes belonging to US nutzi criminal David Lane were scattered in Perth: see nutzis are W E I R D : David Lane’s Ashes (February 13, 2009).

See also : From Greensboro to Washington (June 14, 2009) | Australian languishing in Bulgarian jail, Belinda Hawkins for Foreign Correspondent, ABC, June 3, 2009.


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