Pay the Writers?

Well this post is really only a matter of recording some bookmarks …

I didn’t realise this ’til now, but Crikey owner Private Media are launching a new arts site. Good for them. Problem is, current policy is not to pay contributors. This has made a number of arts writers unhappy, and they’ve called upon others not to contribute to the site unless and until it starts paying the people who put the words in the right order.

1) Why I said no to The Daily Review, Andrew Stafford, November 8, 2013;

2) Crikey‘s new The Daily Review: why you shouldn’t volunteer for a for-profit media organisation, Byron Bache, November 11, 2013;

3) Digital Publishing Is A Pyramid Scheme, Elmo Keep, November 11, 2013;

4) Pay writers or we’ll pull ads, National Library tells arts website, Ben Butler, The Sydney Morning Herald, November 12, 2013;

5) Super funds set up news website, Madeleine Heffernan, The Sydney Morning Herald, November 12, 2013;

6) Pay the Writers: a place for Australian precarious arts workers to complain, conspire, and organise.

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2 Responses to Pay the Writers?

  1. If I write something political about education, can you pay me?

  2. @ndy says:

    Yes of course: send me yr text and I will send you waves of loving-kindness.

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