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antifa notes (may 18, 2015)

In response to the announcement of a Senate inquiry into food certification, Guy Rundle has written the following article for Crikey, arguing that the local Jewish community (among others), needs to adopt a more public position on anti-Muslim prejudice. See … Continue reading

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Pay the Writers?

Well this post is really only a matter of recording some bookmarks … I didn’t realise this ’til now, but Crikey owner Private Media are launching a new arts site. Good for them. Problem is, current policy is not to … Continue reading

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The Australian doing hard time overseas (no, it’s not Schapelle) [on #JockPalfreeman, Crikey]

The Australian doing hard time overseas (no, it’s not Schapelle) Andy Fleming Crikey November 13, 2013 Jock Palfreeman (pictured), a 26-year-old Australian serving a 20-year sentence for murder in Sofia Central Prison, Bulgaria, is not a household name in Australia. … Continue reading

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Helen Razer on Teh Left and the stoopid : Crikey!

Yeah. I thought I might as well throw this up. It’s kinda wEiRd. I mean, who and what is Teh Left? Apparently, “people who like rainbow crossings, petitions at change.org, and People with a Disability”. Liberals, in other words. Has … Continue reading

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