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Well well, bloody Hell.

Because I’m an idi0t, I thought I’d spend some time doing some housekeeping: namely, going through the sites I link to in order to establish which are still active. Unsurprisingly, because I haven’t done so for several years, a number of sites have disappeared or become inactive (by which I mean, in this context, not having been updated for over a year). I’ll remove the dead links from the sidebar eventually, but in the meantime here’s a list of defunct/inactive anarchist(y) sites along, where relevant, with updated links:

@ Sauce

Anarchist Yellow Pages
Anarcho-Syndicalism 101 : Class Struggle Online
Anarchy in the Garden (inactive) –> on twitter
*Black Rose (inactive) –> on wordpress (black rose seems to be undergoing the latest of several recent changes in composition)
*IllVox –> previously a site by/about/for ‘anarchist people of color’ it now links to The Party for Socialism and Liberation (prior to which it was named People of Color Organize!)
*Katipo Books (i’m unsure if katipo is dead or just resting)
Love & Rage
Research on Anarchism –> new location

Anarchist Blogs / Sites

anarchia (inactive)
angry news … (inactive)
*bombs & shields (revived)
everything is dangerous
fire to the prisons (archived)
fires never extinguished (inactive)
lines of flight
mickey z –> on wordpress
michael boda (inactive)
planes for baskets
riot porn (inactive … still)
run amok (inactive)
sketchy thoughts –> new location
social rupture
the boulevardier (protected)
this is our job (archived)
truth, reason & liberty (inactive)

Obviously, quite a few blogs have disappeared since last I looked, and a number of others emerged to take their place. Unfortunately, though I may have mentioned them previously, I haven’t bothered to add these to my sidebar, so in the unlikely event somebody reads this and thinks I should add something to my (active) list, please feel free to comment.


Barricade infoshop, Melbourne Anti-Intervention, City is Ours and Workers Solidarity collectives (and the Melbourne Wobs (blog)) all now appear to be defunct, Food Not Bombs is on facebook, while loophole is in the process of relocating. Finally, Underground Melbourne [is] looking for new editor/blogger (November 5, 2013).

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