Black Rose Syndicat (Addendum)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a thing for New Matilda about a storm in a teacup surrounding the Brisbane G20 summit, in this case one stamped ‘Black Rose Syndicat’. Apart from being somewhat bizarre (and therefore amusing), the story was noteworthy for illustrating the ways in which the mainstream media adopts such tales and adapts them to suit broader purposes:– such as the repression of political dissent. Hence ‘How The Press Sets Up A Protest Crackdown’. The story’s most likely exhausted itself but due to unpopular demand I thought I’d add a few more notes about the Syndicat’s online evolution.

To begin with, as previously noted, I first became aware of the Syndicat back in May when it launched. It appeared then to function as an advertisement for an online retailer. Since then, some names have been changed in order to protect the innocent. Thus the Syndicat’s eBay account has the following history:

In other words, the Syndicat has its origins in an eBay retailer originally known as redragrockshop (established in September 2012) which became blackroserockshop and then vanadiumrockshop in December 2013. So far, so good: an online merchant seeks publicity and attains it. More recently, on Facebook the Syndicat has once again changed its name, from ‘Syndicat a la Rose Noire’ to ‘Social Libertarian Party of Australia’. Presumably, the shell game will continue, and it would be pointless to pursue it any further.

I suppose I could go on, but for now I recommend listening to and pondering upon the views of “bindigoat” (including on stormfront and inre ‘national anarchism’) and the avant-garde “Australien Universal Space Industries”.

Cyberspace: the final frontier …

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