The Base: Exporting Accelerationist Terror [via The Lads Society]

A problem for the Australian antifa, and indeed for anti-fascist groups in Europe and the US, is that few people and organisations they oppose here have much to do with Nazism. ~ Chip Le Grand, Antifa Australia goes for the jugular, The Australian, December 9, 2017


The Southern Poverty Law Centre has just published an exposé on neo-Nazi terror group The Base and its links to Australian neo-Nazis, specifically ‘The Lads Society’:

The materials show that the group made significant inroads into parts of Australia’s far right, and in particular the Lads Society, a white nationalist group that once invited Brenton Tarrant, the Australian who murdered 51 Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, on March 15, 2019, to be a member.

A few notes:

• ‘The Lads Society’ was born out of defunct fascist groupsucule the ‘United Patriots Front’, an ultimately unstable coalition of neo-Nazis and Christian fun-da-mentalists. The UPF was a Facebook creation, which terminated after the corporation closed its Facebook page in mid-2017. I wrote extensively on the subject of the UPF, including in The Guardian in November 2015 (The UPF and Reclaim Australia aren’t ‘concerned parents’ or a bad joke: ‘Don’t get sucked in by the hijinks of far-right activists: active neo-Nazis are welcome and hold leadership positions in a movement gaining in appeal’). In its infinite wisdom, a few weeks ago Facebook terminated my page on the basis of my alleged ‘support’ for figures associated with the UPF(!).

• Other local members of the far-right to have championed RaHoWa!, GTKRWN, #SiegeCulture and so on have included writers for David Hiscox’s blog XYZ. Doing so was considered kosher by Facebook, and the XYZ page was only terminated after the XYZ boys published a ‘satirical’ article about Waleed Aly of Channel 10’s ‘The Project’.

• The SPLC notes that:

The false belief that a conspiracy exists to carry out “white genocide,” or to effect a “great replacement” of white Americans through mass immigration, is widely prevalent across the racist far right, from outright neo-Nazis, to so-called “identitarian” groups, to influential Republican officials. Many white nationalists hold, again falsely, that this “genocide” or “replacement” has been orchestrated by Jews.

‘The Great Replacement’ is what the Christchurch mass-murderer titled his manifesto and was also a theory propounded by Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern, who ‘Christian conservative’ Dave Pellowe brought to Australia for a speaking tour in 2018. Their tour was widely celebrated on various Murdoch media properties and, after a brief ‘retirement’, a little more than a year after the Christchurch massacre Southern has returned to Australia and been warmly embraced by the same parties. Indeed, Southern will be joining a glittering array of stars — including former Labor leader turned NSW PHONy Senator Mark Latham — at the ‘Conservative Political Action Conference’ in Sydney in November.

What’s a few dead Muslims between frens eh?

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