Yeah Nah Pasaran! #036 w Dr Joan Braune on Cultural Marxism : September 17, 2020

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On this week’s episode of Yeah Nah, we talk to Joan Braune:

an academic and a social justice advocate with over a decade of experience in community leadership. For the past few years, my research and activism has focused heavily on countering the rise of fascist movements and hate groups in the U.S. Northwest and more broadly. I have worked with community organizations, educators and school administrators, faith communities, organized labor, and others to form responses to threats, targeted recruitment and manipulative messaging by far-right extremists.

On Multural Carxism, Joan has recently had published ‘Who’s Afraid of the Frankfurt School? “Cultural Marxism” as an Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory”‘, Journal of Social Justice, Vol.9, 2019 [PDF]. The article makes reference to three key figures: Paul Gottfried, William S. Lind and Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald paid a visit to Australia in later 2018, meeting with local nazis and talking at NSW Parliament. Thus:

Mr Brasher is a 20-year-old law and economics student.

In June, he posted a video of himself boxing at The Lads Society clubhouse in Sydney.

In September, he posted on Instagram about having had “the honour of meeting Kevin MacDonald”, a man described by a US Law Centre as “the neo-Nazi movement’s favourite academic”.

Mr Tuckfield was recently photographed campaigning for NSW Nationals MP Paul Toole.

He also shares a registered business number with another Young Nat, Michael Heaney, and two members of The Lads Society — one of whom posted a photo of himself to Facebook wearing a neo-Nazi T-shirt a few years ago.

See also : Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe (Martin Jay, Salmagundi, No.168/9, Fall 2010/Winter 2011) | Is ‘cultural Marxism’ really taking over universities? I crunched some numbers to find out, Matthew Sharpe, The Conversation, September 8, 2020 | “From New Class Critique to White Nationalism: Telos, the Alt Right, and the Origins of Trumpism”, Joseph Lowndes, Konturen, Vol.9, 2017.

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