Press F# for neo-Nazi Keyboard Warrior David Hiscox


David Hiscox, the editor and publisher of neo-Nazi blog XYZ, announced on the weekend that he intends to quit publishing.

It’s unclear precisely why, after so many years, Hiscox has decided now is the time to stop promoting neo-Nazism, but in my view:

1) His decision may be related to the mounting legal difficulties that other members of the European Australian Movement (EAM)/National Socialist Network (NSN) have been encountering. From the guilty pleas for violent disorder entered into last week by its Melbourne-based leaders Tom Sewell and Jacob Hersant, to the sentencing of Duncan Cromb and Jackson Pay in Adelaide in June to more than two years behind bars after they plead guilty to ‘possessing documents and records of information for terrorist acts’, to the various drugs and weapons charges being faced by Hiscox’s former podcast mate Jarrad ‘Jaz’ Searby, the boys need lawyers, guns and money.

In this respect at least, the NSN are fortunate in having the support of Christian nationalist crowdfunding site GiveSendGo.

2) The EAM/NSN has boldly declared ‘WAR!’ on the CFMEU: not a recipe for happiness, in my opinion. For his part, Hiscox lauded the smashing of the CFMEU offices in 2021 and, along with his NSN comrades, has gleefully celebrated their role in scaring councils into cancelling drag queen story times for children.

Last time I checked, however, picking on small children and their families is a much, much easier endeavour than terrorising a union full of grown-ups, and this may be one fight the former childrens’ music teacher doesn’t have the stomach for.

3) While it’s possible, even likely, that Hiscox will Carry On in one form or another, it’s spectacularly bad timing now that The Richest Man in the World has been rolling out the red carpet for nazis — including the NSN — and Over 9,000 other species of right-wing gutter crank.

See also : Keyboard Warriors of the Australian #AltRight : XYZ & David Hiscox (February 5, 2018) /// Keyboard Warriors of the Australian #AltRight (2023) : The UnShackled, The Spectator, Luke Hollowood & Ryan Anderson (April 24, 2023).

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