“Unions [in so-called Australia]: Stop Arming Israel”


See : Against Fascism and War: Pig Iron Bob and the Dalfram Dispute, Port Kembla 1938, Mike Donaldson, Nick Southall, The Commons Library (2013).

As a result of the Israel-Gaza War, there’s an open letter in circulation addressed to workers and unions in relevant industries in so-called Australia, appealing to them to take action to stop the production and sale of arms to Israel.

    Unions: Stop Arming Israel

    Palestinian unions have issued an urgent global call to action, calling on workers everywhere to halt the sale and funding of arms to Israel — and related military research.

    “We are calling on trade unions in relevant industries:

    • To refuse to build weapons destined for Israel.
    • To refuse to transport weapons to Israel.
    • To pass motions in their trade union to this effect.
    • To take action against complicit companies involved in implementing Israel’s brutal and illegal siege, especially if they have contracts with your institution.
    • Pressure governments to stop all military trade with Israel, and in the case of the US, funding to it.” (Source: Workers in Palestine, Progressive International)

    We ask workers and unions in so-called Australia to heed this call on every point. So-called Australia manufactures and exports arms to Israel, an act of material support for genocide.

    We call on unions in manufacturing, engineering, logistics and all other industries participating in the arms trade:

    • To direct their members to refuse to build or transport weapons destined for Israel, or to participate at any point in the supply chain for those weapons.
    • To support workers who refuse to participate in the manufacture and supply of weapons destined for Israel, whether members or not. This includes strike funds and legal support.

    We also call on unions and peak bodies whose members do not directly participate in the arms trade, but who share funds, spaces and affiliations with other unions and institutions that do:

    • To demand that these unions and institutions heed the calls listed above.
    • To enact all necessary steps to ensure these calls are heeded. This includes refusing to share funds, spaces or affiliations with those unions, peak bodies and institutions, until participation in the supply of arms to Israel is halted.

    Following the global call for solidarity from Workers In Palestine, Britain’s RMT union has voted to oppose the delivery of weapons to the Israeli regime. S.I. Cobas, a union in Italy’s logistics sector, has vowed to “oppose any shipping of weapons to Israel”. The All India Central Council of Trade Unions has called on workers worldwide to “unite and boycott manufacturing or loading of weapons and military equipment destined to Israel”.

    Solidarity with Palestinian workers.

    End union complicity in genocide.

    This open letter is an autonomous initiative in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Please share and circulate widely.


On Wednesday morning in Naarm/Melbourne, ‘an alliance of Naarm/Melbourne activists entered the Port Melbourne building of Israeli weapons manufacturer Elbit Systems, with signs reading: ‘ELBIT DRONES KILL KIDS’ ‘FREE PALESTINE’ as so-called Australia wakes to the news that another 700 Palestinians being killed overnight by Israeli bombs’ (see WACA). On Wednesday evening, Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance – WAR and Free Palestine Melbourne organised a Blak and Palestinian Solidarity Rally. There will be furthers actions on the weekend.


The Palestine Laboratory by Antony Loewenstein — whom we spoke to for the radio show a few weeks ago — is now available for free download from Verso Books.

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  1. Ablokeimet says:

    *This* is what is required to defend Gaza from genocide. The weekly rallies don’t do anything in themselves, but they do serve to bring activists in contact with each other & give courage to workers who want to take the action on the job that will actually cut off the IDF’s supply chain.

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