Yeah Nah Pasaran! #187 w Alana Lentin on race, antisemitism, Palestine +++ : November 16, 2023

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! on 3CR we talk to Alana Lentin [XTwitter/Substack]. Alana is ‘a teacher and writer, and a Jewish European woman who is a settler on Gadigal-Wangal land (Sydney, Australia)’ who works on ‘the critical theorization of race, racism and antiracism’ and is a Professor of Cultural and Social Analysis at Western Sydney University. We previously spoke to Alana in May 2020 about her last book, Why Race Still Matters. On this occasion we spoke to her about race, racism, (anti-)antisemitism, the war on Palestine and more.

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„Die Räume werden enger“, taz, Claudius Prößer, November 11, 2023 (On the German Bundestag introducing new laws targeting and racialising migrants purportedly to protect Jews) + Germany is a good place to be Jewish. Unless, like me, you’re a Jew who criticises Israel, Deborah Feldman, The Guardian, November 13, 2023 + The Extreme Ambitions of West Bank Settlers, Isaac Chortiner, The New Yorker, November 11, 2023 (‘A leader of the settlement movement on expanding into Gaza, and her vision for the Jewish state’)

Laundering Black Rage, Too Black, Black Agenda Report, September 7, 2022 (‘Rage is a natural human emotion that is denied to Black people. Black rage is dangerous and is washed away, laundered, as if it were an ill-gotten gain’: first of a two-part essay) + Philosemitism: An Instrumental Kind of Love, New Socialist, Michael Richmond, January 29, 2022 + Palestine, Feminism, and the Pitfalls of Liberalism—in Germany and Beyond, Noor Blaas & Anna-Esther Younes, New Socialist, January 9, 2022 + Philosemitism & antisemitism—anti racist tools for solidarity and resistance, New Socialist on The YouTubes, December 1, 2021 + Palestine Scholarship at Social Text (A collection of the journal’s writings on/about Palestine) + What Did Cedric Robinson Mean by Racial Capitalism?, Robin D. G. Kelly, Boston Review, January 12, 2017

Up in Arms, James Butler, London Review of Books, Vol.45, No.22, November 16, 2023 (About the UK weapons industry and attempts to disrupt it) + The Boat That Wasn’t Blocked: ‘Australian’ edition, Backlash, November 14, 2023

A reply to Paul Sakkal (The Age) on Nasser Mashni (Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network) & 3CR (November 13) + Australian Unions on The War on Gaza (October 27) + “Unions [in so-called Australia]: Stop Arming Israel” (October 11) + Yeah Nah Pasaran! #182 w Antony Loewenstein on The Palestine Laboratory & The War Machine : October 12, 2023 (October 11) + Yeah Nah Pasaran! #171 w Max Kaiser on Jewish Antifascism and the False Promise of Settler Colonialism : July 27, 2023 (July 26).

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