I love (leaky) Fargo Nazis.

US National Socialist Movement private emails ,until 15 Aug 2009

627 email messages from a private mailbox for the US Nazi party, the National Socialist Movement. The mailbox is “[email protected]”.

Heil Victory!

o n e

From: Tom
Date: Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 2:54 AM
Subject: Australia needs help
To: [email protected]

Dear Sir…
I am a white..blue eyed aussie lass.. in her 30’s….
I am at my wits end.. too many reasons to list but l am guessing you could guess what many of them are…. PLEASE… is there a following in Australia…?
Australia is losing it’s identity FAST.. white aussies are treated badly and put on the back burner by DO GOODERS… the government etc… We need help… I can’t fly my Australian Flag at my home as many peoples homes are being targeted and damaged by NON aussies for having a flag… An excessively high percentage of African/Sudanese men especially are on rape charges …. the list goes on….

Please.. do you have any body in Australia you can contact to let them know we need them… regards .. fed up blued eyed aussie lass

t w o

To: “William Herring”
Subject: Re: Greetings!
From: “ozzman”
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 18:25:54 +0800

Heil my Aryan brother!
thank you for your reply well maybe I should start one here myself,how much are the t- shirts wholesale price cause I may need some Hitler T-shirts at work for the boys and maybe start selling them from my house you reckon that’s a good idea ,put an add in the paper?.I take Mein Kampf that I purchased from you guys to work and read passages from it to the boys they all listen while they have their lunch nobody tells me to shut up.They all hated me at first when I told them what I am and after 6 months on this new job they all respect me and salute me all 27 of them, and I return the salute saying” Heil Victory, courage and willpower, our time will come”.And to convince them to listen to me I once said.No people are more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely beleive they are free.It attracts their attention.thanks again for your reply waiting to hear from you about the wholesale price of the T-shirts please.88 Comrade
John Portelli
Steve was more popular in the US than here,we have many like him,But he had his style great man indeed.

t h r e e

On 2/7/08, Daniel wrote:

Fair enough it did sound kind of skecthy to me, I didn’t notice that they put your details on the net, that’s a bit wrong. How much does it cost to join? Both my grandparents served (both sides of my family) in the german and latvian armies in ww 2. my granddad on my fathers side was an Sturmbannführer (Major) in the Einsatzgruppen and on my mather’s side my grandfather was one of the Latvian Rear Guard that defended against the russians for four days without supplies. So I’m pretty sure my aryan purity is not compromised lol anywho it would be grand to get The NSM out here

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