Francis De Groot Brigade : August 2009 Update

I last updated the Francis De Groot Brigade page in May 2008, so I think it’s about time I did a little tidying.

First, some retirements: Sue Bateman, former One Nation Party candidate and Stormfront member, appears to have left the Party’s WA branch some time before it sank/was de-registered. John Drew, on the other hand, who for some time played the role of both ‘Australia First Party Brisbane’ and the ‘Patriotic Youth League’, has been expelled from his (presumably to concentrate on his tennis-playing and yoga).

Secondly, some shifts: Welf Herfurth has tried to open up a local franchise of the US-based bonehead network Volksfront, while Andrew ‘Fightback’ Sanders has apparently re-emerged elsewhere as ‘Andrew XXXXXXXXX’ of the ‘XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX’ (a relatively benign grouping). Douglas Schott (Blood Red Eagle) has sailed away from Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins to join Welf aboard his Aryan starship headed for the skies. Carl D. Thompson has left/been expelled from Stormfront and now broadcasts on teh Intertubes for US-based neo-Nazis the ‘National Socialist Movement’.

Thirdly, the parties. In July, Dr James Saleam announced that Australia First had a nominal membership of 525, thus allowing it to apply for registration as a political party with the AEC. Over a month later, the party has still to formally do so. In other news, the party bunker in Tempe was allegedly subject to a failed B&E, which attack Carl D. Thompson (Derrick MacThomas) relates was possibly my doing. Who was responsible for scrawling ’88’ on Eric Roozendaal’s house is also unknown (Neo-Nazi graffiti on Roozendaal home, Brian Robins, Sydney Morning Herald, August 17, 2009).

As for AF’s chief rival on the far right, the Australian Protectionist Party is still aiming at gaining 100 members, thus enabling it to register to contest state elections under its own name. Party leader Darrin Hodges embraced Terrie-Anne Verney by way of Facebook group ‘Fuck off We’re Full’, even raising a few hundred dollar donation for her after she lost her job at a community radio station following her exposure in the media as a racist. Terrie-Anne has returned the favour by agreeing to speak at Saleam and Herfurth’s Sydney Forum in September.

A small number of other racist and fascist groupuscules have emerged in the intervening period: ‘Nationalist Alternative’ being perhaps the most prominent, if not the most significant. A few hundred nationalistic and xenophobic teenagers have also experimented with joining the army in the form of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’. The bedsheet-wearers of the KKK have had their pointy-heads in the media on a few occasions of late, although in a bizarre twist the leader of the local franchise of the Indiana-based CNKKKK, variously known as ‘Maxine Grey’ and ‘Tina Greco’, is suspected by AF Queensland member Jim Perren of being… Jewish!

In terms of the local neo-Nazi muzak industry, Blood & Honour and the SCHS (Hammerskins) continue to motor along the autobahn, although not without encountering a few potholes along the way. One was the apparent cancellation of a gig in Perth in April; this was preceded by the exposure of Canberra yuppie Nicole Hanley (currently one of the organisers of the Sydney Forum) as an organiser with the network; a consequence of the B&H forum being hacked.

Stormfront Down Under remains, as ever, quiet under the obedient stewardship of Paul Innes with ‘White Pride World Wide’ (WPWW) Day passing uneventfully, the answer to the question “If a bunch of fags or muslims can organise a march or a rally, then surely we can do the same.” being ‘No’.


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