Rule #1 : NO POOFTAS! (Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: AtTeMpT tO dIsRuPt AuStRaLiA fIrSt StYmIeD)


Dr James Saleam, Führer of the Australia First Party (NSW), may be a pompous fascist dingbat, but — it must be admitted — he has mad skillz.

In December 2008, Saleam wrote that the police shooting of Melbourne teenager Tyler Cassidy was the product of a political conspiracy aimed at the ‘nationalist’ movement. ‘Corrupt Political Police ‘Intelligence’ Killed Tyler Cassidy!’ he exclaimed, announcing that “Australia First Party will demonstrate at the Coroner’s Court when an investigation is held into Tyler’s Cassidy’s death”.

More recently (February/March 2009), AF endorsed two candidates in the Queensland state election: Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North and Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay.

Peregrine is a fascist stalwart, having established the ‘Confederate Action Party’ (a precursor to One Nation) in the early ’90s, as well as having involved himself in various other crackpot schemes. For his part, as well as being vice-president of the ‘Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association’ and owner of ‘Mineral and Mine Movers Transport’, Peter is a perennial election candidate, having stood in 1998, 2001 (twice) and 2006. On these, as on the most recent occasion, Peter lost (as did Peregrine).

February also witnessed the departure of the ‘Australian Nationalism Information Database’ from the AF stable. Re-badged as ‘Ironbark Resources’, the site is now closely-linked to AF’s arch-rivals in the Australian Protectionist Party (the APP having split from AF in 2007).

In the meantime, Dr Jim’s 15-year-long Struggle to Clear His Name (he was convicted in 1991 of organising a shotgun assault upon the home of African National Congress representative Eddie Funde) and 5-year-long Battle to Register the Party continues unabated. Unfortunately, the number of those assisting Saleam in his Noble Quest appears to be dwindling. Below Herr Doktor explains the reasons he expelled the Brisbane branch of Australia First and the Patriotic Youth League, aka John Drew.

Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: Attempt To Disrupt Australia First Stymied

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Australia First Party advises that it has today (March 25) expelled a Brisbane member, Mr. John Drew.

Mr. Drew, a former member of One Nation and of Australia First (when it was under other management in 2007) [Australia First Party makes like a banana…], was readmitted over members’ objections in 2007. He was nonetheless asked to carry out some secretarial and web site duties in Brisbane subject to positive performance.

In March 2009, Mr. Drew published upon the Queensland website material supportive both of the Pauline Hanson campaign and the Greens party campaign in the Queensland State election.

Mr. Drew objected to removing this material, although he finally did so. Australia First neither supports the opportunist pseudo populist Hanson, nor the open borders Greens party. Many party members protested about this material.

Simultaneously, Mr. Drew published material on an anti Australia First blogsite concerning earlier harassing allegations by our opponents that he supported the “Gay lifestyle” (sic). Despite numerous requests that he cease publishing these ambiguous statements about homosexuality and chiding this blogsite, he continued to write there. When asked whether he was homosexual, he vehemently denied it. Finally, he published a comment on March 17 concerning his attendance at a “Gay Parade” in Brisbane. This was clearly disingenuous and designed to instigate difficulties.

On March 18, Mr. Drew was suspended from membership. Today, he published upon the Brisbane Australia First website, the following comment.

“I advise that this web site will cease to be that of the Brisbane branch as of March 30 due to party member objections to some items of content and subsequent censorship by party officials. Another emerging party branch will utilise the domain name. I will be concentrating on my other interests one of which is the development of a fitness training/social group for gays. I will also active in Brisbane Sun Boys.”

We do not know whether the statements about gay interests are truthful, or whether they were designed to embarrass Australia First. We suspect only the latter.

Australia First has been under constant attack from various forces now for over three years. These attacks have included propaganda to divide the organisation. Persons have sought membership to disrupt the party. These attacks have intensified as we move towards registering the party and raising Australian nationalism up as a challenge to globalism.

This latest matter is just one more incident in a permanent struggle.

The last Queensland State committee meeting spoke of fishing out bad elements that might infiltrate Australia First. This we will continue to do. We serve the Australian people. Any element, whether it supports perverse lifestyles (sic), or whether it comes to push false agendas, will find no comfort here. On this occasion, we recognise only the agenda of another political party.

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3 Responses to Rule #1 : NO POOFTAS! (Australia First Expels Hanson / Green Party Supporter: AtTeMpT tO dIsRuPt AuStRaLiA fIrSt StYmIeD)

  1. [Peter Watson] says:

    Comrade Saleam is not a fascist nor is any of the other things you said, you anarchist faggot. Why should we have faggots in the nationalist movement? Faggots are like a disease. They infect societies and slowly kill them. Comrade Saleam is right to purge any one who is suspected of being a faggot. Because comrade Saleam thinks that Drew is a faggot then he must be a faggot. The Stalinist League and others must follow the party line as dictated to by the Party leadership. Faggots must not be allowed to infect the League or the Party. The Party leadership has clearly given comrade Drew enough time to defend him self. Thus, comrade leader has made his decision and has purged the sexual deviant.

  2. @ndy says:

    Up behind the bus stop in the toilets off the street
    There are traces of a killing on the floor beneath your feet
    Mixed up with the piss and beer are bloodstains on the floor
    From the boy who got his head kicked in a night or two before

    The worst disease
    You can’t love who you want to love in times like these

    In the pubs, clubs and burger bars, breeding pens for pigs
    Alcohol, testosterone and ignorance and fists
    Packs of hunting animals roam across the town
    They find an easy victim and they punch him to the ground

    The worst disease
    You can’t love who you want to love in times like these

    The siren of the ambulance, the deadpan of the cops
    Chalk to mark the outline where the boy first dropped
    Beware the holy trinity — church and state and law
    For every death the virus gets more deadly than before

    The worst disease
    You can’t love who you want to love in times like these

  3. The only gay (nazi) in the village says:

    AFP and APP battle it out in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine! Might also explain why Drew’s expulsion notice was mysteriously withdrawn from AFP’s website? Perhaps James didn’t want to offend all the pooftas! that read Rolling Stone?

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