Youth! Nation! Destiny! 5,000 damaged condoms!

Following the massively disappointing news that Warwick Capper forgot to nominate in the QLD State seat of Beaudesert, a new and exciting development in the QLD election: Australia First has a second candidate!

Joining Peregrine John Beverley Jewell in Toowoomba North is Peter Schuback in Hervey Bay. As well as being vice-president of the Australian Long Distance Owners and Drivers Association and owner of ‘Mineral and Mine Movers Transport’, according to AF Fuehrer Dr James Saleam, Schuback “was heavily commitment to the National Truck Shutdown last July”.

Peter is also heavily commitment to a White Australia.

Go Peter!

Incidentally, this is not Peter’s first tilt at a seat Parliament. In 2006, again contesting Hervey Bay, he gained 1,607 votes (5.82%), coming last of five candidates. In the 2001 Federal election, Peter stood as an Independent in the seat of Capricornia. For his troubles, he received 512 votes, or 0.7%. In 1998, Schuback had an earlier crack, scoring 1107 votes — outpolling the LaRouchite candidate (and thereby avoiding last place).

In 2001, Peter put forward his platform in the Rockhampton electorate as a candidate for the short-lived City Country Alliance. In a three-horse race, Peter again came last, winning a respectable 2,056 votes (8.9%). His wife, Di, also stood for election in 2001, in the seat of Fitzroy. Her campaign launch was a stroke of genius.

5,000 damaged condoms

Di Schuback is the candidate for the City Country Alliance (CCA), the party that’s campaigning on public decency and family values. Ian Townsend reports.

DI SCHUBACK: It says, ‘is this all the protection that we voters are going to receive from the two major parties?’ And I’ve stapled a condom on the front of it.

IAN TOWNSEND: Di Schuback’s the candidate for Fitzroy, a safe Labor seat. She’s running for the City Country Alliance, which is a One Nation offshoot. Mrs Schuback’s mailed the leaflets to 5,000 people in her electorate.

DI SCHUBACK: Yes, the condom’s damaged, and what it’s emphasising is what protection do we receive from a damaged product? And I basically feel that our major parties are damaged, they have no credibility…

Sadly, Di’s damaged condom stunt was only partly successful — just 1,879 voters were impressed enough by their receipt of a damaged condom to remember her name when they went to the polls.

In fact, the political climax for right-wing populism in QLD was 1998.

City Country Alliance, Rule #1: No Poofters!

The CCA was formed in December 1999 by six former ‘Pauline Hanson’s One Nation’ Queensland MPs: Bill Feldman, Ian Peterson, David Dalgleish, Peter Prenzler, Jack Paff and Harry Black. The CCA was registered on September 11, 2000 and deregistered on April 22, 2003.

The inaugural CCA conference was quite an occasion.

COMPERE: A One Nation offshoot, the City Country Alliance, held its first conference in Queensland at the weekend. The Party has six members in the State’s Parliament and claims a surge in support as voting scandals rock the Queensland Government.

Ian Townsend’s report begins with a former One Nation MP, Harry Black.

HARRY BLACK: I met my first poofter in Parliament House. And he said to me, he said, ‘You don’t know how one man can love another man.’ I said, ‘Jesus Christ.’ You know what I think that is, I think that is bloody disgusting. That’s what I think. [Applause] Blood[y] disgusting.

IAN TOWNSEND: Harry Black, the Member for Whitsunday addressing the first party conference of the City Country Alliance at Gympie north of Brisbane. Mr Black, once one of 11 One Nation MPs in Queensland Parliament, is now an Alliance member and homosexuality seems to be firmly on the agenda.

Parliamentary Leader, Bill Feldman, says the party is taking a moral stand.

BILL FELDMAN: We are tolerant and we respect other people’s point of view and we do not discriminate. And I think most Australians and most Queenslanders are very tolerant. Those, I spose, moral issues that they push at us such as homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, if they keep pushing them at us, then we will react.

IAN TOWNSEND: The Party is made up of people disenchanted with One Nation. Mr Feldman claims One Nation voters haven’t vanished, they’re just switching to the CCA in droves. The City Country Alliance platform is family values, relaxed gun laws, community-based referenda, restricted immigration, tighter controls on foreign companies, the same policies as One Nation. The main difference is no Pauline Hanson.

Queensland is often considered a special case when it comes to elections. There’s one due within six months. Bill Feldman says up to 35 per cent of the electorate may now be undecided who to vote for. He’s hoping the CCA will pick up many of those votes and in the rest of Australia, Mr Feldman says his Party will test that at the next Federal election.

BILL FELDMAN: Well we’ve got branches establishing in other States – in NSW and Western Australia and we’ve got people actually talking to us now down in Victoria and South Australia. It all depends. And I take on board that, I think Queenslanders are rather parochial about their politics and indeed their politicians. And I think at the end of the day, if someone stands up for Queensland, I think Queenslanders vote for them.

We may be in our morality more conservative than the other States but so be it. I prefer to be in a State that, you know, accepts moral judgments.

COMPERE: Bill Feldman who is Parliamentary Leader of the City Country Alliance in Queensland.

Despite Feldman’s hopes, the CCA was wiped out at the 2001 election, losing every seat it contested.

Whether or not Peter Schuback agrees with Harry Black on the subject of bloody disgusting poofters is unknown. But while AF hates The Jew (who doesn’t?), it certainly cannot be accused of being homophobic. Well, not the leadership of AF in QLD at any rate. Thus on the one hand, there is in Toowoomba Jim Perren’s unabashed admiration for the dead fascist queer Joerg Haider. And on the other hand, there is John Drew in Brisbane. As John wrote on the Jew-hating Stormfront in 2007:

As long as men do [not] have anal sex I cannot see any problem with homosexuality. They have to pull their partners off in much the same way that women pull their male partners off. Women are often reluctant to have sex frequently whereas homosexuals are always ready for sex as they often produce lots of semen if they have a good diet and keep very fit.

Females are often quite aerobically unfit and so are unable to match the libido of sexually active men who can sustain an erection for a lengthy time.

Fancy having sex with a fat, unfit lady? Contrast this with being pulled off by a very fit and athletic male who keeps himself in absolutely wonderful physical condition…

The question is: can Peter Schuback pull it off for Australia First in Hervey Bay?

With the help of John Drew, Jim Perren and James Saleam, I’d like to think that anything is possible.

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