Queensland state election : Far left, far right, far out…

On 23 February 2009, a Proclamation from Her Excellency the Governor was received dissolving the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.


One Nation

The corpse of One Nation has declared that it will be staggering to the polls once again, only in 2009 it will be fielding just two candidates.

    Rod Watson, Condamine:

    “I am greatly concerned the way grocery prices have increased over the last two years.”

    Rosa Lee Long, Dalrymple:

    Elected to the seat of Tablelands in February 2001, Rosa’s interests include racing, Pony Club, current affairs, politics and family.

Rod Evans, QLD State Secretary of ONP, issued a media release on February 21 in response to QLD Premier Anna Bligh’s announcement of the March 21 election. According to Rod, this announcement was “incredibly irresponsible”, coming as it did in the middle of floods and rains. Rod also ‘aplauds’ rural lobby group AgForce: “To lock up huge areas of regrowth and prevent clearing of this rubbish will see Queensland in a similar dangerous fire scenario to that which Victoria has recently suffered” (see AgForce media release of February 18, ‘AgForce challenges attitude on trees’ [PDF]). Rod also quotes scientician Andrew Bolt with approval:

Stridently dark green
February 18, 2009

GLOBAL warming preachers have been crowing over the bushfires in ways not just despicable but dangerous.

Just hours after the first bodies were being recovered, Greens leader Bob Brown was already on television, lecturing us on our sins against the planet.

Rather than confess that green activists had been desperately wrong to oppose fuel reduction burns, Senator Brown was eager to boast that this catastrophe had instead proved them right. About global warming, you know…


In order to avert catastrophe in QLD, vote ONP.

Australia First

There is a growing resistance to the politics of New World Order liberal-globalist-capitalism throughout Australia and in the rest of the world. In Toowoomba North, this takes the form of Perry Jewell, the founder of the Confederate Action Party (a precursor to ONP). Perry has received the fulsome endorsement of the fascist Australia First Party: “Mr. Jewell is not a big-party-stooge independent, but a man of independent mind and policy, who pledges to stand for his electors if elected to parliament.”

Take that ZOG!

Disappointingly, neither Jim Perren (AF QLD) nor his comrade John Drew (AF Brisbane) are throwing their Akubra hats into the ring this year. Instead — and rather curiously given that Der Fuehrer Dr James Saleam derides them as watermelons — John Drew is urging a vote for the Greens: “Voters in the March 21 Queensland election are advised to vote mainly for the Greens due to their more radical environmental policies which are desperately needed.”

That John!

See also : The Australian Nationalism Information Database is now closed. (February 3, 2009) | Australian Protectionist Party, Australia First Party, and the future of White nationalism (January 30, 2009) | “Nazi rubbish”: James Saleam is unamused (September 15, 2008) | Glad to be (a) gay (Nazi) (January 25, 2008)

Socialist Alliance

Like ONP, SA is standing two candidates in the election.

    Sam Watson, South Brisbane:

    Sam Watson, Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of South Brisbane and leading Indigenous activist, is a long-time supporter of St Mary’s. “The land on which St Mary’s stands is sacred Aboriginal land, an ancient site of the Kuril Dreaming, which is the small water rat”, he told Green Left Weekly.

    Mike Crook, Sandgate:

    Campaigning against One Nation, and now running an antique and coffee shop in rural Kilcoy, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Crook would display signs on his window like “One Nation members and other racists not welcome here”.

    “This activity was not really welcomed in Kilcoy”, he said, “and one night someone backed a truck into the shop.”

Both Sam and Mike are standing in very safe Labor seats.

Watermelons Greens

Like ONP, the Greens hold one seat in the QLD Parliament, that of Labor rat Ronan Lee, MLA for Indooroopilly (and anti-choice Catholic). Otherwise, the Greens are contesting 57 of 89 seats, including Craig Sheehan in Condamine and Gary Kane in South Brisbane.

Pauline Hanson ~versus~ Warwick Capper

Go Warwick! Take what’s yours!

The Twenty Fifth of May : ‘F.T.R.T.V. (II)’

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  1. Craig Sheehan says:

    Thanks Andy. By the way, the greens are now standing in all 89 seats. Condamine should be interesting.

  2. @ndy says:

    Cheers Craig.

    Is there any reason the full range of candidates does not appear on the Greens website? I notice that the 57 are now 66 (including Keith Skelton in Sandgate); presumably, another 23 are waiting in the wings?


    DSQ has entered the fray!

    “The DS4SEQ Party was formed by everyday people, so that South East Queenslanders could be given a chance to vote on the issue of daylight saving – the first time in 17 years. We ask that you make the most of this unique opportunity!”

    Added Bonus!

    Family First has also entered the fray!


    With speculation rife on the imminent calling of the 2009 Queensland State Election FAMILY FIRST QUEENSLAND would like to advise they will be standing candidates in a significant number of seats across the State.

    Anna Bligh will contest this election on one issue – the economy. She will suggest that Labor is the only party competent to manage the economy and that simply having several terms of experience is evidence of this. FAMILY FIRST will challenge this narrow focus and will broaden the debate to include key issues impacting Queensland families.

    A re-elected Bligh Labor government can be expected to continue their current, failed policies on addressing Queensland’s homelessness crisis, on dealing with problem gambling and on alcohol and drug abuse. We can expect more of Labor’s dismal performance on public accountability.

    However according to State Chairman Peter Findlay, Queenslanders should be even more concerned that if Anna Bligh is re-elected, she will act on her long held aspiration of legalising abortion in Queensland by introducing laws similar to Victoria’s Abortion Law Reform Bill passed last year. This legislation makes abortion legal up to full term – so long as two doctors decide the abortion is “appropriate in all the circumstances.” It also denies pro-life doctors the right to decline to refer for abortions.

    Queensland does not want this legislation.

    During this election FAMILY FIRST will take a strong stand against the devaluing of human life in Queensland. Family First will be targetting seats presently held by, or contested by pro-abortion candidates.

    FAMILY FIRST’s unequivocal stance is that we will not direct preferences to any party or candidate who threatens the value of human life in Queensland.

    State Chairman, Peter Findlay said “The people of Queensland live in a society, not an economy. For that reason alone, key social issues can not be ignored simply because of an economic downturn.”


    Assuming God really did speak to Family First’s good friend and Steve Fielding’s former running Pastor Danny Nalliah, to avoid being consumed in H E L L fire:


  3. @ndy says:







    Toowoomba North
















    Pine Rivers


    Ferny Grove


  4. john drew says:

    Brisbane Branch AFP members will be out working for Pauline Hanson in the Beaudesert electorate. See http://www.australiafirst.info for more details. I love Pauline with a passion. She exposes the Liberal/Nationals and Labors for the politically correct dickheads that they are.

  5. @ndy says:

    So, vote Green, except in Beaudesert? If “radical environmental policies… are desperately needed”, surely patriots should be voting for Andy Grodecki, not Dancin’ Hanson? And aren’t the Greens watermelons?

    John Moffat Announces Another Direction In The Cronulla Campaign!
    “I am Green Without The Red!”, Says The Nationalist Candidate, Who Vows To Preserve Kurnell
    January 5 2007

    The John Moffat campaign has moved to seize the Green ground off the so-called ‘Green’ party candidate in this election.

    Australia First activists have recently coined a fighting slogan: “We Are Green Without The Red”. We mean that Australian nationalists seek to protect Australia’s fragile biosphere; we aim to cease useless development and exploitation of resources, when it is clear these things are undermining our very position on this Continent – and which directly threaten the Kurnell area of the Cronulla electorate.

    Up to now, voters might have thought the policy the rhetoric of the Australian Greens party. But the Greens are traitors to the environment. Through their policy of increasing Australia’s population (any other policy they dub ‘racism’), they betray the Australian environment. The Greens are in love with the idea of breaking open the borders and making Australia a haven for refugees and are for other mass settlement. Whenever the ‘rights’ of a featherless biped who wants to migrate to Australia, are involved – defence of the environment goes out the window. The ‘Red’ idea in the Greens platform is the continuation of old 1980’s Communist Party muck (Lee Rhiannon, Greens leader in New South Wales comes from a famous Australian Communist Party family). Many former Communist Party activists have ensured that the Greens abandoned the population policy of numbers-restriction in favour of the open-borders line.

    In this election, the Greens candidate stands for increasing Sydney’s population. This means placing more stress on water and infrastucture. The Greens candidate should come clean and say that is the position.

    In this election, John Moffat is direct and open. A new policy has been added to the campaign in this election.

    “Protect Kurnell, Cradle Of Australia: Full resistance to any attempt at the Botany Bay National Park to downplay Captain Cook. Opposition to any desalination plant at Kurnell. No nuclear power plant for Kurnell. No suburban developments at the Kurnell for yet-to-arrive migrants or so-called refugees. In protecting the heritage and environment on the Kurnell Peninsula, we say: We Are Green Without The Red!”

  6. trevor grace says:

    Regarding Anna Bligh’s “aspiration of legalising abortion in Queensland by introducing laws similar to Victoria’s Abortion Law Reform Bill passed last year” I seriously suggest that Ms Bligh and those who keep on about giving us unfettered abortion rights to educate themselves about what abortion really is. Try abortsa.com site for a start. You will see abortion is more than just some ideological “choice” concept; it is the killing of unborn children in the womb.

  7. Millie R says:

    Checked out the abortsa site. I like it. Encouraging to see a good education site on abortion.

  8. Greg McDowel says:

    I just hope Family First don’t stuff up their chances this time. Have a good look at Brave Heart for some inspiration and knowledge on internal party greed, power and deceit. Anyway the Greens are too loopy to let loose on society. Labor, well, they’re all mad as hatters – particularly Gilliard (she’ll stab her boss in the back on the steps of parliament pretty soon). As for the Liberals, now “trust-me” Turnbull says it all … a real fizz if there was ever one. So Family First here’s your chance. Perhaps you should get in touch with abortsa.com site (just had a look at it, not bad) and sell some of their save the unborn t-shirts, then it will look like you’re doing something constructive, standing up for something serious, instead of beating around the bush.

  9. @ndy says:

    Family First candidates:


    See also:

    South Pacific Christian Anarchists is a network of people interested in exploring common threads in Christian and Anarchist traditions, practices and visions as they pertain to our part of the planet…


  10. Aussie Bonehead says:

    Statement of the Polit Bureau of the Stalinist League of Australia:

    The League Polit Bureau would like to express our support for the candidacy of the Labour Party member, Mr. Geoffrey Keating, for the state of Queensland parliament seat of Southern Downs.

    It is a hard task for any socialist candidate to campaign in the seat because of the high level of social conservatives, religious fundamentalists and other bush conservatives. There is a high level of discontent with the state Labour government because of its handling of a wide range of policy matters. But the Labour government has significantly improved the quality and availability of education services in the state. The attacks made by the Liberal-Nationals towards the state government regarding the education system are completely groundless and false. We’ve got one of the best education systems in the Commonwealth.

    Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about our health system. Too much money is being spent on administration and not enough on the providing of services and on educating people to become health professionals. Special interest groups should not be allowed to dictate state government policies. The public service unions are heavily corrupted by selfish motives and by greedy public servants.

    The Liberal National Party is like a spasticated freak.

    The merger of the bush National Party with the city middle class Liberal Party was like putting a mob of foxes and a group of rabbits together in the same room. What do you get? An unworkable freak of nature. Already, it has become clear that the freak (the L.N.P) has split into two factions. On one hand, you have the cow cockies from the bush. On the other hand, you have the petty bourgeois middle class city folk allied with the foreign imperialists plus the city bourgeoisie. The freak is unworkable because of competing class interests and macro-economic interests. The cow cockies want greater protection for the rural industries; they are social conservatives by nature and want more things for the bush. The Liberal faction contains interests of the foreign imperialists in its manifesto. What are these interests that foreign imperialists have, you ask? The foreign imperialists have a number of things in mind.

    They can be summarised like this:

    The destruction and abolishment of Australia as an independent economic and political nation-state. The subjection of our people, natural resources, military and economy to the will of the foreign powers.

    How would this affect the bush and thus result in an inner class conflict between the bushman and the foreign imperialist? The foreign imperialist wants to end all trade restrictions making the bushman vulnerable to cheap agricultural imports. Thus, the goal of the foreigners threatens the bushman’s livelihood. The Liberal-Nationals will destroy Australia as an independent economic political nation-state. So will the far right of the Labour Party. The only option for the Queenslander is to vote for the Labour Party. Why? Because Labour is presently under the control of the left faction.

    Adopted by the 18th Polit Bureau meeting.

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