Doctor Saleam Jumps the Shark


The recent (December 11) police shooting of 15-year-old Tyler Cassidy has obviously raised a number of issues, and produced a considerable amount of commentary; much of it concentrating on the circumstances surrounding his death, the possible reasons for his behaviour at this time, and the adequacy of the police response. (The shooting is being investigated by the homicide squad, the Ethical Standards Department and the coroner. See Fatal shooting raises old, unanswered question, Editorial, The Age, December 13, 2008 for further discussion of some of the relevant issues.)

Tyler’s membership of the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’ has also come under scrutiny. One of the least pleasant items to discuss this matter emanates from a bunker in the Sydney suburb of Tempe, a bunker which serves as the headquarters for the fascist Australia First Party (NSW). From here, its Fuehrer, Dr James Saleam, directs a manic propaganda campaign intended to help bolster his party’s profile, which at present — is very low.

Australia First Party

Australia First was originally established by maverick Labor MP Graeme Campbell (1939–). Campbell held the Federal seat of Kalgoorlie (Western Australia) from 1980 to 1995, was kicked out of the party in November 1995 on account of his ‘racism’, and re-elected as an independent in 1996 — the year he also established AF.

He lost his seat to a Tory in 1998.

Campbell was Chairman of AF from its inception to 2001, at which point Saleam’s mob moved in, under the largely nominal Presidency of Diane Teasdale (see below). In 2001, Campbell left AF to contest a Senate seat for One Nation. He was unsuccessful: Hanson’s party gaining just 6.31% of the vote. In 2004, Campbell again contested the seat of Kalgoorlie as an Independent, but again lost, gaining 10.26% (6,654 votes). In 2007, Campbell made another tilt at the WA Senate: his Group ticket gaining a minuscule 1,050 votes (0.09%).

As for AF, it has bumbled along, contesting a number of local elections, but without much success (the one exception being the election of Bruce Preece to a seat in the City of Prospect in Adelaide in November 2006). It received what it regarded as a massive boost in December 2005, however, when the ‘White Civil Uprising’ took place in Cronulla. At the time, Teasdale claimed that ‘The party was experiencing a “groundswell” of support’ (Australia First: reclaiming the agenda, Richard Baker, The Age, December 14, 2005).

Despite this ‘groundswell’, AF — registered on September 13, 1996 — was de-registered on August 13, 2004 (“Reason : s136(1)(a) – failed to endorse candidate(s) at elections for 4 years”), and in the subsequent four-and-a-half years, has failed to re-register. In order to obtain this historic milestone in the White Nationalist struggle, AF requires at least 500 members; a goal which Doctor Jim has declared to be almost within reach on a number of occasions. In the aftermath of Cronulla, for example, in January 2006, AF wrote to its supporters seeking their assistance in this worthy Endeavour — one of umpteen occasions it has done so (Australia First to re-register as party, The Age, January 4, 2006). Most recently, Saleam declared December 3, 2008, to be The Day: to nobody’s great surprise, AF remains un-registered.

On a state-level, however, AF is registered: as the Australia First Party (NSW), Inc. This is because, in NSW at least, the requirements for participation in local council elections as a registered political party are much easier to obtain. Thus:

To register to contest local government elections a party must have:

* an acceptable name
* at least 100 members who are enrolled on the NSW electoral role [sic] and not relied upon by another party for registration purposes
* a registered officer
* a written constitution that sets out the platform or objectives of the party.

Over the last 12 years then, AF has managed to accrue at least 100 members: a much better reflection of the party’s marginal political status, and just one of the many fruits of the more than 30 years Saleam has spent pursuing the Australian Nationalist Ideological, Historical, and Legal Struggle (one of the others being a term of imprisonment for organising a violent assault upon a political opponent).


Leaving aside the fact that 100 or so middle-aged, cardigan-wearing racists can be found in NSW, another problem for AF emerged in September 2007, when there was a three-way split: 1) Australia First (AF) in New South Wales; 2) Australia First in rural Victoria; 3) the Australian Protectionist Party (APP).

The split has proven to have had a number of effects. One is the isolation of the rump of the party in Victoria, specifically Shepparton. The rump is relatively inactive, although its leader, Diane Teasdale, did contest local elections in 2008. TEASDALE, Diane Marie receiving 929 votes, placing 13th of 19 candidates.

Of more significance has been the emergence of the Australian Protectionist Party (APP). The APP represents a more thoroughly de-Nazified AF, and seeks to model itself upon the British National Party. Thus, while AF (NSW) continues to worry about the pernicious influence of The Jew over Australian society, APP anguishes over The Muslim. It has also sought to forge much closer links with the BNP. Earlier this year, one of its members, Andrew Wilson (an ex-BNP member) addressed the BNP’s annual knees-up the ‘Red White & Blue’ festival on behalf of the APP. More recently, the APP invited BNP leader Nick Griffin to tour the colonies: an invitation that appears to have got lost in the mail.

Aside from this, APP has contested one local election. In the shire of Sutherland, former admirer of Hitler and member of the Stormfront forum Darrin Hodges — the Nationalist Anarchist Protectionist — wanted a seat in Council Ward D. Unfortunately for Darrin, despite considerable media exposure — and a very handsome face — he came last, garnering just 333 votes or 2% of the total.

In response to these shenanigans, AF has not been idle. In addition to its Sydney branch, AF has a branch in Newcastle (Hunter Valley, NSW); in Melbourne (VIC), in Toowoomba and in Brisbane (QLD). (The APP has/claims to have branches in the ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA.) The Sydney and Newcastle branches took part in the NSW council elections, with predictable results; an unexpected intervention by Kitler and Steve the National Socialist failing to significantly boost their rather meagre vote tally.

Outside of NSW, AF can claim adherents from a PO Box in Croydon, John Drew in Brisbane, and Jim Perren in Toowoomba. The PO Box in Croydon is not very sociable, but John and Jim are highly motivated and very active supporters. Thus in addition to being the Brisbane branch of AF, John is also the Patriotic Youth League: no mean feat for someone over 50-years-old. In an exciting new development: “The inaugural Australia First tennis afternoon will be held in mid January in Brisbane. It will be late in the afternoon at a church court in a western suburb. The nearby church hall provides plenty of shade by then. Tennis rackets will be provided for those members who do not own one. Touch football or soccer can also be played nearby as well. For those who enjoy alcoholic drinks a train station is nearby.”

As for Jim, he too is a busy little neo-Nazi bee. Like John and Dr. Jim, Jim was a member of Stormfront. He was also a member of the ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ (WPCA), a neo-Nazi network comprised of members of the Australian Nationalists Movement (ANM); Imperial Klans of Australia (IKA); National Socialist Party of Australia (NSPA) and World Church of the Creator.

The WPCA — now sadly defunct — maintained a website, which is archived on Pandora. Once upon a time, clicking on ‘Enter’ produced the following message: “Welcome, My White Comrades, to the White Pride Coalition Australia. Heil Hitler! Hail Woden! Sieg Heil! Stay White Comrades 88.” Jim still maintains his Hitler fetish, maintaining the email address ‘anzac88’ — that is ‘anzac Heil Hitler’. He also maintains a blog, ‘Whitelaw Towers’ (which continues in the same vein as the WPCA), and is a member of the Australian New Nation forum, a gathering point for other nutzi refugees from Stormfront.

Finally, while AF organises tennis tournaments for hot, sweaty males in Brisbane (NB. “Females are often quite aerobically unfit and so are unable to match the libido of sexually active men who can sustain an erection for a lengthy time”), further afield, on ANZAC Day 2008, AF announced that it had hopped into bed with a handful of Kiwi fascist parties. This brought great rejoicing in the nation’s capitals, which will likely only be matched when AF formalises its loving relationship with various fascist parties in Europe.


Press Release
Corrupt Political Police ‘Intelligence’ Killed Tyler Cassidy
December 19, 2008

The shooting of 15 year old Tyler Cassidy by Victorian Police highlights the quality of political and criminal intelligence held on Victorian citizens, particularly youth. Public concern over intelligence held by a police unit in the 1990s was justified; but rather than be reformed, the processes of intelligence collection and dissemination have been increasingly corrupted by ‘terrorism’ considerations.

Australia First Party will demonstrate at the Coroner’s Court when an investigation is held into Tyler’s Cassidy’s death.

Australia First Party will campaign publicly on issues of political police surveillance and intelligence gathering. A submission to the Coroner will state that the police who attempted to arrest Tyler Cassidy were undermined in their duty of care by inflammatory and inaccurate intelligence contained ‘on line’ for use by police. This false information directly contributed to his death. This information must be revealed in full to the public.

Australia First Party states that a shadowy Internet discussion board, the Southern Cross Soldiers, with whom Tyler Cassidy had an association, was built up by political police intelligence, before and after the killing, into a racist, extremist, activist and criminal circle. Some media has assisted political police disinformation with lurid references to “white supremacists” and “neo-nazis”. Australia First Party denounces the political police line that the Southern Cross Soldiers, an ostensible “nationalist” group, substantively existed outside of the Internet sites – Facebook and MySpace.

The demonisation of Tyler Cassidy will distort the investigation into his death. The death will then become propaganda to attack groups and persons well removed from the central matters.

Dr. Jim Saleam, on behalf of the management committee of the Australia First Party, said today: “The Victorian Police intelligence groups are conditioned by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) definition of terrorism which is simply – and erroneously – any violence wrought for a political reason. The next corrupt process is to locate youth or political groups that challenge in any way multiculturalist orthodoxy and suggest they engage or could engage in violence. That makes them terrorists. The next step is to attribute to them a ‘gang’ or closed mentality which makes them dangerous anti-socials or – de facto terrorists.”

Australia First Party states youth structures of any sort are particular political police targets as they “could” provide recruitment pools for activist organizations.

Dr. Saleam concluded:

“We are very concerned that Tyler Cassidy may have become known to the secretive world of political police intelligence and that references on a police database recorded him as something he was not. Is that why he was shot? There must be an open hearing into political police intelligence before the next person is shot. The days of the Special Branch are back.”

Enquiries: 0407 732 868.

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  1. Jamie R says:

    cardigan-wearing racists

    OMG had to stop reading and note this. Just, you know, omg lame. I had to.

  2. Jamie R says:

    The APP represents a more thoroughly de-Nazified AF, and seeks to model itself upon the British National Party.

    This sounds saner, like anarchists that don’t target police and politicians for dea…um, yeah, so saner. You can’t be in a British heritage nation and advocate Nazism, Vikingism (huh?), white supremacism or anything Weirdo-Continental-European-Ism (you too Scandinavians get a TAN), cause the Brits were much more tolerant than us Aussie when we federated, and they were our elders – they criticised us politically even though they were the ones behind the passing of our constitution. Culturally Brits would not take some things though, like the Indians who practised Sati: “You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: when men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.”

    I do like the Indians, those blokes are smart and tolerant and although culturally different, you can hang with them and none of them will try to kill you for being an Aussie, or ribbing them over a sixteen-armed elephant god. We beat the Indians in a game of cricket from our workplace in 2007, bloody fanatics rocked up in all whites us dickheads rocked up in shorts and singlets, we beat them first game, just! They beat us second game in the afternoon cause we were pissed by then. I still took two wickets for eight runs off two overs though! Too bad the other wankers didn’t pull their weight.

  3. Jamie R says:

    For some strange reason probably related to a couple Christmas Eve drinks, I feel the need to slap down any Vikings that may come here and go “Motherf***er Harold Godwinson till I die I ride with Harold beatch!” And then on the opposing Viking side “William the Conqeuror, bitches we PWN Normandy from the French!” Um, seriously, just f*** vikings, you were trouble! We just had to put up with you, the French gave you land and s*** and they didn’t have the Americans back then to push you back off, but! Your culture didn’t win out, you lost that, physical brutes! Now you became us, HAHAHA.

  4. @ndy says:

    Vikings are meanies. Especially the ones what wear cardigans.

  5. mark says:

    you have no idea you f@#king gooses how dare you disrespect tyler. he was a great brother to us and loving son to his mother. ur all hardcore c*ts arent yahs behind a computer screen, get a life u pedos, if u hav sumthing important 2 say kom say it 2 our faces. ivanhoe station 1 oclock to 8 oclock every weekday. we’ll be waiting

    WP4AUS K.O.T fuhrer melbourne

  6. Robdog says:

    Rubbish – I frequently get off at Ivanhoe station in the evenings and I can’t recall any people at all already on the station. I’ll tell you what I’ll do – if I see a bunch of good for nothing juveniles/bums hanging round in the next week – I’ll verify it for you on this very site.

  7. @ndy says:

    I think — altho’ I’m not sure — why ‘mark’ thinks the trains that pull into Ivanhoe station are driven b/w the hours of 1 and 8pm by some kinda White Power, but I’ll save that one for offline chat.

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