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Monday, July 20, 2009
The genetic disposition of Dr. James Saleam
Jim Saleam has always claimed his family came from Turkey and they were of Greek [O]rthodox descent, but note the Islamic symbols and Arabic script in the letter head used by his grand father in the following document. What person of Greek heritage would use such symbols? None.


See also : Sjef ‘Jack’ Van Tongeren: “Van Tongeren is a classic example of the type of twisted personality drawn to fascism. A drifter and a Vietnam veteran with a grudge, he is also consumed with self-hatred: his father was half-Dutch, half-Indonesian and the family suffered racial persecution because of it as he grew up in 1950s Melbourne”; “Stella van Tongeren, ‘The making of a racist’, The Age, 20 October 1990. We should also remember that top Nazi Rudolf Heydrich was part Jewish and there are persistent stories that Hitler himself was part Jewish and part Czech: ethnic groups the Nazis consider ‘subhuman’. Nazi psychology is bizarre, to say the least.”

Upon his release from prison in 2002 (having served 13 years 1 month and 6 days in prison from 1989-2002 for his involvement in a series of arson attacks against Asian-owned businesses in Perth) ‘Java Jack’ immediately re-launched his ‘Australian Nationalists Movement’ and its sidekick the ‘Australian Nationalist Workers Union’. Jack was welcomed with open arms by his kameraden in the now-defunct ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ (WPCA). In addition to the ANM, the WPCA included among its ranks a wonderful assortment of fascist oddballs from ‘The Nationalist’, ‘Australian Patriots’, the ‘World Church of the Creator’ (WCOTC), ‘Imperial Klans of Australia’ (IKA), the ‘New Zealand National Front’ (NZNF) and the ‘National Socialist Party of Australia’ (NSPA).

One of the WPCA’s principal spokesmen was Jim Perren; Perren is now a member of Dr. Jim’s ‘Australia First Party’.

The nutzis involved in the WPCA may have been shooed into that overflowing rubbish bin known as history, but for shits and giggles, “White Pride Coalition Australia was selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia. This title is not scheduled for re-archiving. This original publisher’s version may no longer be available.”

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13 Responses to The Mad Arab — Dr Jim Saleam

  1. vulgar m says:

    Is it anti-fascist site? If so why’s it on about “genetic dispositions”? Who even has a genetic disposition these days? It’s like, I’m angry all the time. Or is it some inter-fascist I piss whiter’n you pissing contest?

    Either way, “Greek Orthodox” is a religious thing, not a “genetic” thing. Arab isn’t a genetic thing neither. There’s thousands of Greek Orthodox Arabs in modern day Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and sth Turkey. The “Greek” bit just means they’re aligned to the Orthodox Patriarch in Istanbul-not-Constantinople, rather than the Patriarch in Moscow. Now who’d’a thunk it. Brother Jim – or should that be Jamal? – shares the same religious heritage as Michel Aflaq, founder of the Ba’ath party and under appreciated modernist author.

    Come to think of it, I reckon I saw Jim buying leb bread and za’atar at the A1 bakery on Sydney Road last week…

  2. @ndy says:

    G’day vulgar m,

    Is it anti-fascist site?

    Dunno. It contains one post, concerning Jim’s ethnic/racial background.

    If so why’s it on about “genetic dispositions”?

    I think (I assume) ‘genetic disposition’ may be read as ‘genetic inheritance’. The ‘Greek Orthodox’ thang I think is a ref to Jim’s prior claims to be descended from a Greek Orthodox family. That is, when his (paternal?) grandfather first arrived on these shores, it was as a ‘Greek Orthodox’ citizen.

    (Btw, I had falafel, salads, dips and bread for dinner this evening. It was yummy.)

  3. vulgar m says:

    Now that he’s been outed as a Leb, I reckon Jim’ll pretend that he’s not an Arab, he’s a “Phoenician”, like the Lebanese Falange used to pretend. As a fascist presumably obsessed with race – and actually a believer in “race” – he should have known that “Greek Orthodox” wasn’t gonna cut it with the Master Race types. It would be like being black and trying to join the KKK by saying, “my mum’s agnostic.”

  4. @ndy says:

    Well… Jim’s status as ‘White’ has been a bone of contention for some time (“Saleam eh? Hmmm. Unusual name for a whitefella. Where did you say your family was from Jim? Greece? Oh right…”).

    …Jack’s biggest nemesis throughout the eighties, and the ANM continues to bait him today, is James Saleam, former leader and founder of National Action. For constantly and casually reminding everyone of Van Tongeren’s Asian heritage, Saleam is labelled a “Sand Nigger” by the ANM, due to his own, some-say Turkish, some-say Lebanese, background. Certainly the two could not stand further apart in the political wilderness. While Van Tongeren saw a future for Australian neo-Nazism in building a broad-base with the Conservative right, Saleam has continued to waste his political life dreaming of Eureka style insurrection, inspired by Maoist and other obscure revolutionary thinkers. What the two do share, other than their long list of criminal convictions, is an empty and dying grip on the minds of what is left of the traditional Australian fascist movement.

    ~ ‘The Tale of Jack and Jim: Infamous Aussie racists back in business’, Matthew Collins, The Review, November 2002

    Jim has always maintained that he is of ‘White’ (not Arabic) descent.

  5. PF says:

    Hey @ndy, that Saleam blog site just made my computer shit itself. Dunno if it’s infected or my PC just hates that bloke’s name.

    So was this site set up by rival fash or something?

  6. whitelawtowers says:

    Its been a bad day @ndy go and have a little lay down with your cats. I’m sure you will be hard at it making up BS by the morning. I must admit a few people are now taking an interest in you guys. My guess you will be thrown to the Wolves and be forgotten very fast. Not by us. You just seem to have a way of making your handlers look bad @ndy.

    The wheels are falling off you fraud. The people who have suffered will enjoy watching you self destruct.

  7. @ndy says:

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad day Jim. Mine was OK (thanks for asking). My cat isn’t here at the moment, so I’m not sure how he’s feeling. Generally speaking, however, he’s a happy-go-lucky kinda feline, and I hope happier once he gets his new glow-in-the-dark collar.

    Yeah, a few people are taking an interest. Well, in my blog anyway; I’ve had just under 120,000 visits so far this year. As for Wolves, do you mean Brighton Wolves basketball club, Westside Wolves hockey club, or some other club? I have to confess, I’m at a loss.

    Do you have bad dreams, Jim?


    One of his political enemies, presumably. Not sure who though.

  8. vulgar m says:

    Maybe he means Wolverhampton? You get eaten, but at least you get to get some duty free on the way. You could throw a giant white chocolate Toblerone at the fascists while you make your getaway. Next time you bug a white supremacist here’s hoping they get creative and threaten to throw you to the Kolkata Knight Riders.

  9. al quaeda says:

    Infidel swine.

  10. the borg says:

    Left wing? Right wing? Anti-Antisemitism, Anarchism? Conservatism? Socialism? Nazism? All silly ideas for silly little powerless people. DIVERSIONS, NOTHING MORE. It doesn’t matter, all serve the same masters. This is how it works: Federal Reserve Bank (a consortium of private companies) > IMF (consortium of private companies) > Bank of England (consortium of private companies) > EU Bank (consortium of private companies) > Multinationals (private companies)… they control your mind, your politics, your future. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS THEIR GOAL. No more democracy, no more free speech, just cheap labor (your children’s future) and mindless consumerism. It’s their game – and you ain’t in it!

  11. @ndy says:

    It’s all the lizard’s fault mate.

  12. Proud grandmother says:

    Grew up hearing this bullshit that he goes on about, well i grew up, met a latino, had four beautiful children. My eldest child met a well respected lovely man, they had my gorgeous grand child, and yes he is arabic.. And im very proud!!!

  13. Ron Jackson says:

    I wonder if this Saleam is related to Raphael Salem/Saleam the Greek Sephardic Jewish mathematician? You have opened up a can of worms on yourself, haven’t you Jimmy?

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