Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg a/k/a “Tom Cruise”… A Glorious Bastard.

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Contemporary Australian neo-Nazis will be gathering “throwing a gala premiere” in Melbourne on September 12. The gathering galah is being organised by ‘Blood & Honour Australia’ (NB. B&H is Verboten! in the birthplace of Nazism) and the ‘Southern Cross Hammerskins’. (The two bonehead groups have worked together hand-in-glove over the last 15 years.) This year, B&H have resurrected a nutzi band of yesteryear called ‘Open Season’ to play; they will be joined by (Melbourne-based) ‘Ravenous’ and a cover band. Foreign neo-Nazis have also played in previous years: Kill Baby Kill (Belgium, 2008); Final War (United States, 2007); Bully Boys (United States, 2004).

A badly-accented Brad Pitt — who played former SS member Heinrich Harrer in Seven Years in Tibet (1997) — is not expected to be in attendance.

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