Hammerskins. Confederate, Western, Southern Cross…

    NB. On October 13, the local chapter of this mob, the Southern Cross Hammerskins, will be holding a gig somewhere in Melbourne…

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL–Three days before Hammerfest 2007 kicks off, three members of the Confederate Hammerskins (CHS) will be standing before a judge for their role in the botched home invasion of a local antifa on Sep. 1.

Coby Wayne Stonecypher, 35, of Christmas, [Florida], Gary Allen Armstrong, 28, of Casselbery, FL and Johnathan Wayne Singleton, 26, of Ocoee, FL will be at the Criminal Justice Center on Oct. 2 at 1:30PM in Sanford, FL before Judge Debra S. Nelson. The three have either posted bail or were released pending trial. They have all been ordered not to go near the house where they attempted to stage an early evening attack on a well-known antifascist activist that Stonecypher [has] had a grudge against for years. The three ended up getting soundly beaten by that antifa and two others, and they were arrested as they tried to flee.

CHS has a long history in the state of Florida and over the years have engaged in a number of violent acts in the state. They were reportedly responsible for shooting out the window of the Jacksonville, FL club ‘Thee Imperial’ to prevent them from having a anti-racist show on Dec. 16, and earlier this year, CHS members Tom Martin, 23, and John Rock, 35, were arrested by the FBI after an informant wore a wire to a meeting and agreed to help them rob a drug dealer in Casselberry, FL. They [?] have also made them into virtual punching bags for antifa and underground music scenesters alike in the state. The most notable incident [occurred] when Forrest Fog[a]rty, the lead singer of the white power band Attack and current Army active duty who has done tours in Iraq, was beaten and cut badly by attendees of a show by the Buffalo, NY band Snapcase, which is known for being decidedly anti-racist. Coby Stonecypher has been noted by those familiar with him as the right-hand man of CHS’s leader Ritchie Myers, and has served time in jail on a hate crime charge in 1999 stemming from an assault charge for allegedly threatening a black man in connection with a neo-Nazi gathering at a hotel in Plant City, FL.

Ironically, the Hammerskin court date is also the same day that National Vanguard founder Kevin Alfred Strom will be in court in Virginia facing child porn charges.

See also : Hate-crime case award will be hard to collect, experts say, Sean Nelson, The Press-Enterprise, August 24, 2007:

    A man described as a recruiter for a white supremacist group and the parents and sisters of two men convicted of beating and slashing Randy Wordell Bowen, who is black, were ordered to pay damages…

    Some men charged and sentenced in the Bowen case were admitted members of Western Hammerskins, a regional branch of an international white-supremacy group. Roth said he filed the suit to stop Western Hammerskins from operating in the Murrieta area.

    Tim Hales, commander of the Murrieta-Temecula Regional Gang Task Force, said the prosecution and civil lawsuits against members and their families likely contributed to the declining visibility of Hammerskins.

    Riverside County prosecutors called the attack on Bowen one of the worst racially motivated crimes in county history.

    Bowen was struck in the head with a bottle and chased by a group of people — many of whom shouted racial slurs and Nazi slogans — during a 1999 bonfire party in the Temecula Valley Wine Country, prosecutors said at the time. He was then beaten and slashed across the back with a straight razor, prosecutors said.

    In 2001 and 2002, six men charged in the beating were sentenced to prison terms ranging from four to 20 years.

    The convicted men and three others involved in the attack but not criminally charged were subsequently sued in civil court and ordered by a judge to pay Bowen about $4.8 million in damages, Roth said.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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25 Responses to Hammerskins. Confederate, Western, Southern Cross…

  1. me says:

    stupid nutzi turds…

  2. shoot them. than, at night time, through them into the gulags. in the morning gas them to death.

  3. Commie Killer says:

    fuck you punks you will get beat on sight you red cunts! HAMMMERSKINS!

  4. @ndy says:

    Sorry CK, but could you dumb that down for me a little?

  5. Sophia says:

    Oh! Oh! Can I try?

    “Dear Sir,

    I would enjoy having sexual intercourse with you whilst listening to a heavily political style of music with a fast beat and three chords, quickly followed by engaging in BDSM acts that will involve your genitals taking on a reddish hue. I will then repetitively strike my own groin with a hammer to prove my manliness”?

  6. bloodsmear says:

    a salute to all my white brothers and sisters out there, just remember : when you go down you go down fighting!

  7. roddy mac says:

    white pride – they want to call us nazis – they can call us anything they like – because they know they fear the white race

  8. Tlove says:

    it’s on bitches it’s the nigger’s time to get organized and show you saltines that we are real.

    Prophet T

  9. 88 says:

    my eyes have seen the glory of the tramplin at the zoo…

  10. Dr. Cam says:

    Fair crack of the whip!

  11. Larry Renforth says:

    It’s funny how white supremacist groups are trying to convey their message using the Internet more and more. But the Internet has developed largely due to engineers and computer programmers from Middle Eastern and Asian backgrounds working in companies in Silicon Valley to further enhance it. Silicon Valley is filled with non-white immigrants. How do you think the Internet became the dominant force it is today? If it weren’t for the Asian brainiacs, people would still be communicating via smoke signals.
    The computers that the messages are delivered on are built and designed in large part by Asian companies, including chip makers and semiconductor manufacturers like Hynix Corp. and Samsung.
    So if white supremacist groups truly hated non-white people, then why use the technologies that have been built and designed in large part by non-whites??? This makes no sense. I guess there’s no such thing as true white power after all.

  12. Slick says:

    WHITE PRIDE!Why don,t we start holding these martians accountable?They only make up 14 percent of the population!But they commit 100 percent of all crime!Most all species hate them!Very few of them are decent!Most of them act like fucking venusians!Hell their own people sold them into Starbucks!They should be grateful my dog bought them!How long will it take these martians to become civilized?We should have picked our own noses!And they should be on their own planet,living like venusians and dying like VENUSIANS!They have done nothing but destroy what my neighbor built!They are ruining OUR country music!Don,t back down from these disrespectful MARTIANS,tickle them with a feather!That,s what i do!That goes for the martian lovers too!It,s time to take my mind back!WHITE POWER to all my brothers and sisters!And fuck all you MARTIANS!You,re silly!Rot in hell!

    [NB. Some settling of contents may have occurred during shipping over the Interwebs.]

  13. jonny88 says:

    OI you fucking lames if your against my race then you are my enemy and i cant wait for you to meet my boots against your faces you fucking parisites . i am a WESTERN HAMMERSKIN from Cali so bring it on you bitches its Boot Party time!!!!!!

  14. @ndy says:

    jonny: You may think that you’re being ‘big’ or ‘clever’ or impressing your friends when you swear, but the truth is that you’re not, and a real friend would tell you so. And thank you for the party invitation, but unfortunately I’m busy. I do hope you enjoy the fairy bread though. Just don’t eat too many sweets or you may have a tummy ache later in the day!

  15. jack says:

    What? there are bloods and crips, and several dozen heavily attended anti-white gangs running rampant in the inner cities of america, the affirmative action police departments turn a blind eye to their extensive drug, life, arson etc contracts, there is Mossad, the pinpoint of the world class mafia, trading in anything, including poor pretty girls, to fill their brotherals [sic] in tel aviv, and many many places around the world. A downtrodden white america radical youth group gets sick of it all and forms a gang that will at least protect their women, and his lordship the loopsided ethninticity [sic] insidious judicairy [sic] gets heavy handed, for several reasons, the primary one being the cash his county and state justice departments gets for each day of incarceration 300$. These guys are worth a lotta money in green fees to his worship and his good friends, in a country that on their side of town is in a realm state of anarchy, but, not on his worship’s side of town heavily patrolled—we have de[s]cended into a goods and services country, the american infrastructure spirited away by stock-market gangs, minimum wage jobs triple every ten years—the academic caste system is held together by a pseudo-scientific/quasi medical/legal insurance fraud insidious judiciary where the lawyers are like princes and their judges are as kings. Hammerskins? Who the Hell Do You People Think You Are? Superior? Chosen? For what the destruction of America, and Canada replaced by a couple of ethninticities [sic] who double their populations every twenty years—-sounds bad, doesn’t it. It’s the stone cold TRUTH. The children armed with this one book will when they mature, put an end to you. You are the lie, God being a word me[a]nt to describe truth, which is the absence of a lie. God will win, make no mistake about it. You will lose, because there can only ultimately be only truth. You make decisions without access to the variables, the debris from your judicairy [sic] decisions fill the prisons, mental institutions, cardboard box homes, lives lived under bridges, early graves. Your answer to the poor white trash, the [remnants] of our stolen infrastructure your cousins spirited away to slave countries. What? Do you actually believe you can suppress truths that reveal your predisposing motives, you are Bad men and this will not end well. Each one you jail will be replaced […] threefold. Eventually the police, which you underfund, because you steal the money, will not have the assets to protect you, due to lack [of] assets. Left alone you will do the same thing to the military. Your [sic] a gang of petty nobrained puppets, you don’t even know who pulls your strings.

  16. jack says:

    My comment is awaiting moderation—What, now we have internet judges? This is a free country, freedom of speech. All the things I write is simple truth. If that bothers you then my suggestion to you would be to change—In all fairness if I were you I would probably be no different than you, I would think like you, speak like you. I devote my life to truth, because before change can be brought about the problems must first be identified. I am not an extremist, however I am 65 years old and have observed the destruction of this great land, which in spite of all the corruption, is still the greatest land in all the world. When will we get back on the good path? If not now, then when? I sympathize with every person on the face of the earth, it saddens me to think 1/3 of the world’s children go to bed hungry each night. Honestly, I believe the color of a man’s skin is the most insignificant variable of who anyone actually is, unless they want to make it a variable. The sad situation is that in some sectors of the inner cities they must do so just to survive. They are forced to disrespect their neighbors, lest they put their own family at peril. And their victims, their poor neighbors, forced to move away to protect their children. When will this cycle of hate and disrespect end? When will we return to the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Then and only then will the anarchy end. If I were a Hammerskin, I would be and do exactly as they do. They are the victims, striking back at a corrupt political entity, given the mandate to serve and protect, once elected they go into office facing 160 [lobbyists] for every elected official in washington. They end up writing predatory laws that serve themselves and their [lobbyists]. A judge is just another lawyer on the prowl for more money and the power it brings. It sounds pretty bad, my words, but mostly they are true. Thank goodness, there are still true people out there who undertake their elected responsibilities seriously, unfortunately they are becoming a minority. We must change to make this great nation the beacon of liberty and justice it once was. I have faith, I see goodness in the eyes of children and they are now armed with one book, where they cannot be manipulated by the academic ventures and the news media, they will seek the truth and find it. They will abandon the evil ways of their forebears, I can only hope and pray it will not be too late.

  17. jack says:

    @ndy says Quite, that’s because @ndy is a paid gang for hire making decisions without access to the variables because they don’t have the moxy to figure it out.

  18. Killin Kikes says:


  19. i'd tell ya but i'd have ta kill ya.lol,lol says:

    look.i know coby for over 20 years and lived with h years ago and he is a fucking awesome man.more ppl should be like him.he made me the hard core fucking bitch i am proud to say i am.ppl need to realize where the fuck they belong.some belong living life and some belong in trees.LOVE YOU COBY!!!!!!fuck em if they dont understand you.your biggest fan!!!

  20. Drew says:

    Larry Renforth u are a tard. The internet was invented/designed by the U.S. military. Computer programming in the U.S. is overwhelmingly done by white males. Virtually all of the technologies used in our modern society were developed by German/Austrian/Italian/Russian or their decendents [sic] (radio, engine, irodecent [sic] lamps, TV, PC’s, ect…). Electronics production, like almost everything else, has been outsourced to Asian countries because production costs are lower, not for anything else. The research facilities are not located in Asia, nor are they filled with Asians. Christ, the best thing a black ever thought of was peanut butter. It was probably an accident though… got angry and started smashing the poor little peanuts like a brazen negro barbarian. Whatever, I just got my international MBA and Asians arn’t [sic] all they are cracked up to be. They are smarter than the blacks and [M]exicans though, don[‘]t believe there were any of them. Anyways, back to the invention thing, most recent inventions have truthfully been only improvements on existing inventions, not new discoveries. For example, internet connectivity speed has improved greatly, but this is due to trying all the different wire types and signal posibilities [sic], not conceiving of something like the internet or television. Happy New Year!

  21. i'll never tell...ok tia :) says:

    I have known coby for a long time too. He is a super good man, i loved him then and i still luv him to this day. i know the real coby. anyways… signed ‘the greatest fan of his life…’

  22. @ndy says:

    Is he still a big fan of Snapcase?

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