anarchy is a fag!

Note that the following comments are made by the lead vocalist (Chunga) for a band (The Worst) that has been selected to play with DOA at The Arty on October 19. Claiming that ‘anarchy is a fag'[!], relaying information (first produced by local neo-Nazis) regarding the identity of an anti-fascist activist and scabbing on a boycott of a neo-Nazi pub certainly has its rewards eh?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Coz it feels so empty without me…
Current mood: amused

So I write one little thing and it get’s [sic] posted all over [sic] the internet…

Pffft… check this shit out!

@ndy… you think you’re getting to me… but you’re clearly not…

I find it amusing that you are the Melbourne Punk Stalker! You know everything that’s going on!
Your shitty little website there is probably better off being a gig website. You know when ALL the shows are on!
If I was a neo-nazi I’d definately [sic] be checking your site for all the upcoming b&h shows

But seriously… all you’re doing is bringing more hate into this scene.
People hate you… because they are showing up to the Birmy expecting a fun night with bands… with no Swastikas in sight… and they show up to an empty pub because some loser is trying to boycott the place.
And now… you got a whole bunch of your fuckbag mates hating me coz apparently I’m a scab
And how am I wrong when I say you need to get a life???
Surely you must be surfing through blood and honour websites 24/7 to be getting the information you put on your shitty site.
Anyway… anarchy is a fag… that’s all I have to say to you Mr Moran

See how fast words travel my friends? Be careful what you write on the internet…
Coz you never know when some stalker is gonna put it on there [sic] website.
Thanx to the people who have supported us… and to the random [sic] people letting us know about this anarchist knobjockey Mr Moran…

See you in hell[!].

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In addition to death threats and other threats of violence (one well-wisher commented “I hope dirty muslim pakis rape your kids!” — which wasn’t very nice), I’ve been subjected to some fairly lame forms of abuse in the last few years, but I think Chunga must be coming close to having produced one of the lamest. Honestly, when I read a line like ‘anarchy is a fag’, I can’t help but laugh. So too, at Chunga’s lament over all those “people” who hate me because when they show up to a gig, the only other people there are people like themselves…

Making for quite a small crowd, according to Chunga.

At which point, it may be worthwhile recalling a little history:

Captain Charles Boycott was a former English army officer who served as the agent for an absentee landlord in Ireland in the second half of the 19th century. He was very harsh, refusing to lower rents in hard times and dispossessing tenant farmers who couldn’t pay. In 1880 the tenants, encouraged by the Irish Land League, retaliated: they organized a campaign to isolate Captain Boycott, encouraging the local people to refuse to have any dealings with him or his family. Charles Parnell of the Irish Land League said that those who refused to lower rents or who took the farms of people who had been evicted should be treated like “the lepers of old.” Boycott and his family found themselves without servants or farmhands and without mail delivery or service in stores. Their own crops failed, and they eventually fled back to England.

And so back to the present, and to conclude. First, if I weren’t ‘getting’ to Chunga, I doubt he would’ve been motivated to post. Secondly, the only thing I want anyone to ‘get’ is the reasons for Boycotting the Birmingham Hotel. Thirdly, I’m not the one helping to bring more ‘hate’ into the scene; on the contrary, I’m objecting to the use by neo-Nazi groups Blood & Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins of a pub in Fitzroy. These groups are part of international networks, members of which routinely assault non-Whites, people they perceive to be homosexuals, the homeless, trade unionists, anarchists, socialists, punks, skinheads and others, and do so on the basis of their contempt and hatred for such groups. For example:

In June 1991, Arlington, Texas, was the site of further violence by Hammerskins. Three 16-year-old members of the Confederate Hammerskins murdered an African American, Donald Thomas, while he sat on the back of a truck with two white friends… That same year, in Birmingham, Alabama, Hammerskin Louis Oddo and his colleague Adam Galleon murdered a 50-year-old black homeless man on Christmas Eve. Oddo and Galleon killed the man, Douglas Garrett, by hitting him with a baseball bat and kicking him with their heavy boots. Oddo and Galleon were subsequently convicted of murder…

More recently, in 2004, B&H Australia and the SCHS organised for a band from Texas called the Bully Boys to tour Australia and to play the 2004 ISD memorial gig. A local bonehead describes their performance as follows:

Next was the band that we had all been waiting to see and we weren’t disappointed!! The Bully Boys!! They played an awesome set, with tunes like ‘Jigrun’ and ‘Fire Up the Ovens’. A few of the lads had gotten hold of some Jew[’]s yarmulke and took a light to it and handed it to Scott while he was singing ‘Six Million More’! Seeing that burn to the tune of that song was brilliant. What a showman!

The lyrics to ‘Jigrun’ read, in part: “Whiskey bottles / Baseball bats / Pickup trucks / And rebel flags / We’re going on the town tonight / Hit and run / Let’s have some fun / We’ve got jigaboos on the run / And they fear the setting sun”. The authors of these loving lyrics, the Bully Boys are closely linked to the Hammerskins. In 1990, drummer Sean Tarrant was one of several Confederate Hammerskins sentenced to nearly 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to civil rights convictions for involvement in the vandalization of a mosque and a Jewish community center in Dallas, and chasing and assaulting minorities in a park. Their current lead vocalist has also spent time in jail on assault charges.

Speaking of vocalists, Scott McGuinness of local band Fortress, scheduled to play their last ever show on October 13, lovingly warbles the following: “Reject an alien government, don’t recognise their laws / It’s time to close the floodgates, it’s time to shut the door / Repatriate, ship ’em out, send the bastards back / If they don’t fucking like it, it’ll be in body bags / Get out! We don’t want you around / Get out! Want the people to shout / Get out! Get outta my sight / Get out! Parasites… Parasites… Parasites.”

Most recently, three members of the Confederate Hammerskins lovingly attempted to assault an antifa in their house in Florida. Fortunately, the three were beaten back, and arrested while fleeing.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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27 Responses to anarchy is a fag!

  1. That guy is right Andy. You are a disgusting little anarchist. Your little more than a agent of the Anti Normal Peoples Alliance. I wonder if you are getting payed by the head quarters of the conspiricy (aka the Science Stuff room down at the Science block).

    The Stalinist League knows that your Alliance got my blog, Blog of the reds and Futurama Fans, shut down because it was telling people about your sick plans.

    If you have nothing to hide. Than why haven’t you posted any thing about the Stalinist League. The League is growing by the day and soon we will be in government. Australia will become a Pol Pot/Stalin style country. All government enemies will be arrested and put in concentration camps. If any one resists they will be killed on the spot.

    The Goths, Anarchists, Trotskyists, Capitalists, Nerds, Geeks etc are our enemies and under our government they will be treated like the Nazis treated the Jews.

  2. vents says:

    anarchy is a fag! Can we get some t-shirts printed up with this on it?

  3. @ndy says:

    By the sounds of it, I think the Stalinist League is on to that already v…

    Long Live the Anti-Normal-People’s Alliance!

    Goths, Anarchists, Trotskyists, Capitalists, Nerds, Geeks Etcetera of the World Unite & Take Over!

    Anarchy is A Fag!

  4. The Stalinist League is the most powerful socialist organization in Warwick. Today we rule Warwick tomorrow the world.

  5. Lumpen says:

    I bags getting “Anarchy is a fag” as a really boss tattoo on my stomach.

  6. Sophia says:

    So, not only is he a scabbing poser prick, he’s decided to be all homophobic too? Not to mention that he could use a good spellchecker…

  7. hahaha says:

    “The Stalinist League is the most powerful socialist organization in Warwick. Today we rule Warwick tomorrow the world.”

    You a fuckin[‘] loon mate.

  8. If the little red Marxist poodle @ndy wants to pose as an anarchist while blowing dogs and Marxists like Dave Antagonism then he is perfectly entitled to. I just hope he doesn’t give fags a bad name as well as anarchy, that[‘]s all.

  9. @ndy says:

    G’day pr,

    That’s a long time between drinks. Your last comment was made 10 months ago:

    I wrote then that this would be both your first and your last comment on my blog. As it happens, I’m allowing this one through because I imagine that, with Melbourne Indymedia no longer being available for you to talk shit on, and your not having any friends or comrades to speak of (or to), you’re even more frustrated, lonely and isolated than you would be ‘normally’ (sic). So, never claim I am without compassion for nincompoops, and if you’re a very good boy I may throw you another biscuit some time next year.


  10. I have plenty of comrades and I have a girl friend. I am not gay because I have a girl friend. So fuck you.

  11. You certainly have a knack for attracting the eccentrics, @ndy. You must have fun on public transport.

  12. lumpnboy says:

    Peter, really, that remark about someone being friendless and lonely was clearly aimed at ‘Professor Rat’, and I don’t think anyone said you were gay – after all, you say you will hold a gig with girls and everything – though your defensiveness about it is a bit ridiculous, as were your previous remarks about the success of the Stalinist League in making various gays you know cower and cry ‘like girls’ if I recall correctly. You seem to want everything on this blog to be about you and your League, as your demand to know why @ndy hasn’t “posted any thing about the Stalinist League” sort of demonstrates. But you get quite a lot of attention here, considering your contributions are mostly repetitive and abusive, either intentionally absurd or insane, and self-aggrandising to the point of hallucination. If anyone less often charmingly silly was so routinely aggressive and offered so little content beyond that, I doubt that they would get as tolerant a response. You are saved, in my view, by moments such as your reference to “the head quarters of the conspiricy (aka the Science Stuff room down at the Science block”.

    Actually, a lot of the people leaving hostile comments on this blog, whether ‘white nationalists’ or (supposedly other) Birmingham boycott opponents of various sorts, seem to think there is a point to spraying homophobic abuse around the site. Apart from anything else they may say, I can only find repulsive someone who, for example, thinks that calling @ndy gay is an effective criticism.

  13. @ndy says:

    The trick is to out-crazy ’em…


    Being big and fat helps too.


  14. vents says:

    Everyone is missing the point. Let’s leave the intelligentsia stuff alone and focus on the real issue here – anarchy is a fag.

  15. Lumpen says:

    Yes Vents, but what kind of fag is it? Hopefully Chunga will supply the answers soon. I’m secretly hoping it will be a gay fag (I’m biased in that way), although I’m frightened at the same prospect. How will we be able to argue against racism knowing that anarchy is a gay fag? No-one will take us seriously. I can hear it now: “No everyone, let’s play at the Birmingham. Don’t worry about supporting white supremacists, anarchy is a gay fag.” That, on top of another devastating critique on his MySpace blog, with Chunga’s merciless application of ellipses, could finish off our movement forever.
    But let’s face it; people having been thinking that anarchy is a fag for years, but we’ve all been too scared to say it out loud. I’m open to suggestions as to how we can deal with this. I’m proposing we just deny it.

  16. Anarchism is a smoke scream for fooling young people into not taking notice of the real issues. The Anti Normal People’s Alliance must be destroyed.

    The Stalinist League sees gays as foot soldiers of the armed forces of the enemy. The nerds infect them with AIDS than send them to spread AIDS to all the normal people. This is all one big conspiricy again the proletariat.

    Slackbastard must have articles about the League because the League is so important because it will liberate the proletariat from the evil nerds led by the horrible dictator Mr Watt (aka the maths and science teacher I had last year). Like what kind of person would force normal proletarian teenagers to study science. Its as evilas what the Nazis did to the jews. Plus another reason why the League should get attention because we are the biggest threat ever to Fight Dem Back, Slackbastard and to the revisionist movement.

    Like, what have I ever done to Andy and his allies to make him want to kick me off his blog. He deserves every thing he gets because the anarchists killed my grand father and so they must pay. The revisionists killed the great and all knowing Joseph Stalin and they destroyed the Soviet fatherland. Stalin must be revenged.

    “If anyone less often charmingly silly was so routinely aggressive and offered so little content beyond that, I doubt that they would get as tolerant a response. You are saved, in my view, by moments such as your reference to “the head quarters of the conspiricy (aka the Science Stuff room down at the Science block””.

    Are you calling me stupid? Are you saying that my comments are shit? I am totally right. I do have a lot of content and a plot of proof. The League has a lot of policies. You must go to my new web site.

  17. Just Curious says:

    Hi @ndy. Why do you let Peter go on? You’re just a soft touch aren’t you!

    In good faith … do you know what happened to Melbourne Indymedia? And, do you have any details about the new Australian legislation for internet censorship, or could you point me in the right direction?

    [,24897,22451522-15306,00.html ]

    Oh – and what about … anarchy is a gay homophobic fag?

  18. @ndy says:

    Briefly, Peter, like yourself, will no longer be commenting on one thread. If pain persists, I will probably place a temporary ban on his posting. Generally speaking, I think my editing skills are enough to annoy most into submission. MIM shut down for a number of reasons, primarily because of a lack of active volunteers, especially in the face of mountains of trolls / spammers / people like pr, and a dearth of good quality writing / reporting and discussion / debate (cf. pr). At least, that’s my understanding.

  19. dj says:

    So, is anarchy a top, a bottom, or a switch hitter?

  20. [pr apologises for being a twat.]

  21. Western Values says:

    lovingly attempted to assault an antifa in their house in Florida.

    You say it like it’s a bad thing!?

  22. @ndy says:

    Not at all, especially when you consider the punchline:

    “Fortunately, the three were beaten back, and arrested while fleeing.”

  23. Lumpen says:

    So, is anarchy a top, a bottom, or a switch hitter?
    Details, friend, details. It’s enough to know that anarchy is a fag.

  24. vents says:

    anarchy is a fag, whatever, as long as he doesn’t do that shit in front of me I don’t care.

  25. shaun boots says:

    I think am going to download burn and distribute for free 20 albums by this band the bully boys. I have never heard of them. based on what you have said they sound terrible. I think their beliefs are absolutely moronic, but thanks to you and your freedom hating ways it is very likely that some little kid in a school near you is about to cop an ear full of some pretty heavy Nazi propaganda. well done mate. just so you no, I don’t like racism but that really isn’t the point. the point here is that everybody deserves a voice and that you have no right to attempt to take that away. especially not in the name of anti fascism. and honestly it doesn’t matter people are a lot smarter than you give them credit for and nobody’s going to buy into this stupid racist shit anyway.

  26. dj says:

    the stupid, it is strong in this one, yes?

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