Belarussian antifa need support

Maksim and Vladislav are anti-fascists from Minsk, who are serving 3 year sentences in Belarussian camps for their activities. They support MTZ-RIPO [Traktor Boys], a football club which is famous for its uncompromisingly anti-fascist fans. Maksim turned 18 in late July. He has been in the anti-fascist movement for 3 years, and was one of the organisers of Food Not Bombs in Minsk, which has served food to the homeless, the elderly and the hungry in Gorki park, Victory square and elsewhere. In December 2006, FNB had an encounter with neo-Nazis, who ended up being defeated. One of the scum figured out that Maksim participated in the defense of FNB, and lagged to the cops. Eventually both Maksim and Vladislav were sentenced to 3 years jail for the crime of “aggravated hooliganism” under statute 339:2 of the Belarussian criminal code.

Write letters of support to Maksim and Vladislav! Their addresses are:

Maksim Gubski
VK-2 – 21
Batowa str. 4 Bobruisk
213800 Belarus

Vladislav Vladimirovich Plyashkevich
IK-10 otryad 4
Novopoltsk-5 Vitebskaya oblast
211440 Belarus

See also : ‘The secret history of the Nazi mascot’, Nick Bryant, BBC News, Melbourne, August 21, 2007: “Alex Kurzem came to Australia in 1949 carrying just a small brown briefcase, but weighed down by some harrowing psychological and emotional baggage. Tucked away in his briefcase were the secrets of his past – fragments of his life that he kept hidden for decades. In 1997, after raising a family in Melbourne with his Australian bride, he finally revealed himself. He told how, at the age of five, he had been adopted by the SS and became a Nazi mascot…”

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