“My name is Anna, and I’m an FBI informant.” “Hi Anna!”

My name is Anna
I live on the second floor
I live upstairs from you
Yes, I think you’ve seen me before
If you hear something late at night
Some kind of trouble
Some kind of fight
Just don’t ask me what it was
Just don’t ask me what it was
Just don’t ask me what it was

Informant’s role in alleged eco-terror plot argued
Denny Walsh
Sacramento Bee
September 25, 2007

Opposing lawyers tugged a government witness one way and then another Monday on the question of how big a role an FBI undercover informant played in an eco-terrorism conspiracy at the heart of a trial in Sacramento federal court.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ellen Endrizzi engaged Zachary Jenson in a line of questioning designed to show that the informant, known to the jury only as “Anna,” did not have to prod defendant Eric McDavid toward violent action against segments of society he perceives as corruptors of the environment.

On the other hand, defense attorney Mark Reichel hammered away at Jenson on the money, equipment, transportation, housing and supplies “Anna” furnished McDavid, Jenson, and cohort Lauren Weiner, all of it underwritten by the FBI…

Note that “Anna” used the email address [email protected] and her writings using this can be found on a number of different forums, including anarchist (“The “Black Bloc” come together for organized protest against teh violence of a Police State… I will proudly join and fight with the bloc, as I have in the past”), animal rights (“I am interested in starting a South Florida Anti-Vivisection/SHAC Outreach group”) and independent media (“Is there a way I can plug into some events, do some filming and have a good time?”) outlets.

See also : Student’s path to FBI informant — Using alias, woman tells of alleged terrorism plot, Denny Walsh, Sacramento Bee, September 12, 2007; Green Scare Update (also AJODA #64).

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  1. @ndy says:

    hi ana,


    concerns another infiltrator called mehmet. he was a member of barricade -> mid-2001 as well as a number of other groups, primarily those concerned with campaigning against us-based energy and minerals corporations. with the recent aust fed govt decision to increase the number of uranium mines and flog more poison to places like india and russia (a policy which has bi-partisan support, natch), it can be safely assumed that this sort of spying will not only continue but increase — in proportion, roughly, to the expected level of resistance to their plans to (slowly) kill us all. on a lighter note, i’m greatly looking fwd to peter garrett: —


    — gesticulating wildly in parliament as he tries to justify labour party policy, not only on this issue but an almost limitless range of others.

    “For what doth it profit a rock ‘n’ roll *, if he gain a seat in Cabinet, and suffer the loss of his own soul?”

    one of life’s great mysteries.

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