Southern Cross Soldiers can has manifesto.

Following some bad press, Australian yoof belonging to the ‘Southern Cross Soldiers’ have struck back.

…We are here to stand up for, and give Aussie communities a voice when the government is too politically correct and gutless to do it.

Racism cuts both ways. We are here to lobby, campaign, and raise awareness of the anti-Caucasian racism that the government and the police refuse to deal with. The racism that forced 5000 Australians to defend their beach community when the police wouldn’t for years.

We will not be silenced, we are not going away.

The government needs to address our concerns now, or deal with our united rage in years to come.

Basic Rules of Melbourne SCS Chapter

1. No skinheads, KKK, White Nationalists, or any one who holds bizarre, overtly racist ideologies…


The Soldiers are not racists, just patriotists, inspired by the actions of the mob in Cronulla that attacked several dozen individuals for the crime of going to the beach while being ‘of Middle Eastern appearance’. The Soldiers believe that there is widespread ‘anti-Caucasian’ — meaning, presumably, ‘anti-White’ — racism, and that the 5000 soldiers who bravely battled several dozen beach-goers in Cronulla in December 2005 were also responding to this problem, one ignored by police and government authorities.

They don’t start fights with Lebs and wogs; they finish them.

The Soldiers also don’t have a General, but they do follow in a general direction. Thus the Cronulla pogrom was greatly encouraged by multi-millionaire Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones, who proudly declared “I’m the person that’s led this charge”.

The riot was still three days away and Sydney’s highest-rating breakfast radio host had a heap of anonymous emails to whip his 2GB listeners along. “Alan, it’s not just a few Middle Eastern bastards at the weekend, it’s thousands. Cronulla is a very long beach and it’s been taken over by this scum. It’s not a few causing trouble. It’s all of them.”

Sunday’s trouble did not come out of the blue. It was brewing all week on talkback radio — particularly on 2GB.

Radio doesn’t get much grimmer than Alan Jones’ efforts in the days before the Cronulla riot. He was dead keen for a demo at the beach — “a rally, a street march, call it what you will. A community show of force.”

He assured his huge audience he “understood” why that famous text message went out and he read it right through again on air. “Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge. This Sunday every Aussie in the Shire get down to North Cronulla to support the Leb and wog bashing day …”

Daily he cautioned his listeners not to take the law into their own hands, but he warmed to listeners who had exactly that on their minds.

Last Thursday Charlie rang to suggest all junior footballers in the Shire gather on the beach to support the lifesavers. “Good stuff, good stuff,” said Jones.

“Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge. This Sunday every Aussie in the Shire get down to North Cronulla to support Leb and wog bashing day” was the text message widely distributed among concerned citizens prior to December 11, 2005, and every little Soldier’s heart now swells with pride at the memory of the White Civil Uprising.

The Soldiers are also Proud To Be Australian. To Be Australian, They Are Proud. Do the Soldiers have Pride? Yes: in Being Australian. Are the Soldiers Australian? Proudly.

Beyond Pride — which apparently comes before a fall, according to Australia’s first Prime Minister Gough Whitlam (or possibly Paul Keating) — the ever-expanding Soldiers are also very keen to demonstrate that they are Australian. Australians cannot spell, but they can get sunburned.

About @ndy

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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47 Responses to Southern Cross Soldiers can has manifesto.

  1. [Peter Watson] says:

    No Skinheads? That’s not really fair. I love the fact that they hate political correctness but use politically correct terms for white people and that. Just call white people white or Anglo. Don’t call them Caucasian or any other politically correct names. Political correctness can get fucked for all I care. Another thing I hate is social engineering. Political correctness and social engineering are both Marxist Fabian terms. I hate Marxists. They want to turn our society into some thing [from] George Orwell’s 1984.


  2. Lanklan says:

    “Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic facts and personages appear, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” (`The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte’, Karl Marx, 1869).

  3. Darcy says:

    Southern cross soldiers you say u are not racist but yet a south african mate of mine who is now a proud member of bra boys Melbourne got jumped by six of your so called southern cross soldiers u are not racist bull shit not racist is us we have 1 of the most multi race groups out there we have Italians, Greeks, Lebanese, Croatians, Serbians, Samoans, New Zealanders so b4 u say u are not a race fuelled group pull your head out of your ass!
    Yours truly
    Bra Boys Melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Paul says:

    Bra Boys Melbourne????

    The word “Bra” is a shortening of “Maroubra” the suburb where the Bra Boys originated.

    You really have to be from there to be a Bra Boy.

    I might be wrong, but I would chance a guess that you started “Bra Boys” Melbourne without the okay from Koby Abberton. You sound like a fake. You’re not even a friend on their myspace. What a joke. More like the Try Hard Boys.

  5. Lumpen says:

    Sometimes a bra is just a bra.

  6. SCS Melbourne Chapter says:

    Nice of you to keep “tabs” on us Andy (not that you can’t read everything openly at the myspace, you’re an amazing detective). Before you sent your black-clad band of pussies to “confront” us (putting the women in front of the men cause they know we don’t hit girls) on Australia Day, we had no issues with you.

    Well, you’ve really kicked the hornets’ nest now.

    A few of our scouts spotted your [you?] arseholes about a week back and gave them a not so gentle reminder that we didn’t appreciate your intrusion into our Australia Day fun.


    SCS Melbourne.

  7. @ndy says:


    Before Australia/Invasion/Survival Day I received several challenges to engage in fisticuffs with a number of Soldiers, so I dunno what you mean by my having “really kicked the hornets’ nest now”. Further, this post is over three months old, and constitutes the last time I made specific reference to your mob. Finally, I have no ‘band’ to send anywhere, and have got no idea wtf you’re referring to inre scouts or last week — feel free to enlighten me.

  8. @ndy says:


    Please do not interpret anything I have written as meaning that I do not regard you as a Man oh leader of the SCS Melbourne Chapter.

    A mighty Man.

  9. Hobbit says:

    There were a few antifa at Flinders St station on Australia Day,however the Southern Cross Shitheads had no guts to take them on,even though they heavily outnumbered them lol.To the SCS wankers reading this,you advertised your meeting place,did you really think the antifa would just let you turn up without taking a look at you to see if you are really worth worrying bout lol.I was in the city cause I was going to a mate’s place for a BBQ to celebrate our National Day and all I saw was a bunch of little pussies that were mainly under 18,basically a bunch of drunken schoolkids that have watched too many gang movies haha.

  10. Lumpen says:

    A few of our scouts spotted your [you?] arseholes about a week back and gave them a not so gentle reminder that we didn’t appreciate your intrusion into our Australia Day fun.

    Dib dib dib, dob dob dob, LOL LOL LOL. This is almost as funny as the time Reverend Patrick heard that someone called Andy worked at a shop on Sydney Rd and concluded it was also the author of this blog. Don’t forget to check for antifa under the bed, you paranoid moron. Protip: I think most people lost interest in SCS after Australia Day when it became apparent that you were sad little boys searching for identity through group bonding – and you couldn’t even do that right.
    PS Can anyone enlighten me about what was so special about last week?

  11. @ndy says:

    Actually, that wasn’t Party Trick, that was the very manly men belonging to the highly masculine all-male band Bulldog Spirit. In particular, their bass player Ben:


    Commie Killer Sep 13th, 2007 at 9:52 am

    Peter Watson, your a fuckwit and that red-headed bitch from that stupid show was a fuckwit. Fuck Stalin, fuck you commies and fuck you stupid fucking anarchist pieces of shit. Fucking die already.

    We would all be better off.


    Commie Killer Sep 21st, 2007 at 9:52 am

    1 plus 1 equals 2


    Commie Killer Sep 27th, 2007 at 10:18 am

    and andy.

    does one plus one really equal three equal eight?

    i dont understand.

    I had no idea wtf he was talking about. Then Doug Smith chimed in on the Bombshell forum:


    Fri Dec 07, 2007 2:26 pm

    Twinklebutt wrote:

    You would have to call that a pretty unsuccessful boycott.

    A bunch of bands half from interstate that have never played there and wouldn[‘]t have played there anyway hahaha.

    The guy that does that boycott thing has it in for me and Bulldog Spirit so bad. He basically thinks I am the fu[e]hrer reincarnated. I can’t remember his webpage, but it[‘]s worth looking at. I’m sure if you googled “doug smith” and “bulldog spirit” you would find it. It’s some anarchy thing.

    He emailed all the bands at Wasted and told them that we were a nazi band.

    His sources include the illustrious Melbourne Punx Forum which for what seems like a decade has consisted of anonymous posters calling everyone nazis.

    He thinks his identity is secret but he has a shop called 1 1=3=8 [sic] on Sydney Road in Brunswick that prints leftist t-shirts with spelling errors and stuff. I fronted him about the [shit] that he talks on the internet it [sic] but he denied it.

    He was also wanted for questioning in relation to an old woman getting bashed when he left his teddy bear behind on someone[‘]s front door step at three o’clock in the morning.

    Top guy.

    That’s when I understood wtf Ben was referring to. I jumped on-board the forum to explain how and why Doug was wrong, which is when Doug’s mates started abusing me and making some quite bizarre threats, the most awesome of which came from some d00d from Brizvegas calling himself ‘Mark Bastard’:

    a) @ndy you’re a fucking idiot mate and you better watch your back because when me and my mates are out and about, if we see you, ur dead (Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:23 am)

    b) @ndy im still going to bash you, fukn gooknigger scum (Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:56 am)

    c) nice side-step shit for brains, but the one barrier me and my buddies have regarding beating the shit out of you is your anonymity. so basically you can hide behind that, but if so you don’t really have a leg to stand on as far as calling me out for making internet threats and not following through. Give me your name, address, daytime and night time contact phone numbers, and I promise you I will beat the fucking shit out of you and then make a black man take a shit in your face.

    Being a prime example of fukn gooknigger scum, I chose not to provide Mark with my name, address, daytime and night time contact phone numbers — I did, however, ask some mates in Brizvegas to do a little digging and — iirc — they informed me that Mark was some office worker. (BirmyHammerSkinz chimed in with “i dont think u have the right to fucking breathe u piece of shit. if you like gooks so much why dont you fuck off to some gook country and see how much they tolerate mouthy cunts such as yourself. then you may see why we dont want the scum to do the same here.”)

    The thread also generated lotsa other awesome replies, my favourite of which came from a punk rocker from Perf named Dion Somethingorother, who wrote: “you are a liar, a hypocrite and no better than the trash that you fight against”.

    This I found to be rather silly: Dion also claimed to be an expert in contemporary Russian politics, and informed me that there was no neo-Nazi movement in Russia which wasn’t killing large numbers of people. In tribute to his wisdom, I began titling ‘most every post I made about the scores of murders and assaults being committed by the neo-Nazi movement on a weekly basis ‘For Dion’.

    I haven’t heard a peep from him since.

    At the same time as this fearsome intellectual debate was going on, someone else using the handle ‘Joel’ wrote (on my blog): “Honestly, I am going to fucking kill you. I hope it was worth it” (December 10, 2007).

    Given the animosity displayed by Ben and Doug, I thought this might be a nasty message from their drummer (also named Joel), but he wrote (on my blog) that it wasn’t him.

    (I also rang Andrew @ the shop and told him what Doug had written — he said not to worry about it, that he had had encounters with boneheads before, was happy to chat to whoever dropped by the shop and was in any case well-known in the area.)

    Aside from that — and given this post concerns the mighty warriors belonging to the SCS:




    You think your hard, because you can try to finger point us, when we are proud Australians, and you blokes obviously arent, your the ones that we should be hitting, faggots that can’t say shit to our faces, you gotta have a go at us online. I’d love to see any of you blokes come and say shit to any S.C.S members face, we’d waste you. And if you think otherwise, arrange a meeting anywhere in Australia, and I’ll come down with a camera, and kick the living fuck out of you.

    Then post it on this website, proving to any of these other fuckwits that mess with S.C.S, and say shit about our members, who are truly proud Aussies, and are just like family to me, ill prove what we do.



    ‘matt morgan’:

    hahaha u h8 it that i proved uz rong thats y u want me off but fuk u its a free world thats wat u keep teling us oh an im from seaford in SA an my name is matt morgan an my fone numba is…

    Where is the love?


    ‘brae’ again:

    Lol bro, come see me in real life and i’d beat the living shit out of you, like go outside mate, go to the beach, get a tan on you and build yourself up.

    Because you just seem like a fat nerdy little lowlife fucker thats never been laid, and says shit over a computer because you couldn’t say it to a chapter in real life.

    Your not S.C.S, and you wouldn’t know what we are about, media makes shit a lot worse then it is, and thats just common sense.

    And btw, the classroom? I think 3 of 5,000 S.C.S members are in school.


    ‘sa scs aussie pride’:

    oy nerd bags that sit at a computer an judge people that u dnt even no u beta shut the fuk up its not my fault that me an my sister have a learning promblem an we both take meds 4 it yer i mite not no how to spell or do sum things that u do very good but i can tell u 1 thing i can do that u cant an thats fuking kick ur head in m8 u dnt no who ur fuking wid cunt call me its 0433145752

    A giggling skoolgrrl from Kiwi offered the following in memory of Skrewydriver Ian Stuart Donaldson:

    ashlee♥ Sep 11th, 2008 at 7:58 am

    well @ndy, i hope you die?
    its stupid. if you make a blog about a dead man wheres the fun in that? you sit at home, all alone jerking off to your nigger shit, and writing hate blogs, kinda pathetic. geeze. if anyone deserves a bullet down there [sic] throat, it is indeed you.♥

    ashlee♥ Sep 12th, 2008 at 10:51 am

    i would rather be a precocious teenager than a [sic] old man (or how ever the fuck old you are)
    you deserve too [sic] be fillayed [sic] and have thinners thrown on you.

    Actually, come to think of it, there’s really no shortage of batshit commentary on my blog, so just one more for the road, this time from Chunga of The Worst punk band in Melbourne (September 24, 2007, on boofhead’s MySpace blog):

    …But seriously… all you’re doing is bringing more hate into this scene.
    People hate you… because they are showing up to the Birmy expecting a fun night with bands… with no Swastikas in sight… and they show up to an empty pub because some loser is trying to boycott the place.
    And now… you got a whole bunch of your fuckbag mates hating me coz apparently I’m a scab…
    And how am I wrong when I say you need to get a life???
    Surely you must be surfing through blood and honour websites 24/7 to be getting the information you put on your shitty site.
    Anyway… anarchy is a fag… that’s all I have to say to you Mr Moran…

    See how fast words travel my friends? Be careful what you write on the internet…
    Coz you never know when some stalker is gonna put it on there [sic] website.
    Thanx to the people who have supported us… and to the random [sic] people letting us know about this anarchist knobjockey Mr Moran…

    See you in hell[!].


  12. SCS Melbourne says:


    Get a life you paranoid Scumfront-loving retard. How sad are you that you came all the way down and not one single nationalist with you. Must have a lot of friends you sad, Hep B infected inbred KKK reject. You’re just pissed because you wanted to be a part of it and Jarrod told you to piss off and take your KKK shit with you.


    Then the information I received from the Red that “informed” on you was incorrect. However the black-clad brigade that were sorted out were the ones that came to annoy us on Australia Day.

    Reds are funny. So disloyal and easily turned.

    More than that, we never wanted a conflict with Anarchists, but if this happens again, we will respon[d] unpleasantly.


    When there are 20 cops walking toward you and you’re right in front of a police station, it makes sense not to start fights. But you don’t use your brain do you?

    You prefer to think it’s all about The Jews. That way you don’t have to come up with ways and means of dealing with things, you can just give up and sit at your computer, typing out your little frustrations on Scumfront like a good little keyboard commando, while masturbating to Mein Kampf “Oh, everybody will have blonde hair and blue eyes” (Hobbit jerking himself furiously).

    The fact that you even post on that sad, pathetic excuse for a nationalist forum says all kinds of things about you. 80% of the posters there are either seriously mentally unstable, or express such extreme vitriolic hatred of someone just because they LOOK different. The remaining sane 20% are either too Jew obsessed to judge ethnic groups on their BEHAVIOR, not their race, and use vulgar racial slurs to describe other races as opposed to sticking to FACTS and STATISTICS on crime, social behavior and listening to the opinions of people in the community and their experiences.

    In short, Scumfront is a big wank-fest for Nazis and nutcases (often they are the same thing).

    When you build up a nationalist group of 80 or more people who meet up regularly, then you can turn around and make judgments.

    ‘Til then, have fun with your keyboard and your right hand on Scumfront.

    SCS Melbourne.

  13. @ndy says:

    SCS Melbourne,

    Just remember : Crime doesn’t pay.

  14. Hobbit says:

    To the SCS ROFLMWAO Have i touched a raw nerve you little child,i dont have Hep B and i am not a Nazi.The Klan are not Nazi you idiot.Who is Jarrod?Unlike yourself little boy i dont need my mates with me at all times to back me up as i can take care of myself.I find it funny that you mention that there are 80 of you haha..i saw about 20 at Flinders St.Your post reads like you think you know me very well.Trust me child you know nothing but you are acting like someones little puppet lol.What makes you think i wanted to be part of it lol.I dont hang out with little schoolboys,as i said i was passing through and thought i would take a look.As for my wanking of to Mein Kamf lol please keep your sexual fantasies to yourself faggot.

  15. [Peter Watson] says:

    Don’t worry about Hobbit. Hobbit gives every one trouble for no reason. He is just a sad middle aged man living with memories of lynching [!@#$%^&] back in […] America. I got me banned from Australia New Nation but the funny thing is that he was banned two months later. My advice is just treat Hobbit as a joke and annoy the crap out of him like I always do.

  16. SCS Melbourne says:

    To Hobbit:

    Before you assume we are all in our teens (most late teens) i suggest you do your research. I’m 28, 6’1, 105kg. I workout and keep fit. I have also been a kickboxer for 10 years, so before you assume I need mates to back me up, I would dare say I could kick the redneck out of you without breaking a sweat.

    And yes I am well aware that Nazis and The Krazy Klown Klub are different. My point was you’re equally insane and are similar in your paranoid delusions, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you loved Mein Kampf.

    Go play with your sheets, nutcase.

  17. Hobbit says:

    You[‘]r[e] 28 years old and hang out with drunken teens,lol get a life

  18. @ndy says:


    You comrade ‘Maxine Grey’, aka ‘the Grand Dragoness’, wrote the following on VNN on May 19 of this year:

    “…the papers went down a treat…”

    Means that the Jews got the papers and were very upset by them, they were placed in their Synagogues.

    As my plan was, that I told you about.

    “…Massively got the Jews in a stir…”

    They got upset and angry, aggressive…

    “…they even now are confronting Klan openly out on the street.”

    And they came out in the street and verbally abusing klan, splitting, acting like apes. Swearing in Hebrew I think. LOL

    We chose to target Orthodox Jews, Melbourne has the biggest population of them outside of Israel.

    The Klan was in full Klan shirts, and they took a walk all over to the streets were [sic] the Jews live, and made comments to them.

    My favorite was “Why don’t you just jump in an oven, and turn it on[?]”

    Which you can imagine this encouraged another attack of Hebrew swear words at the Klan.

    Now this was in Melbourne and Sydney is next.

    We nicked name [sic] this Plan “Operation Piss the Jews Off” [w]hich covered Friday and Saturday which are the Jew[‘]s Holy days

    Which I think we managed to do quite nicely.

    We have establish[ed] the Klan as a visual presents [sic] in the area, for some time. This just was a taste to the Jewish community, that we as Klan just don’t like them.

    The papers were the Spring-Summer 2009 Edition of The Aryan Alternative, “News and Commentary from a White Perspective”. The paper makes extensive use of the cartoons by Tom Metzger’s ‘White Aryan Resistance’ that Australian Protectionist Party member and crazed anti-Semite Martin Fletcher also publishes on his website ‘Downunder Newslinks’.

    I happen to think that, in addition to being a racist psychotic, ‘Maxine’ is a liar.

    Care to enlighten me?

    White supremacist literature distributed in Windsor
    Nicholas Langhorne
    Tidewater News
    June 24, 2009

    WINDSOR—Two Windsor residents have complained to police after finding copies of the “Aryan Alternative,” a white supremacist newspaper, in their driveways.

    According to Windsor Police Chief Robert Porti, the literature was delivered to several homes in the town a little more than two weeks ago, but only two residents complained about a truck driving around making the deliveries.

    Police responded to the calls, but were unable to find anyone making the deliveries. Porti said that the department is not investigating any further because “no crime has been committed.”

    “As distasteful as some may find it, it’s not illegal,” he said. “It’s protected in the Constitution.”

    Porti said that there was a similar incident in the Smithfield area several months ago, but this is the first time it has happened in Windsor, and he warned against giving the incident too much attention.

    “What these folks want is publicity,” he said.

    In 2006:

    Ohio…‘Aryan Alternative’ shakes up Shaker Heights

    Jews and their neighbors in Shaker Heights, near Cleveland, received unwanted newspaper deliveries on Monday, Oct. 17, when they discovered the Aryan Alternative delivered to their homes along Shaker Boulevard and surrounding streets, The Cleveland Jewish News reported.

    The white supremacist tabloid, published in Kirksville, Mo., contends that Jews started both world wars and includes discussion of “hanging Jews.”

    Shaker Heights Police Chief Walter Ugrinic told the Jewish News that the newspaper’s distribution is not illegal, but he planned to send copies to the FBI’s terrorism task force because of the newspaper’s threatening tone.

  19. Hobbit says:

    Not sure what your getting at Andy,why are you calling my Grand Dragon a liar.I walk around often wearing my Klan tshirt through the jew suburbs of Melbourne.If you dont like that too bad.

  20. Ferox says:

    you silly white supremacists have as much intellectual prowess as a sack of shit and you still fight amongst each other with pitiful abuse over a web blog ideologically opposed to you… looks like the aryan race is right on track

  21. SCS says:

    Grand Dragon… the weirdo names you guys come up with to sound all important.

    Why don’t you call him Mr Big Head In Charge of Important Thing?

    Oh sorry, he’s only in charge of 3 people.

    The Invisible Empire indeed.

    Ferox: Oh seriously now, the amount of Red in-fighting makes any of ours look like a storm in a tea cup 🙂

  22. Hobbit says:

    That shows you know nothing little child, 3 people you claim lol,tell me child who is the 3rd person your talking about as the only 2 you would possibly be familiar with are myself and my Grand Dragon lol.We dont talk of overall numbers little boy.Thats why we are called The Invisible Empire.So dont bother trying to bait me into revealing our true numbers.To Ferox who ever you are.The SCS are not White Supremacists,some of them are not even White.Thats just one reason we hate them,there are others lol as for using andy`s blog to have a go at each other.If andy doesn’t care why should you.Andy pays more attention to my spelling than what i say.

  23. SCS Melbourne says:


    Sorry, my mistake, 4 members 🙂

    At least SCS got people to meetings. Sure we drank a bit. Who cares.

    The SCS effort was a lot more successful than ANYTHING the Krazy Klown Klub or or ANY nationalist group has been able to do.

    When was the last time you got 100 people to a meeting? I mean minus the Antifa and Reds trying to crash it…

    As for your “Grand Dragon” – my mate called him up and gave him a hell of a lot of shit on the phone, and he just took it! What a pussy!

    He didn’t even have the balls to tell us to get fucked. He spoke as if he was having an afternoon chat with his mum.

    My mate asked that old retard if having sex with a black woman would somehow save the “Aryan” race, would he do it? He said no.

    So from that we can only judge that he cares more about himself than the “Aryan” race as a whole.

    Not much of a leader hey? At least when I was leading SCS, as much as I’m not into black women, if I thought it would somehow in some way preserve the Aussie people and way of life, I’d do it for my people.

    So do you actually own a set of sheets Hobbit? And if so, did you make it yourself? Or did you order it from KKK Wear Inc.?

    I hope you realise that there are a shitload of gays in the American KKK. It’s a well known fact. Strangely enough, gays are some of the most racist people alive. Don’t know why.

  24. Hobbit says:

    So your [YOU’RE] proud of the fact you were leader of a bunch of children lol.You said WERE,does that mean you no longer hang out with little drunken teens.As for your post lol you just proved your [YOU’RE] talking shit again.Your MATE never had a conversation with my GD.They are called Robes not sheets and yes i do have KKK Robes.As for your remarks on gays in the Klan,i have told you before to keep your sexual fantasies to yourself.

  25. Lumpen says:

    At least when I was leading SCS, as much as I’m not into black women, if I thought it would somehow in some way preserve the Aussie people and way of life, I’d do it for my people.

    Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it? Somehow this cynical old anarchist is warmed by the thought that SCS-M would take one for the team if it meant preserving our people. I salute you, digger. Speaking personally, I would drink 6 whole beers to myself if it meant we could enact democracy in industry. True story.

  26. Grand Dragoness says:

    ROFLMWAO! First of all little niglet [?!?] SCS or should I say KKKMelbourne on JewFront [?!?], we are more than aware of the Abbo [sic] blood in you, you seem most at home with Andy.

    You might like to share with Andy the Child Porn you have on your forum with him. I see there could be a common interest, or many [sic] be not.

    And thank you Andy finally after all this time you found me. Maxine Grey is the GD of the CNKKKK. Oh shock… Hooorrrrrroooooorrr!

    WOW the powers you hold for tracking down people totally amaze me.

    Not that the fact I said I was Maxine about 16 months ago…

    But better late than never.

    Oh well…

  27. [Peter Watson] says:

    My god this is funny. On one hand, we have a demented idiot transported through time from 1960s southern America to modern day Victoria and on the other hand we clearly have a 20 some thing year old wigger who likes to hang out with kids ten years younger then him. You two are clearly an embarrassment to nationalism. Hobbit, seriously, how is dressing up like some thing out of 1960s America going to help Australian nationalism? As I have said many times before, this is Australia not America. Flying the Confederate flag and a KKK man in Australia is stupid. It has nothing to do with out history. Why don’t you be a real Australian and behave like an Australia? Fly the Eureka flag, drink some rum and have a BBQ like a real Australia instead of acting like a yank out of 1960s. Same goes for you, SCS. Wiggers are degenerates and are a complete joke. Pull your pants up and tuck your underwear in. Act like a normal person. Now children, go play like good little boys and don’t make me speak to you two again, is that clear?

    And Andy, please post this comment because those two idiots really deserve a good kick up the arse (ass).

  28. @ndy says:

    Heil Stalin! Heil Hitler!


  29. Grand Dragoness says:

    Peter dear Peter, what are you pretending to be today? Since you change what you believe in every second day. When we need to ask the opinion of a retard, I am sure we will look you up 🙂

    After all we do know exactly where to find you.

  30. Hobbit says:

    Peter i am a real Australian and i drink rum.I also drink Beer and Whiskey.You would have to be the biggest dickhead i have ever had the unfortunate pleasure of debating.Your politics change constantly.Your a commie wanker that is hated by both sides here.Yes peter this is Australia yet that never stopped you from worshipping Stalin or Hitler.Since when were either of them Aussie.What are you this week pete,commie or nazi,or something else entirely.Your crap about dont make me speak to you again,who the fuck do you think you are bitch.

  31. SCS Melbourne says:


    SCS is another group now. Thats what I meant by “used to lead”.

    I’m doing a degree in 3D game modeling and animation, takes up a fair bit of my time. Just try learning Maya Unlimited if you think I’m full of shit.

    And before you assume we are all in our teens, think again.

    Assumptions are dangerous. Why do you think we kept younger people as members even though they aren’t much use right now?

    Because in 5 years they will be useful. Its called building a base.

    Do you only wear your sheets when you’re sucking the Grand Nutcase’s dick, and having your weirdo ceremonies, or are you allowed to wear them when you go down to the shops for milk?

    And I’m not a “wigger” – you’re right, I never spoke to your “Grand Nutcase” I was just seeing if you would believe me enough to call him, and you did.

    Hook, line, sinker.

    Dragon Lady:

    I don’t post on Scumfront. Its beneath me. Just a bunch of brain-dead Nazis in a mutual back-slapping circle-jerk telling each other “the race war is coming”.

    Whoever you think I am, you’re way off.

    If you want a revolution, you have to create an activist base and get community cohesion and support. Indulging in paranoid fantasies on Scumfront might be nice to pass the time between deciding which of your sheets to wear and burning crosses in your backyard, but I think we both know nothing is going to happen.

    You KKK nutcases are in fact jealous as shit that I have around 80 people in my Aussie Pride base.

    I am open about our numbers. You refuse to state how big your “Invisible Empire” is because its you, your old man, and Hobbit in Australia.

    More like the non-existent empire.

  32. SCS Melbourne says:

    Hey I found a picture of you KKK retards having your little meeting.

    I think I can see Hobbit.


  33. [Peter Watson] says:

    Ok, Hobbit. Let us get this straight. I was nothing for ten years. I then became a communist for like five years. For one year, I drifted a bit. I am now a National Socialist. National Bolshevism, you stupid KKK idiot, was actually National Socialism dressed up as Bolshevism, I have said that to you many times before. I guess you will never learn because you are obsessed with the past. The communism vs capitalism debate is over along with the Cold War. No one cares about civil rights or the KKK. The only retard here is you, Hobbit. You are a retard because you live in the past and refuse to learn the lessons. I have moved on now from the past and have abandoned communism. In fact, I haven’t been a communist for a long time. I left the movement a long time ago. I’ve been the same thing for about a year now. I’ve only been three things in my life. Where the hell did you get the idea that I change my views each day or each week? I would love to see you find me, KKK idiots. I’m not scared of the idiots dressed up in sheets. My politics do not change constantly. Let me see, I’ve only ever been a communist and a National Socialist (NB doesn’t count because of obvious reasons). If you think about it, I’ve never really been a communist only a NS.

    Hated by both sides? Jesus, have a look at your self, Hobbit. Come one, you were banned from Australia New Nation because they hated you. Every one thinks you are a joke. The whole Stalin thing is in the past. I’ve moved on. Communism is dead. Get over it. It is time to say “Good bye, Stalin”. I can’t be a communist because what would be the point? Oh yes, the proper term for people who support Hitler is National Socialist not Nazi. Now who is spreading Jewish propaganda? I thought the KKK was opposed to the Jews.

  34. @ndy says:

    Thanks so much for your comments, Mr Barking Mad
    Michael Lallo
    The Age
    June 30, 2009

    FORGET porn. When it comes to cheap online thrills, nothing beats looking at the reader comments section of news websites. It’s my favourite solitary activity. I do it at home, at work — and even on the train, thanks to my snazzy new internet phone.

    My idea of heaven? A whole day in bed with my MacBook, feasting on the enlightened opinions of Bev from Toowoomba (“Atheism should be banned!!!”) and Bourke from Hobart (“Blow up illegal immigrants. We Don’t need any more of them here!!”).

    These people always go overboard with their punctuation. Why ask a question when you can ask a question?!??!?? They use CAPITAL letters indiscriminately and do not feel constrained by grammatical conventions. Generally, any word containing two or more syllables is spelt phonetically.

    Consider this response to a poll showing majority support for gay marriage. “Gay marriage is an abomination against society,” writes Craig of Tinonee. “What people where surveyed, and how was it carried out, obvesly the survey metions Green votors whom are Known Gay activists.” (Sic, sic and sic.)

    Am I hearing things, or is that the theme from Deliverance playing in the background?

    Like Craig, John from Braaaayton has his doubts about the legitimacy of the findings. “Of course the survey WAS taken in Oxford street,” he explains. “And they only asked males wearing cut-off gym shorts and wifebeater shirts sipping dacquiris whilst singing Shirley Basset tunes.”

    Thanks for clearing that up, John. I’m still not sure who Shirley Basset is — or if she’s related to Shirley Bassey — but your logical, considered argument has certainly elevated the tone of this debate.

    Yeah, I know: picking on halfwits who can’t spell is easy (and fun, too). But there’s something irresistible about opinions that are delivered straight from the bogan’s mouth. You see, unlike letters published in a newspaper, online comments are seldom edited.

    Media proprietors love the “Your Say” feature because it generates plenty of free content for their websites — I mean, because it allows marginalised Australians to have their say, enhancing the functioning of our democratic society. Ahem.

    But why do we lefties find it so addictive? Well, because nothing gratifies us more than being offended on behalf of oppressed minorities. Conservative columnists give us plenty to work with, but their prejudice is sometimes masked by their restrained prose.

    Not so with the readers of news websites, most of whom preface their outlandishly bigoted statements with “I’m not a bigot, but …”

    Here’s an example. “I don’t actually have a problem with homosexuals,” writes TC, “but sodomy is a disgusting habit and anyone that practises it is a filthy degenerate. Call me a bigot if you will, but the facts speak for themselves.”

    Facts? What facts? All I can see are ill-informed moral judgments — and they’re making my blood pressure rise. Yet I cannot look away.

    Inevitably, my addiction has skewed the way I consume news. I now skim-read business and politics so I can get to the good stuff: drink drivers, welfare cheats and fat people who want the Government to pay for their lap-band surgery. These issues are like catnip for idiots. It causes them to stop whatever they’re doing — playing a banjo, probably — and tap out another irrational diatribe.

    So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young getting kicked out of Parliament for, um, cuddling her daughter. I was hoping for some A-grade stupidity, and I was not disappointed. “You silly silly woman, its a place of business,” someone barked — seemingly unaware that the Senate is not actually a commercial enterprise.

    Let me conclude with my own reader comment-esque plea:

    “The Government must do something about this!!!! Stop trying to sensor pawn … why dont you make a filter that blocks dumb reeder comments instead?!?!! Signed, Michael of Melbourne.”

    Michael Lallo is a staff journalist.

  35. @ndy says:

    More surreality:

  36. @ndy says:

    Um… thanks for the illuminating commentary Grand Poobah, Hobbit, Peter and SCS. I now suggest that you find other forums.

  37. Greyman says:

    If the members of SCS are serious about their commitment to this great nation, then I say to all of you, Serve your Country, not at the beach drinking beer, wear the Uniform and defend the Nation. I proudly served for 18 years, make your commitment real.

  38. Troll says:

    hey @ndy what have you been doin 4 the last 10 years now dat you dont have bilal skaf to cheer on his racially motivated anti white gang rapes (which you say never happened). you are just another trendy left inner city criminal

  39. @ndy says:

    When you lie like this, do you do it for pleasure, or because you feel like you have to?

  40. jt911 says:

    fuck wogs, better off dead if you ask me… im a PROUD auzzie and always will be thats all there is to say…

  41. George says:

    To @ndy,

    You say you are a proud ‘auzzie’, do you want to define what an Australian is? [Y]ou uneducated troglodite [sic]. Your ancestors are not only foreigners themselves, but criminals as well. You wouldn[‘]t have the computer you uploaded that disgusting picture from if it wasn[‘]t for foreigners (namely [A]sia) and you wouldn[‘]t have half the infustructure [sic] if it wasn[‘]t for “wogs” who built most of this country whilst your old man was sitting on his arse creating the the word “yobbo” you moron. Where was your old man when my “wog” old man was fighting in Vietnam? [U]seless, pathetic, incompetent & ungrateful is what most of you are. Don[‘]t mix ARABS with WOGS either. Arabs are not WOG[S].

  42. @ndy says:


    I’m taking the piss.

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