Not racists. Just patriotists. Southern Cross Soldiers go to war on Australia. Day.

    Above: SCS cymbal. And yeh, their rool god spelers ‘n’ tht.

Southern Cross Soldiers plan Australia Day rally
Staff writer
Herald Sun
January 23, 2009

A RIGHT-WING nationalist group has organised a show of strength at a popular Melbourne beach on Australia Day.

The Southern Cross Soldiers, or SCS, has told members to gather at Mordialloc beach in Melbourne’s south this Monday to promote “Aussie Pride”.

The nationalist group, which boasts about 900 MySpace members, plans to meet at the steps of Flinders Street station at 12pm before heading to the beach “for drinks, etc” in what it describes as “the biggest day for SCS 2009”.

Police are monitoring the group and have assured beachgoers that existing patrols will be able to deal with any antisocial behaviour.

Members of SCS yesterday said the group was not racist and there were no plans to cause trouble at Mordialloc beach on Australia Day.

Anti-racism campaigner Cam Smith said the meeting was unlikely to get out of hand if police patrolled the popular beach on Australia Day.

“I don’t think there will be 5000 people there, so I think even normal beach patrols should be able to handle it,” Mr Smith said.

The Southern Cross Soldiers came to prominence last year after the police shooting of Northcote teenager Tyler Cassidy in December.

Tyler, 15, was a participant on the group’s chat sites before he was shot dead at a Northcote Shopping Centre.

A police spokeswoman said the group was known to police, but police recognised the right of people to join groups and meet as they wish.

“The aim of police is to ensure that these groups do not cause any harm or offend the wider community,” she said.

“Any gathering of a large group of people would be monitored by local police.”

SCS boasts chapters in Melbourne, the city’s north, north-east and west.

The group also has chapters in New South Wales, and the Gold Coast, with one member who uses the name “The Australian Defence Force”.

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4 Responses to Not racists. Just patriotists. Southern Cross Soldiers go to war on Australia. Day.

  1. fuji says:

    it’s time for proud white or indigenous aussie to get together and protect this country’s image, if your in australia and you love australia stand up for australia if you dont love it then it’s simple fuck off

  2. vents says:

    Okay, I love Australia, now how do you suggest I stand up for it? Head down the beach and sink a few cans?

    Fuck off, you cunt.

  3. bob says:

    fuck the media parasites…if you’re proud to be aussie, oh and white of course, you’re a fucking racist. Fuck off morons, intelligent aussies know the deal…that’s why the world media is goin’ down in a big way. This is supposed to be a democratic country but i get fuck all say in anything that happens in it. Oh, i get to choose between labor, pack of sycophants, and liberal, talk big do nothing. People power is the only way. They need to actually see it with their own eyes.

  4. bob says:

    oh, and vent, just stay home, its probably what you’re best at. In Australia we can gather wherever the fuck we want to show support for what we believe in. That’s what makes this country great…for now.

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