The Ugly Australian(s)

The Jew Controlled Media are at it. Again! Or so the straight-talkin’ Jew-hatin’ Newcastle real estate agent (and Australia First Party (NSW Inc.) candidate in this year’s local council elections) Nathan Clarke would presumably maintain. On Stormfront Down Under, Nathan pops his political strategist hat on top of his tinfoil helmet and mashes the following insight into his keyboard:

I can not believe so many people are taking the jew rags as gospel. There is more to the story than the jew rags say and there is a different perspective than the left. I would have thought that the people posting here would have been able to see through the news.

If you think revenge is wrong, well something has to happen. White people look week [sic] cause we accept everything. Saying therr [sic] are better ways to do it… what are the better ways than getting out in the public eye and showing solidarity??? Its no wonder we are on the back foot, we are scared of any bad publicity.

I got some news for you, the jews will always put a negitave [sic] slant on anything pro white so get used to it and get prepared for a negitave [sic] story about you, if your [sic] not prepares [sic] to be slammed in the media at the very least… then you have to really think are you REALLY committed to the cause?

Are YOU really committed to The Cause?


Fear of ZOG. Fear. Of. ZOG!

Southern Cross ‘gangstas’ boast of Aussie pride
Dylan Welch
Sydney Morning Herald
December 14, 2008

THEY shave their heads, wear Southern Cross tattoos and drape everything – from their web pages and bedrooms to their rhetoric and their bodies – in the livery of Australian nationalism.

Meet the teens and young adults of the Southern Cross Soldiers: white, Australian and willing to violently defend “their” country.

“We are not racist, just patriots. Out to set it straight, there is only one ethnicity in Australia, Australian,” read a statement on all SCS MySpace club pages.

    ‘cept for the SCS main page, what got shut down when the shit hit the fan. (Cache here.) Also, loadsa personal pages gone all private ‘n’ stuff.

Their profile pages are littered with slogans such as “Aussie pride in my mind, Aussie blood is my kind” and “proud to be Australian”.

Photos show Caucasian teens drinking, posing and, in many cases, wearing black-hooded jumpers with “SCS” emblazoned on the front, “Aussie” stitched on one sleeve, “Pride” on the other.

Tyler Cassidy, the 15-year-old shot dead by police in Melbourne on Thursday, boasted of belonging to this group.

Victoria Police say they are aware of the SCS. Last month a self-described co-leader of Tyler’s Melbourne chapter said members included neo-Nazis and relatives of bikie gang members.

The group stood for “Aussies”, said the leader, known as Adds. “All these people that are coming over to our country that aren’t Aussies are trying to take it over. We’re just trying to put the word out that we don’t like it,” he said.

A friend of Tyler, Amelia, told The Sun-Herald the teen was caught up in the “wrong crowd”.

She said the anniversary of his father’s death had only been a week before the shooting.

“A lot of shit was going on and he was scared because he was only 15 and involved with alcohol, knives and f—ed-up people. He probably felt like he was alone and had no one.”

A fierce debate on ultra-right racist website was sparked by Tyler’s shooting, with some writers criticising SCS for adopting US “gangsta” culture.

One contributor, Aryanne, said he had known Tyler. “He was a scrawny child who’s father had just died of cancer,” he wrote. “He was having an obvious psychotic episode and he was known to the Northcote police for having them.”

See also : ‘They didn’t have to kill Tyler’, Cameron Houston and Mark Russell, Sydney Morning Herald, December 14, 2008

They’re not racists; just patriotists!

OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war (November 23) | Southern Cross Soldiers’ first casualty; Tyler Cassidy and the Southern Cross Soldiers (December 12) | More press on Tyler Cassidy shooting; Southern Cross Soldiers : Into the Blogosphere (December 13)

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9 Responses to The Ugly Australian(s)

  1. GI Jane says:

    I don’t think that the common habit of questioning another person’s intelligence just because they hold different political views is, in any way, constructive. Do you?

    If humanity on the whole is to grow and improve then civilised debate is necessary.

    When posters on talk about ‘jews’ they are generally referring to the ‘jewish extremist mindset’ which has infected almost the entire planet. As we approach Christmas please draw your mind back to the teachings of a wise man who once turned over the tables of the money lenders in the temple. Then have a look at what is happening in the financial system. Usury (originally the loaning of many for ANY interest rate) was originally seen to be immoral – which it is. Racial groups are being forced to live in close physical proximity – which any realist can see results in constant tensions. A great tool of oppression – divide and conquer – keep the masses fighting and they’re easy to control. Immigration takes the cream of individuals from countries who need their most resourceful to stay and fix their own systems. The typical immigrant is not your average member of the country from which they flee. While we keep taking these people, the country they came from will continue to be dependent upon charity. So ‘take up the white man’s burden’ and start to think.

    Stop and think for one second about the two extremes of politics and how similar their opinions are of the average voter. Both are paternalistic and patronising. Both the extreme left and extreme right seek to control the minds of the masses. At least the extreme right is open and honest about this. The extreme left uses the most despicable, underhanded methods of hypnotism via moral lessons in movies, MTV and television.

    Journalists are little more than PR tools for major corporations and governments now too. With the ridiculous quota they have to churn out in a day they are incapable of any in-depth investigative journalism anymore.

    Right wing political views generally uphold traditional values of supporting the family and seeing things that are not conducive to a healthy society as abnormal. When did homosexuality become ‘normal’? Ask yourself why the family unit breaks down so much now in a time when it’s not PC to be anti-porn, when gambling is legal, when drugs are flooding over our borders and our population thinks getting completely blind drunk is the normal thing to do on your weekend, when people have become too self-obsessed and over-eat, don’t take time to exercise properly and then the system just ushers them through the ‘health’ (read ‘drug and surgery’) system.

    The jewish mindset’s domination of our governments, corporations, media and even most people’s day-to-day dealings is destroying our society. Greed is not good, neither is fear. Open and honest declarations of what you and I know are healthy behaviours in a society are necessary! The jewish mindset has realised that the left-wing tactics are the most powerful because they’re so unobvious! Stop seeking to be PC and start thinking for yourself.

  2. @ndy says:

    “…unobvious!” Aka ‘unsubtle’. Like yourself.

  3. PF says:

    Wow, I read almost all of GI Jane’s post. I now feel significantly more stupid than I did ten minutes ago.

  4. Benzene says:

    Gi Jane, the problem is nobody including yourself is willing to take responsibility for themselves. Stop blaming someone else (Jews) or something (Government). Get off your arse and do something useful. Opportunities abound in this day and age and there’s no excuse. To SCS members get off the bloody grog and get a job you yobbos.

  5. yaryn king says:


    interesting, love the fact that you all slander scs for its veiws [sic], label us white supremicists [sic] when i myself have “black” mates, and “import” mates, we are not about the colour of your skin or the accent you speak with, we are about the true aussie way of life which our perants [sic] and grand perants [sic] grew up with, we are about the fact every one of us even you and the guy living next door to you, walks down the main street in any town or city in australia and here [sic] more languages then [sic] english, notice i say languages not accents, people fly lebenese [sic] flags in our streets and no1 says boo, yet a white guy flys the australian flag in his own country and he gets reported to police and the council because somebody, who mite [sic] i add mooved [sic] to this country for a better life, got offended by him flying the australian flag in australia, we are a gruop [sic] not a gang, we are doing exactly what our grandperants [sic] did many years ago and we are fighting for our country and our way of life, we do not want “racial purity” (note the media labels us as … racist when they are the ones singleing [sic] out the whites form [sic] the blacks and browns, and talking of racial purity, they are the ones label us white man the pure race not us) we want australia to be australia again, we want every body in this country to fly the aussie flag with pride, celebrate aussie day as one, we do not want anuther [sic] cronulla, we show the videos because it prooves [sic] that as australians we are willing to help each other out n fight as one, if you were to watch the movie you would see aboriginals, asians, africans, many races and colours fighting as one under the aussie flag, cronulla was a stand against multiculturalism not immigration, and SCS is the same we want the aussie culture to live on for our grand children[‘]s children, we are not trying to change any other country into our way of live [sic] so why are they trying to chnage [sic] ours, the way i and SCS see it, if u choose to come to australia for a better way of life why change it to the 3rd world way of life you came from, it didn[‘]t work in your home country so why fuck up everbody else[‘]s chances of a b[e]tter life in australia, basically LOVE IT OR LEAVE, tell me how that slogan is racist or white supremist/kkk/neo nazi?

    australia was founded on immigration, if you wanna argue and say we are anit-immigration [sic] then we would all have to be full blood aboriginal, wich [sic] very few people even are these days, the people who play the racist card are the racist, they hate “white people” but know they have so many more rights then [sic] us, the governemnt [sic] supports the minoritys [sic] more then [sic] the[i]r own country men, we have a masiive [sic] un-employment rate at this present time, skilled workers who grew up here are being layed [sic] off due to the fina[n]cial problems of the world, howard invited so many so call “skilled” migrants into australia [to] apparently “help” us, yet i see now that we are in times of trouble we are not sending them away, and mite [might] i add from what i can see the majority of so called “skilled” migrants work in delis or fast food restraunts [sic] and own supermarkets, any joe smith can operate a chip fryer.

    i could sit here [all] day and argue about our beliefs and what we stand for[.]

    i have know [sic] idea why other scs members put the[i]r profiles on private or deleted thems[el]ves off myspace, but i kno[w] it will take alot more th[a]n that to make me back down, if you want to argue[.]
    [email protected]

    and i am online one or more times a day so i am more th[a]n willing to debate, and if any [one] agrees and wants to support SCS contact me!



  6. @ndy says:

    G’day yaryn king,

    A few things in reply.

      “love the fact that you all slander scs for its veiws”

    I’m not sure who you’re addressing: myself? Or Benzene? If I wrote something you object to what, precisely, is it?

      “we are about the true aussie way of life which our perants [sic] and grand perants [sic] grew up with”

    Which way of life is that? How do you, and how did your parents and grandparents, live? You mention a handful of things that you appear to believe have changed recently. One is people speaking languages other than English in public. The other is some people carrying Lebanese flags. You also object to the fact that a white man was reported to the police and council for flying an Australian flag. I ask: Who was this person? When did this happen? Were they charged with an offence? If so, what was it? As far as I’m aware, it’s lawful for someone to carry an Australian flag, and I’ve not heard of anybody being prosecuted for doing so.

      “we want australia to be australia again, we want every body in this country to fly the aussie flag with pride, celebrate aussie day as one”

    I’m not sure I understand you. Unless something changed while I wasn’t looking, Australia is still Australia, not Austria. And that’s the case even if you saw somebody carrying a Lebanese flag, or overheard someone in the street talking in a language you didn’t know. Regarding Australia Day, who is it that is going to stop you from celebrating it this year? As far as I can tell, there’s lots and lots and lots of events planned in Melbourne and I’m pretty sure there’s lots and lots and lots of things happening elsewhere too. So: what’s the problem?

    Regarding the so-called Cronulla riot of December 2005, what do you think actually happened that day? I’ve watched some footage and I’ve read some accounts, and as far as I can tell, what happened is several thousand young people, overwhelmingly white, descended on Cronulla beach that day to express their feelings. The trigger for this gathering was an alleged assault.

    Four Corners:

    LIZ JACKSON: This was the scene at Cronulla in Sydney on December the 11th [2005]. Nobody organised this rally. But the following text message had been sent to hundreds of mobile phones:

    “This Sunday every Fucking Aussie in the shire, get down to North Cronulla to help support Leb and wog bashing day…

    Bring your mates down and let’s show them this is our beach and they’re never welcome back.”

    5,000 people turned up.

    Do you think people were looking for a fight?

    MARK: Oh, definitely. There was a lot of people looking for a fight there.

    LIZ JACKSON: That night and the following night, under the cover of darkness, carloads of angry young men drove from the Western Suburbs to the beaches in and around Cronulla, smashing, bashing and stabbing.

    Do you feel bad about going down there at all?

    ALI: Nah. I don’t feel bad.

    LIZ JACKSON: Why not?

    ALI: ‘Cause I wanted to get my revenge.

    LIZ JACKSON: Tonight, a confronting Four Corners. The inside story of Cronulla and the aftermath, told by those who were there for the riot and revenge.

    LIZ JACKSON: On Sunday, 4 December [2005], police were called down to the beach following an ugly assault. The incident led the news in Sydney on Channel 7 and 10. Here’s Channel 9.

    NEWSREADER: A major police hunt is underway for a cowardly group of up to 20 men who attacked two surf lifesavers at Cronulla. Both young men had to be treated in hospital for severe cuts and bruising.

    REPORTER: For many, this was not just a brutal crime but an act of sacrilege. Young volunteer surf lifesavers bashed while giving up their weekend to help others.

    ALAN JONES: How the thing was broken up, I don’t know.

    LIZ JACKSON: Sydney Radio 2GB, on Monday morning.

    ALAN JONES: Bill, hello?

    BILL: Alan, I just saw something on the news on Channel 9 of the horrendous bashing, or if you like…

    ALAN: Appalling!

    BILL: …gang attack on the beach at Cronulla yesterday. I mean, what type of grubs do we have in this…?

    ALAN: What kind of grubs? Well, I’ll tell you what kind of grubs this lot were. This lot were Middle Eastern grubs. And you’re not allowed to say it. But I’m saying it.

    LIZ JACKSON: The surfies at Cronulla were talking about it, too. The bare facts are these. Three volunteer lifesavers were leaving the beach, having finished their patrol. They were not in uniform. There was a verbal altercation with a group of what the locals call Lebs, with provocative insults from both sides. The lifesavers were bashed. But these are the rumours that were spreading around…

    SCOTT: They were playing soccer, I think. And they kicked the ball at some girls and started harassing the girls. And the lifeguards asked them to stop. Standard thing – happens all the time down here. And, you know, they didn’t like it and a fight broke out.

    MARK: Well, I heard that a lifeguard saved, like, a Muslim lady. And because they touched her, the Muslim men bashed them. But I don’t know if that’s true. But that’s what I heard.

    MICK: There was two lifeguards on duty. They just got picked on and just, apparently, bashed, you know.

    LIZ JACKSON: If I were to tell you that they weren’t actually on patrol and they weren’t actually in their uniform, would that make any difference to you?

    SCOTT: No, not really.

    LIZ JACKSON: By 9:30 the morning after, people were talking vigilante payback.

    MAN ON RADIO 2GB: People around the area are getting quite annoyed at this.

    ALAN JONES: And they’ll take the law into their own hands.

    MAN: It’s gonna become a vigilante matter sooner or later.

    ALAN: That’s it, they’ll take the law into their own hands. There’ll be an escalation.

    LIZ JACKSON: Text messages started appearing on mobile phones around the Shire, fixing the following Sunday as the date for retaliation.

    What did the first text message say, the one you said you responded to?

    MARK: It said something like, “This goes out to all Aussie brothers and sisters,” and stuff. “Come down to Cronulla.” Oh, it actually said for wog and Leb bashing day. But I didn’t agree with that.

    SARAH: It’s just that one text message that got sent. Basically everyone who received it agreed with it and called up all their friends, and it was just like, “You comin’ down? You coming down?” It basically just spread, and I don’t know how it spread to people, to Queensland. I think that got around by the news.

    MICK: Once it started coming out in the papers, we knew it was going to be a big day, definitely. It was going to be a big gathering, but to know what was going to happen that day was too, um, too hard to predict. It was just, “Let’s just go down and see what happens.”

    LIZ JACKSON: And the fact that the message said it’s “bash a Leb and wog day”, didn’t cross your mind that that’s what might happen when you got there?

    MICK: No, not really, like I… yeah, it kind of did. Like… but, I mean, then again, it’s too hard to predict.

    Funnily enough, the crowd attacked several dozen people, none of whom had anything to do with the assault upon the lifeguards, all of whom were guilty of having chosen the wrong parents and being at Cronulla beach on December 11.

    So what, exactly, is there to celebrate about this?

    You claim that the widespread embrace of ‘Cronulla’ by members of SCS is because it demonstrates that Australians are willing to ‘help each other out’.

    This is bullshit.

    If you want to find examples of Australians ‘helping each other out’, there’s much better examples than the racial assaults at Cronulla. Further, the videos that have been produced using the SCS theme song almost all contain obviously approving references to these assaults, and SCS members generally echo these sentiments.

    “cronulla was a stand against multiculturalism not immigration”

    Huh? ‘Cronulla’ was “Leb and wog bashing day”. Further, you claim that the crowd that assembled in Cronulla on December 11 contained ‘Aborigines, Asians, Africans’ — in other words, people of ‘many races and colours’.

    Wtf do you think ‘multiculturalism’ is, exactly?

    “we are not trying to change any other country into our way of live [sic] so why are they trying to chnage [sic] ours”

    Who are ‘they’, and what exactly are ‘they’ doing to change your country? You’ve referred to the fact that some people speak languages other than English in public, and some people have carried Lebanese flags. Is this what you mean when you claim some people are trying to change your country and your way of life?

    A few final tips:

    Use a spell-checker;
    Use evidence to support your arguments;
    Inform your fellow SCS that ‘Sothern’ is spelled ‘Southern’.

  7. dj says:

    Only the other day, I was walking down the street and I heard someone speaking a language other than English. I was horrified, horrified I tell you. I turned to them and said “I can’t stand it, I’m not listening to this any more!!!’

    “Oh nein, nicht das schon wieder!” said my wife.

  8. @ndy says:

    I’m with ya mate.

    Proud To Be Monolingual.

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